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T.J. MacGregor is an American author of fiction. She was born in 1947. It is a pen name used by Patricia Marie Janeshutz MacGregor. She also used the pseudonyms of Trish Janeshutz and Alison Drake.

T.J. MacGregor was originally born with the name of Patricia Janeshutz. She then got the nickname of Trish. When she got married, her name was changed to MacGregor, the name of her groom.

In addition, she used the name of Trish Janeshutz for the first two novels that were published. However, it was a last name that was difficult to pronounce.

Her editor asked the author to come up with something that would be a more manageable name. With the pressure on to craft a name that was both simpler and had initials in it to be more androgynous, Patricia tried to think of a name that might work better. Suspense novels that had male authors were always selling better during that time period over female authors, so the editor wanted to just hop on that train rather than an unrecognizable and difficult to spell, say, and remember name.

T.J. MacGregor is the creator and author of the Quin St. James and Mike McCleary series. The series began in 1986 with the release of the novel Dark Fields. It was followed by Kill Flash, the sequel, just a year later. There are ten books in total in the series.

Dark Fields is the debut novel in T.J. MacGregor’s series. In this first story of the series, readers finally get to meet Quin St. James. A beautiful young woman, she was someone that thought that she knew the person that she was going to sleep next to every single night.

Like many women before her, she thought that she had a good read on Grant. She thought that there was nothing in his past that could possibly surprise her. To be honest, the last thing that she was ever expecting was for him to drop dead. But that is exactly what happened somehow.

Now that her lover is dead, Quin’s world has been turned totally upside down. She is attempting to deal with his death, even though it is very difficult. She thought that his death would be tough to grieve, but it turns out that his passing has dredged quite a bit up.

Quin is finding herself with more questions than answers in the wake of Grant’s death. It seems like the more days pass since he died, the more things that she finds out. Luckily, she doesn’t have to sort through them alone.

Mike McCleary is a police detective that is going to help her to try and answer the questions that she has. While Quin has no experience in the field, Mike does. Together they are going to try and team up to try and tackle some cases.

Mike doesn’t have a totally free schedule, however. He also has a main case that he is on– one that is focusing on tracking down what appears to be a serial killer. The person is thought to be female and using a knife to take the lives of their victims.

The killer also has another apparent patterns, and that is going to singles bars in order to select her victims. Could they be looking for the same person, or is the mourning girlfriend looking for another person while McCleary’s case is totally unrelated?

Whether cracking one case or two, one thing is for certain: St. James and Mike don’t have long to track down the killer. It could be any minute until they strike again, so time is of the essence. Why does Mike have the sneaking feeling that the killer is lurking just beyond their vision?

Can the two of them take on a killer and figure out how to bring a truly evil person (or multiple truly evil people) to justice once and for all? You have got to read the exciting Dark Fields by T.J. MacGregor to find out!

Kill Flash is the second novel in the series by T.J. MacGregor. If you loved all the exciting thrills and action of the first novel, then you’re going to love the sequel from this talented lady author of fiction!

Main characters Mike McCleary and Quin are back again in this fun and intriguing murder mystery. Mike McCleary used to work for the police force as a detective. Now things have changed and he’s struck out for himself.

He’s taken the chance to run his own private eye rig and opened up an agency. He’s joined by his wife, who is none other than the previously so charming Quin. They’re a natural team, and they find that they have more business than they’d hoped. This continues to be particularly true when they are contacted by Gill Kranish.

Gill is one of those guys that was always going to make it big. He was an intelligent person– some might even call him a genius. He was a Hollywood producer and an expert manipulator, a fan of all the finer things in life. Just about anyone could be out to get him and for any reason. Even if it’s just to have a front row seat for Gill’s destruction.

Gill is definitely a legend in the business. Night Flames is his new television movie, and it’s promising to be yet another hit. Things get a little more complex when one night he gets a tape– something on video that is more horrific than he could ever have anticipated.

The videotape is not just a threat. It’s a murder that has been recorded. Even worse, it’s of one of the actors from the production. A note comes with the tape, telling him that this will be the first person killed (with more likely to come).

Can Mike and Quin find out who’s behind this? To have a chance, they must enter into Gill’s world of movie pictures and drama. Using their skills, they’re onto a killer– but will have to move quickly if they’re going to pin him for good. Read Kill Flash by T.J. MacGregor to find out how this murder mystery ends!

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