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Tahereh mafi is a 23 year old and is the youngest in her family which consists of four older brothers. She grew up in Connecticut but resides in Orange County in the state of California. She graduated from a tiny liberal arts college and is very competent in several different languages, eight to be exact. She spent a semester of her college life in Barcelona where she had the privilege of studying Spanish literature in its native form. She has had the opportunity of travelling all over the world and has lived in various cities in the US, she has even spent some years writing poetry but it must be said they were not her best work.


The first book she wrote was called Shatter me. This novel is a thriller about a girl that is in asylum because she murdered a small boy three years prior to her asylum. The book received critical acclaim and gave her a lot of recognition because of the intensity that relates to the story. It was some inspiring stuff and that is one of the reasons why it was very much loved. The second book she wrote was known as Unravel me, same as the first book this one also was received quite positively and it also contributed to the increase in fans she currently has. Her popularity keeps growing with each published book and though she is new at this she clearly is destined for greatness. Presently, she has been able to have 3 books published and they are all turning out to be successes. She is a young writer and her star will eventually rise to the highest level just like the people she admires. Her first novel has caught the eye of directors and it will help her become even well known and she will be able to be named as part of the credits once the movie is made.

The fact that she is still young shows that she has a lot of promise in her. Her first book became a bestseller and this clearly shows that there are more bestsellers to come from her. She has the potential of being one of the best authors in the country and she is clearly heading towards that direction.

What her fans might not know

She likes to lead a private life and not a lot of people know her too well. She prefers being out of the limelight because she says she does not like attention, but she also understands attention is part of her job and she will have to get used to the fact it will happen for the longest time. All she needs to do I just try to find a way to get used to it and handle it whenever necessary. Her family is originally from Iran and hence the complexion she has. She is very funny and extremely talented and not to mention creative as well. She has a season pass to Disneyland. At the age of five years she wanted to be a chemist and she grew up living in the library. Harry porter is one of her favorite books and she has read every edition. She claims harry porter is also one of her favorite actors because she has followed him for the longest time and they are of the same age of course. When she went to Liberal Arts College she never took a creative writing class, she always thought that writing requires you to be your own fan and writers usually for over 10 years for their books to be published so she was not interested. She claims she is an obsessive writer and she locks herself in the house for weeks and all she does is just wake up write eat and fall asleep. That is the trend for her sometimes. She says that the second book she wrote was written in two weeks only. She claims she had written several manuscripts and received hundreds of rejections before eventually coming up with ‘Shatter me’. She loves to do things with her hands like cooking drawing and just being creative with things that just lay around. She is also married and is married to a famous author as well called Ransom riggs.


She likes travelling a lot and she especially enjoys adventure and nature. She is a fan of reading and that surely is no surprise. She likes singing and dancing and is a big fan of swimming as well.

Tahereh mafi is an inspiration to many. She always says that she targets the people in society who feel as if they are lost, those who feel like there is no hope in this life anymore. She always finds a way to encourage them even though it is through her books because she believes that every person in this life has an opportunity to make it and that every person has an opportunity to be something that they want and so she makes sure that she instills that hope in those who feel like their life is worthless.

She has had the owner of receiving honorable mentions during award ceremonies and she has been nominated in various categories. It is only a matter of time before she gets all those awards she deserves. She is only 23 years and so she is bound to get them in future.

Tahereh Mafi will always remain as one of the few authors that have been able to touch the lives of readers through her work. She has been encouraged by the response she has received and she says this only motivates her to do even better. She has promised her fans even more inspiring stuff and has assured them that she will not disappoint. She has always been humbled by her fans and she even remembers almost fainting when reviews from her first book came out. Her fans and her passion for writing are what drive her to achieve what she has achieved and she promises to always do what she does just for her fans.

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