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About T.J. Alexander

The American author T.J. Alexander is well-known for their incisive style of writing, as they largely focus on romance novels. Writing with LGBTQ centric themes and protagonists, their stories are fun and enjoyable, making for highly engaging fiction. Easy to read and follow, their work immediately invests the audience, allowing them to feel as though they’re a part of the action. This immersive quality is thanks to T.J. Alexander’s gift for creating a real sense of rapport with the reader throughout their novels.

Providing positive and uplifting messages and ideas in their work, their writing is extremely compelling on many different levels. Reaching readers from across the world, they appeal to a wide-ranging audience, with their work being accessible to all. Becoming a household name for many, their status has grown in a relatively short amount of time, with critics and the public singing their praises. Setting themselves apart from other writers in their field, their work is wholly singular, with their own unique approach to the genre.

Creating beloved characters is also something that they excel at, as they establish fully three-dimensional personalities on the page. Leaving a powerful impression on the reader, there’s a lot of heart in their work, as they write with a great deal of wit and insight. From their characters to their story, they pay close attention to every single aspect, making it a complete experience that’s difficult to put down. Providing a clear message for the audience, it’s compelling storytelling at its best, showing what can really be done with the romance genre.

Knowing their audience well, they speak directly to the reader, while also saying exactly what it is that they would like to say. Many of the stories and characters stay with the audience long after they’ve put the book down too, as they take a fresh, bold approach to the form. With lots more to come in the future, they’re a writer who definitely has more to offer, and won’t be finishing any time soon.

Early and Personal Life

Hailing from Florida, T.J. Alexander would always have a strong affinity for the written word, developing it from an early age. Born on the 20th of December, they would have a passion for both reading and writing, with their keen interest in all things literature. Refining and honing their skills, they would come to find their own voice over time, as they came to focus on romance writing. Drawing inspiration from the world around them, they would use LGBTQ themes to help define their work and outlook.

Attending Emerson College in Boston, they would receive their MA in writing, as they would continue to develop their craft. Also working as an amateur baker, this would come to define their writing too, as it came to feature heavily in their writing. Over time they would come to find their own unique approach to the romance genre, really making it their own in the process. Currently living in New York City with their wife, they continue to write to this very day, with more planned on the horizon.

Writing Career

Starting out in the field of romance, T.J. Alexander would focus on the genre for much of their literary career. With their first novel coming out in 2022, the would publish ‘Chef’s Kiss,’ which would be a stand-alone title with a self-contained narrative. Not writing any series as such, they’d feature LGBTQ relationships, with interesting and engaging characters featured throughout. Going on to be represented through Jill Grinberg Literary Management by Larissa Melo Pienkowski, they’d fast become a publishing sensation.

Their first book would come out through Atria Books, making their name worldwide, reaching readers from all over. Outspoken about their craft, they maintain a profile both online and off, regularly keeping their audience updated. Now a key fixture on the literary circuit, they’re appreciated by their many peers and contemporaries alike as well. As they build their audience day-by-day, they continue to grow as an author, with more and more worldwide discovering their fiction.

Chef’s Kiss

Originally released in 2022 on the 3rd of May, this would come out through the ‘Emily Bestler Books’ publishing imprint. A stand-alone novel, it would mark the arrival of an exciting new talent in the world of romantic-comedy literature. Simple to pick up, yet difficult to put down, it makes for the ideal casual read, while introducing the work of T.J. Alexander for the very first time.

As a pastry expert with a perfectionist streak, Simone Larkspur works at a cookbook publisher in New York City called The Discerning Chef. It is here that she meets her new test kitchen manager Ray Lyton, as Ray soon becomes a viral sensation on YouTube after sharing home-brewing recipes online. Then Ray comes out as nonbinary leading to mixed reactions at work, and Simone must now choose between work and Ray who she’s now developed feelings for. Will the two of them become an item, can they both overcome the obstacles in their way, and what will become of the chef’s kiss?

There’s a lot of strong ideas here, as it really does make for an engaging and impressive debut from T.J. Alexander. Showing their skills as an author, it manages to capture the perfect tone with its compelling and entertainingly written romance story. With plenty of wit, humor, and heart, it keeps the reader fully invested throughout, as they root for the couple every step of the way. Looking at themes of acceptance and love too, it’s a heart-warming story with a lot to say as well, really bringing its world to life.

The mixture of food romance and comedy proves to be a winning combination when it comes to the story here. Its characters really exemplify this too, as they essentially come alive off of the page, really bringing the material to life. Each of the protagonists makes a real impact upon the audience, as they really feel like they get to know them for the duration of the novel. The story is enjoyable on every level, while discussing some deeper themes and ideas, making this an important book as well.

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