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About Taleen Voskuni

Taleen Voskuni is a warm and inviting presence in the world of romance literature, where she celebrates her Armenian-American heritage with an engaging LGBT-friendly outlook. Her work is a testament to her unique voice in storytelling, one that weaves together the rich tapestry of her cultural background with the universal themes of love and intimacy.

Readers will find that Taleen’s novels offer a charming escape, as they are filled with entrancing narratives that resonate with a wide audience. Her dedication to crafting genuine connections between her characters makes every story she tells feel intimate and real.

When it comes to character creation, Taleen has a true knack for it. She breathes life into her protagonists with layers of depth, making them relatable and endearing to her readers. Her characters are not just names on a page; they become trusted friends readers root for, laugh with, and feel like they really get to know. Her gift for character development is one of the strengths that keeps fans coming back for more of her heartwarming tales.

Her storytelling abilities really shine through in her ability to construct compelling plots that engage readers from start to finish. Her stories are filled with wit, humor, and the kind of plot twists that keep the pages turning. Fans appreciate how she carefully balances entertainment with meaningful storytelling, ensuring that each novel is not just a fun read but also an experience that stays with them. Her talent for weaving enthralling stories is simply part of what makes her a beloved author in her genre.

Taleen Voskuni’s writing strikes a universal chord, touching on the themes of love and identity that resonate with a broad audience. While her stories are deeply infused with her Armenian-American heritage, they explore emotions and situations that are recognizable to many.

Her authentic voice shines through her work, creating a personal stamp while allowing readers from all backgrounds to see parts of their own lives and aspirations reflected in her characters.

Early and Personal Life

Taleen Voskuni, with her Armenian-American roots, spent her formative years in the Bay Area’s vibrant Armenian diaspora, where the warmth of her family and community fanned the flames of her creative spirit. She honed her love for words while earning a BA in English at UC Berkeley, laying the groundwork for a future bright with literary promise. Now, she calls San Francisco home, where the city’s eclectic energy serves as a backdrop to her life and work.

In her professional sphere, Taleen harnesses her tech expertise, balancing the precision and innovation of her day job with the creative flair of her writing endeavors. Her passion for romance comedies has emerged as a captivating new pursuit, showcasing her versatility and growth as a wordsmith. This love for storytelling adds another dimension to her already bustling life.

When she steps away from her desk, Taleen spends time bringing up her children and gardening. These slices of happiness not only enrich her day-to-day life but also infuse her writing with authenticity and relatable charm.

Her personal hobbies weave through her characters, bringing them to life in ways that deeply connect with readers.

Writing Career

Taleen Voskuni bloomed onto the romance writing scene with her first published novel, ‘Sorry, Bro,’ in 2023, marking her charming debut. The book garnered attention as it made its way into the hearts of readers, establishing her as a fresh voice in the romance genre. Her storytelling captivates, ensuring that her entrance as an author is both memorable and impactful.

Voskuni continued to sustain the momentum with the release of her second novel, ‘Lavash at First Sight,’ published in 2024. This eagerly anticipated follow-up saw her grow as a novelist with plenty more charm.

Her career in penning romance is on a promising path, with fans and new readers alike awaiting her future works.

Sorry, Bro

‘Sorry, Bro,’ a stand-alone romance novel by Taleen Voskuni, was published on January 31, 2023. This endearing tale was brought to readers by Berkley. Voskuni’s work stands out as a fresh addition to contemporary romance shelves.

Nar’s awkward marriage proposal rejection leads her mother to initiate a quest for an ideal Armenian match, complete with a list of potential suitors. At the Explore Armenia events, rather than capitulating to her mother’s picks, Nar is captivated by Erebuni, a woman who shares her passion for both Armenian culture and the mystical arts.

Their collaboration on cultural dishes stirs more than just kuftes—it awakens Nar’s bisexuality, still veiled from the world. With the final banquet approaching, where her family and Erebuni will converge, Nar vows to embrace her true self.

Readers found ‘Sorry, Bro’ to be a delightful foray into the nuances of cultural identity and romance. Taleen Voskuni’s authentic storytelling captures the struggle and joy in discovering one’s true self.

The novel’s heartfelt exploration of love and self-acceptance offers both laughter and poignant moments. It’s a recommended read for those who appreciate contemporary love stories with depth.

Lavash at First Sight

Taleen Voskuni’s romance novel ‘Lavash at First Sight’ was released on May 7, 2024, to the delight of her growing readership. The book is another stand-alone work published by Berkley. Her second novel adds to Voskuni’s burgeoning reputation as an engaging voice in romantic fiction.

Ellie Gregorian, 27, feels unfulfilled in her high-status tech marketing role, constantly dealing with an ex and an overbearing boss. She leaps at the chance to escape to Chicago’s PakCon to help her parents’ business in hopes of landing a coveted Superbowl ad spot. At the conference, she clicks instantly with Vanya Simonian, sharing their Armenian heritage and Bay Area roots, but their budding connection is complicated when Ellie discovers Vanya is the heir to a rival health-food brand.

Amidst family tensions and fierce competition, Ellie and Vanya’s relationship begins to simmer, challenging their familial loyalties.

‘Lavash at First Sight’ serves up a delightful tale of love amidst rivalry and cultural complexities. Taleen Voskuni continues to charm with her vibrant storytelling and relatable characters.

This novel is a perfect blend of humor, heart, and heritage for readers seeking a fresh romantic journey. It’s a sure treat, especially for those who enjoy a dash of cultural seasoning in their love stories.

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