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Tabitha King, also known as Tabitha Jane Spruce is a renowned American author has written several books. She a wife to the author Stephen King who is also famous for the books he has written. Tabitha is also a mother to the authors Owen King and Joe Hill.

Tabitha King was born in old Town in 1949 as Tabitha Jane-Francis Spruce. She is among the eight children of Sarah Jane White Spruce and Raymond George. Her father who was a store proprietor was a devout Catholic. Her three sisters are Stephanie, Margaret, and Marcella.

Tabitha attended St. Mary’s Grammar for primary education and graduated in 1963. After then she attended John Baptist Memorial High school in Bangor and graduated in 1967. She then proceeded to the University of Maine in Orono and graduated in 1971 with bachelor’s degree in history. At the University, Tabitha started selling some of her poetry. In the same year, she met Stephen King at the college picnic. Tabitha and Stephen worked in Fogler Library on the University and fell in love.

On December 29, 1970, they were given permission to get married. They officially tied the knot on 2nd January 1971 in a Catholic church in old Town. On May of the same year, Tabitha graduated from the University and did not find a suitable position. Being unable to find her dream career job, she secured a job in Dunkin Donuts in Bangor. In the same year, their first child Naomi Rachel was born. Stephen King also faced challenges in his employment. He had worked at an industrial laundry before he got a teaching job. They had few resources that could only afford them to live in a house trailer. Even they lived in such conditions, they preserved and Stephen kept writing during the weekends and in the night. Using an Olivetti typewriter, Stephen wrote page after page.

On June 3, 1972, a second child name Joseph Hillstrom was born. At this time, Stephen was still on his teaching job, but the funds could hardly support the family. Many of his short stories have been published, but the proceeds were meager. However, Tabitha continued to encourage him. In that fall, they even saved the rough draft of his novels that was destined to the trash. That novel was published and became the best-seller among the novels Stephen King has written.

Years later, Tabitha wrote an introduction to her first novel about the story of a tragic girl known as Carrie. In the spring of 1973, they were given an advance for Carrie. In that case, they decided to move from their trailer house permanently. After then, they moved to several places but later returned to Maine. In April of 1977, their third and last born child, Owen Phillip was born.

Tabitha published the novel of her own in 1981. The novel, names Small World, hit the bookshelves in 1982. Small world is a novel which revolves around the greed, obsession, and miniature doll houses. This novel narrates about the Incredible shrinking woman. In 1983, Tabitha King published another novel called the caretakers. This novel revolves around the person known as Joe. Until 1988, she wrote two short stories and seven more novels. Although she had gathered huge following since then, Tabitha had published nothing since that year. This could be due to her husband’s dreadful accident in 1999.

In 1989, they made a significant donation to the old town library. This prompted the officials to rename the library as Tabitha Spruce King Library. She and her husband contributed to several projects in Maine and other places. They also have a charitable foundation named after them. Moreover, they also operate two local radio stations and the small printing press. The radio stations had threatened to be shut if the Kings did not intervene.

As the Stephen King became more famous, some people were not happy with his success. In 1991, an unexpected visitor came to the Kings’ house. Somebody broke into the house when Tabitha was at home alone. The intruder confronted Tabitha with a sack claiming that there was a bomb inside. The man claimed that he was on the mission to kill them because Stephen King stole his aunt’s story. Tabitha managed to escape without any injury. The alarm was raised, and the intruder was apprehended. What the man claimed to be bomb turned out to be a box full of paperclips and pencils in a pillow case. The incident prompted the Kings to tighten their security, and nothing of that sort has ever happened to them again.

However, their lives are not free of threatening calls. In the June of 1999, Stephen King was seriously injured in a hit-and-run car accident. After months of physical therapy, Stephen managed to walk without crutches. This even shocked the doctors as they doubted when he would ever walk again. With the support of Tabitha, Stephen is now healthier than ever. Tabitha stood behind her husband through his recovery period.

In fact, Tabitha and her husband have a wonderful family, and this is why they are successful in their lives. For more than three decades, she has stood behind her husband in every situation. From trailer house to bombing threats to untold strangers after their lives, Tabitha will never relent in strengthening her family ties. It is no surprise that Stephen King has dedicated many stories to his wife than anyone else. If it was not the support Tabitha had for her husband, Stephen could not have written many books.

Today, Tabitha and Stephen split their times between homes in Florida and Maine. While Stephen leads a public life, Tabitha retains a significant amount of privacy. In this biography, other details of her personal life could not be established. Moreover, her childhood life and many other details remain a mystery. But all in all, Tabitha is one of the most celebrated authors who are known to have a great family. Regardless of her social status, Tabitha has continued to stand behind her husband. She is a great mother of three wonderful children. Some people may overlook her, but she is an outstanding author.

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  1. Yoli Broglio: 8 months ago

    The Shining is my favorite book of all time. I’ve read it so many times, I should know the words by heart! When the movie came out, I could hardly wait to see it. Man oh man, was I disappointed. The book is sooooo much better! My husband is alo a Stephen king fan. His favorite book is The Stand. I’m headed to my local library tomorrow to get me so.e Tabitha, Joe, and Owen! Enjoy your ‘retirement ‘ travels!

  2. Mis Tony: 2 years ago

    I read small world sometime in the early 90’s it remains a favorite of mine today. As a huge fan of her husband’s writing (literally grew up reading his books) I was surprised when I found out she was a writer as well. Wasn’t as easy back then to find out what books and where to find them. Now I’m hoping to get a chance to read the rest. She is an amazing writer.

  3. EVELYN HUGHES: 3 years ago

    I’m also a fan of Stephen King’s work but would like to find out more about his wife’s writing. I was not aware of her writing so many books but I plan to discover them very soon. I love to read and know I will enjoy the works of Tabitha King. Incidentally, I was also born in 1949 which I found interesting. Happy Writing Eve

  4. Evie: 3 years ago

    I LOVE Stephen’s books and I have every one.
    Haven’t seen any of your novels.😢
    Would like to read some.


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