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TL Payne is a bestselling post-apocalyptic fiction author best known for writing the “Days of Want” series of novels.
While she only started writing recently, writing is something that she always wanted to do. She now writes most of her novels from South Central Missouri where she has a small farm in the Mark Twain National Forest.
When she is not researching or writing her next blockbuster novels, she can be found camping, hiking or searching for hidden treasures with a metal detector. She sometimes likes to go out in her pajamas to chase down wayward sheep.
Payne is also huge on travelling and exploration of new places that end up inspiring the settings of her new novels.

“Turbulent” by TL Payne is an exciting post-apocalyptic thriller that spawned the “Days of Want” series of novels. The novel opens to coordinated Cyber and EMP attacks that wipe out all the communications and power grid of the nation.
Maddie Langstone, the nation’s ultra marathon runner is forced to flee for safety. The light had gone out while she was at the airport leaving her stranded in Chicago and in a race against time.

Her father has told her that it will not be long before the city is in the grip of chaos and thus she needs to leave the area before everything comes crashing down. Even though she knows she cannot stay in Chicago Maddie has to fight the panic coming on from knowing about the impending violence.
She knows how to fight but she is not yet aware of it. Her dangerous journey out of Chicago is made even more so when she decides to take a ten year old that has been orphaned under her wing. As the city comes into the grip of chaos they will have to fight harder than they have before to survive.

In TL Payne’s “Hunted” Maddie has reached her uncle’s farm and is glad to finally be safe when a new threat appears, sending her running once again. It turns out that her uncle’s farm is not as tranquil as she once thought and they need to find a way to get out before their foes find them.
There is danger at every turn as some vicious government officials have made it their mission to hunt them down. Maddie had to make a heart wrenching decision to protect her loved ones.

She still does not know what happened to her mother back in Chicago but is now determined to head to the Ozarks in Missouri where the family once had a cabin. Will they be able to avoid capture and reunite with their mother. It is a fast paced post apocalyptic thriller that will delight its readers.

“Turmoil” by TL Payne sees Maddie and Zack and the people they had picked up on the flight to Missouri in a desperate struggle to secure their Ozarks cabin. They are also fighting to maintain justice in a world that has gone to the dogs when a small girl from their group disappears.
Amid the bloodshed and turmoil, Maddei comes to understand that evil comes in all sizes and shapes and that there is no one they can fully trust. After Zack and Maddie find some old enemies hiding nearby, they have to decide if they should go on the offensive or hunker down and wait.
Full of guilt and grief, Maddie now needs to find a way to survive and move forward. This may become too much for her if more lives are lost. But Beth’s trip to reunite with Zack and Maddie takes a twisted turn but she will never let a deviant group deter her from reuniting with her loved ones.

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    I was wondering if your books are clean enough for children to listen to. Or should I worry about language and inappropriate scenes popping up while they’re listening?

  2. margaretgomer: 1 year ago

    I have just started reading your books ,you have me hooked.thank you ,


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