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Publication Order of Chronicles of Skull & Crossbownes Books

The Atlantis File (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Dogs of Warr Books

Dogs of Warr (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
By Executive Request (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
Chasing the Ghost (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

T.R. Gabriel is a published author. He is also a retired United States Marine.

Gabriel grew up in Wisconsin in the west central area, where he was close by to Ft. McCoy. He would watch the aircraft flying overhead and it was this early memory that first sparked his interest in aviation and the military. He served twenty years in active duty, holding different jobs while also working as a helicopter pilot and served on the west coast. He was also deployed overseas numerous times. Today he works in Louisville, Kentucky for a major logistics company as an Aviation Ground School Instructor.

He first began in writing when his wife prompted him to get one of his bucket list items done, which was writing a book. The journey he has gone on since was one that involved a learning curve, hard work, and ultimately resulted in Gabriel realizing that he really had a passion when it comes to writing.

T.R. Gabriel is the creator and author of The Dogs of Warr series. This series is now a reality with multiple novels published. The concept first began as comic book characters in 1986 that were drawn out in a sketchbook. The subsequent novel involved making those characters real and giving them more dimension and depth.

The author may be only part-time to start out, but for T.R. his passion for writing is full-time. He constantly has ideas going on and they all find their way to being on paper. He loves what he does and hopes that others will join him and his characters for a ride!

Dogs of Warr is a thriller science fiction novel released in 2020 from T.R. Gabriel. This is the debut book in the series. If you love a good original novel, give this one a try.

The first book takes place in the year 2024. Colonel Gregor Alexi Nikolanovic used to be an operative for the Spetznaz and has quite the reputation for himself. Around the world, he is known as “the Devil’s Ghost”.

A terrorist has contracted him to hit at the United States’ core with what would be a ‘dirty bomb’. It’s a good choice for The Devil’s Ghost since he is famous for his brutality and ability to be ruthless. He is also the nemesis of Colonel Nathan Alexander Warr, a legendary operator with the Special Forces.

Colonel Warr has his own elite group of warriors that run out of “The Kennel”. It’s a secret underground facility that is based out of Area 51. The group of warriors will not let anything stand in their way when it comes to secretly protecting the country from evil terrorists as well as The Devil’s Ghost, who has gone much too far this time and made it personal.

The debut does not stop with the actions, with multiple conflicts coming into play. One involves the Sudanese desert and a rescue mission, another involves the Kentucky Derby being threatened, and another focuses on a battle in a town in Syria close to the border with Jordan.

The story also focuses on the different members of the team and lets the reader get to know them. The team includes Brain, the extremely smart chief scientist and a woman, the quiet sniper known as Sandman, Maxum the huge expert in heavy weapons, martial arts expert and infiltrator Brick, infiltration specialist Breeze, pilot Wingnut, and infiltration and explosives expert Tunnel Rat. Each team has their own thing that they specialize in and their own history, and they all come together to function as a team.

Can the good come up against evil and overcome it? Find out whether the group can get the job done by picking up a copy of Dogs of Warr series from T.R. Gabriel!

Dogs of Warr II: By Executive Request is the second novel in the Dogs of Warr series from T.R. Gabriel, first published in 2021.

There’s a new designer drug going around called Rockettrip, and the drug is already causing casualties. Now the son of the President has died overdosing on the new substance. It’s meant to be a combination of LSD, heroin, and cocaine. That’s why it’s called Rockettrip, since the person taking it gets high so quickly that it’s like taking a trip on a rocket.

The First Lady of the country is very upset, but she is also urging the President to act in the face of the loss of their son. The President takes a walk on the South Lawn in the evening with his own Secret Service Agent, a stroll that results in the agent starting a seed to move against the cartel in an operation that is not officially sanctioned. The drug killed the son of the President as well as the nephew of the Secret Service Agent.

Readers will also end up meeting Pablo Escobar’s nephew, Javier Escobar. He’s a cartel leader as well as a central American drug czar. Javier went to school in America, where he graduated with a master’s in chemical engineering and a minor in the field of psychology. He utilized those degrees to make a strong new drug that ended up being Rockettrip.

Javier starts to find out that the President is out to get him. He thinks his drug factory is secure because of its location and people, but thinks it’s a good idea to secure a security consultant just in case. He’s right to do so, since the Dogs of Warr are on their way to his drug factory to destroy it.

In the middle of the operation, Mushy glimpses the Devil’s Ghost, who the Escobar cartel is interested in as a security consultant. She moves to get rid of the Ghost, a move that exposes Sandman, who gets injured. The team is hurt and the mission does not go through.

As Sandman gets better, a man known as Wild Card comes in to join the group. He is not that well known and knows he has to prove what he’s got. Wild Card and Mushy have now joined them as the team goes back to the drug factory to once more get ready to take on the facility. Can they push this mission through to success, and will they stay undercover the entire time? Read this suspenseful novel from T.R. Gabriel to find out!

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