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Publication Order of Takeover Books

Takeover is a series of erotic romance novels written by Anna Zabo. The books follow the sexual exploits of the employees of a technology company as they attempt to find a semblance of normalcy in their love lives.

+The Story
The Takeover novels mostly stand alone. They can be read in whatever order you choose. Characters from previous novels will make appearances in later installments. But for the most part, your knowledge of those characters’ histories or lack thereof will do little to impede your enjoyment of any one novel.

It could be argued that an understanding of the references made from previous novels will improve your enjoyment or appreciation of any one story you choose to read. But there are counter-arguments that can be made against such a suggestion.

That being said, though, anyone who chooses to read the Takeover series is encouraged to kick things off with ‘Takeover’, the first novel in the series which lays the foundation for every other story that comes after.

Takeover tells the story of Sebastian and Anderson. Sebastian and Anderson meet when Anderson walks into a bar in Curacao one random day. Sparks fly between them and they proceed to have the most amazing one night stand either of them has ever experience.

Later on, Sebastian goes to work under the assumption that he will never see Anderson again. So he is quite shocked to not only encounter Anderson at his place of work but to also realize that the man is actually his boss, the new CEO.

Anderson is a fixer of sorts. Sebastian’s technology company is failing. Anderson’s job is to take a position of power in such companies, restructure their operations and either save them or prepare them to be sold for parts.

Anderson already has his work cut out for him. He does not have the time to deal with romantic complications. However, every cell in his body yearns for Sebastian and he does not know what to do about it.

Anderson and Sebastian know that their feelings are mutual. And they must find a way to either co-exist despite the heat or give in to their desires in a way that does not destroy both of their careers.

Sebastian knows what he wants and he would love nothing better than to give in to his desires for Anderson. But he also knows that Anderson is still somewhat ashamed about his sexuality. Sebastian doesn’t know if he is ready and willing to deal with that sort of uncertainty.

The Takeover series explodes out of Sebastian and Anderson’s story. Each installment in the series has a different couple at the center of its story. But they all have some connection to Anderson’s company.

For instance, Eli Ovadia, one of the protagonists of ‘Just Business’, the second novel in the Takeover series, is the CFO at Anderson’s firm. You also have employees, investors, business partners and the like making appearances down the line.

Some of the connections to the company are close and intimate. Others are distant. But ultimately, everything comes back to Anderson’s firm.

The themes surrounding the Takeover novels mirror one another. The protagonists are normally professionals of some sort, working men with bright careers ahead of them.

But they are not necessarily thriving mentally or emotionally. One or both of them have been hurt in the past. They have spent so much time trying and failing to get over their broken hearts that they had begun to worry that they might never find love again.

Those worries are put to rest when they meet the one person that has the power to make them feel again. However, their romance does not achieve stability overnight. More often than not, one of the protagonists is a strong, domineering individual who loves to take control in the bedroom.

The other has a meek personality. Sometimes they accept their role as the submissive element in the equation. Other times, they struggle with the idea of surrendering to the leading of their partner.

There is a strong BDSM aspect that litters the Takeover series. The sex scenes are often the most lauded element of these books and the BDSM aspect is almost always present in such scenes.

However, the concept is not so strong as to categorize the Takeover novels as BDSM. Interestingly enough, there are people who have complained that the books either do not have enough sex scenes or that the author takes too long to get to the steamy bits.

And in truth, there are some books that could be described as slow burns, where the author takes his time exploring the relationship between his protagonists. However, once the erotic stage of the story kicks off, Anna Zabo does not skimp on the sex.

Sebastian went to Curacao determined to have a little fun in the sun. But he quickly found that none of the people he met piqued his interest, at least not in the way that he wanted.

Then Anderson came into the bar one day and sparks flew. Their one-night stand stayed with Sebastian up until he went back to work and realized that Anderson was the fixer that had been hired to take the reins of their failing technology company.

Now, Sebastian doesn’t know what to do with his emotions. He knows that a relationship with his boss could end horribly but he isn’t so certain that he has the willpower to keep his fire under control.

+Just Business
White is determined to make it in the cooperate arena. And fortunately, his new boss can see that he has the smarts and the grit to make it. But, for White, the only one that matters is Eli Ovadia, the company’s CFO.

White keeps trying so hard to make a great impression. But his senses seem to abandon him every time Eli is in the room.

A tragic accident broke something in Eli. It also took his leg. This gave birth to a desire in Eli to attain control in all things. But Eli knows that control is the one thing he doesn’t have when White is near.

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