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T.M. Logan is a bestselling British writer of contemporary, thriller, and crime fiction stories. He is known to have written several mind-blowing standalone books in his career, including 29 Seconds, Lies, and The Holiday. Logan made his debut in the field of writing with his 2017 book called Lies. This thriller novel has sold over 400,000 printed copies and gathered more than 1,500 five-star reviews from various critics all over the world. It went on to become one of the biggest selling e-books on Amazon in the year of its publishing and also won a Nielson Bestseller Awards’ Silver Award. Along with his second thriller called 29 Seconds, Logan’s books are now published in over 15 countries of the world, including South Korea, Portugal, Serbia, USA, Italy, Poland, Romania, the Netherlands, Hungary, and Spain.

Author Logan was born to a German mother and an English father in Berkshire. He studied at Cardiff and Queen Mary universities and obtained his graduate degrees. Immediately after, Logan started working as a journalist at a national newspaper. Currently, he works as a full-time writer and resides in Nottinghamshire along with his wife and children. Logan has built a cabin for himself in his garden where he normally finds the quiet and peace to work on his novels. He says that he has been writing fiction for a long time, but didn’t think seriously about getting his work published. It was only after he hit his mid-30s that he began to take it seriously with the intention of becoming a published author. Subsequently, Logan started devoting a proper amount of time for his writing work and pushed towards finishing a full-length book. His first work of fiction is still left unpublished.

Logan believes that even though unpublished, the novel gave him an opportunity to learn a lot while he was writing it. Thereby, he was able to put his experience and learning into writing his next books. Logan enjoyed the overall process of writing during the initial days of his career as it taught him valuable lessons about character development, pacing, plot development, and the editing process. He even learned how to interact with the audience and use their feedback to improve his skills. One thing that helped him very much in particular in writing his second book was that he got into the habit of looking at his story from the perspective of a reader. As Logan is a father and husband himself, it has had a huge influence on him and his character-developments. Being the father of two teenage kids is considered by him as the most formative aspect of his life. He also thinks that it runs deep into everything he is related to, including his writing.

The authors whose works have influenced him the most include Roald Dahl, C.S. Lewis, Enid Blyton, Ursula Le Guin, Robert C. O’Brien, Richard Adams, JRR Tolkien, Philip K. Dick, Aldous Huxley, Stephen King, etc. Among the authors of thriller novels, Logan tends to read the works of Bill Beverly and Gillian Flynn a lot. Spending eight years in the field of journalism has also helped Logan’s writing career in many ways. It taught him to respect the audience and use words to connect with people rather than drifting away from them. His former career has also taught him the value of time and the importance of finishing his work before the deadline. Author Logan is quite happy with the immense response he has received for his books across the globe. He hopes to keep getting the love of the readers for all his future books and become a more successful author.

A popular novel written by author T.M. Logan is entitled ‘Lies’. It was released by the Twenty7 publication in 2017. Logan has mentioned the lead characters in this book in the roles of Joe Lynch, Mel Lynch, William Lynch, and Ben. This book is based on the consequences of the realization that a person’s whole life was based on lies. The book opens by depicting that Joe Lynch is quite content with his life. He has a beautiful wife named Mel, whom he adores very much, and an obedient son named William. Joe works as a teacher of English. Recently, he has started working on a part-time basis in order to spend more time with his beloved son. However, it is only later realized by Joe that his naivety has brought his whole life on the verge of destruction.

One day, Joe Lynch sees the car of his wife entering the car park of a hotel building and decides to follow its trail. While wondering why his wife is entering the hotel car park when she is supposed to be in her office working, he sees her indulging in an argument with a family friend named Ben. Joe goes on to intervene in the angry conversation between Ben and Mel to find out what the matter is. His intervention leads to a violent confrontation between him and Ben and results in Ben getting knocked unconscious. Shortly after, Joe receives a call informing him that William has suffered an asthma attack. He runs away to help his son and when comes back to check on Ben, he is shocked to find that he has disappeared. And that is when Joe Lynch begins to receive messages, probably from Ben, and told about how his life has been full of lies.

Another mind-blowing novel penned and published by Logan is known as ‘The Holiday’. It was published in 2019 by the Zaffre publication. The primary characters depicted in this novel include Kate, Izzy, Jennifer, Rowan, and a few others. Initially, it is shown that Kate and her university friends decide to go on a holiday with their respective families to celebrate their reunion and also reaching 40 years of age. The holiday was supposed to be a perfect outing for all the four families in a luxurious villa in France. But, for Kate, the holiday was just an excuse to gather proof about the alleged affair of her husband. She thinks that her husband is cheating her with one of her best friends and wants to catch them red-handed. One of the four women knows about Kate’s plan and works against her. She seems to be willing to sacrifice the years of bonding and destroy Kate’s family. As Kate moves closer to finding the truth, she realizes that the stakes are too high for her. And just as she makes up her mind to give up her plan, Kate comes to know that someone on the holiday trip is looking to kill her to keep the secret affair hidden forever. This infuriates her so much that she forgets about the stakes and sets off to unravel the secret in front of everyone.

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