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To Ride Pegasus (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pegasus in Flight (1990)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pegasus in Space (2000)Description / Buy at Amazon

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By: Anne McCaffrey, Elizabeth Ann Scarborough

Anne McCaffrey is an American author.

Born in Cambridge, Massachusetts, on April 1st in 1926, her parents were a retired Colonel in the Army. Her father was well educated and her mother worked as a real estate agent. She has two siblings, a brother named Hugh and a brother named Kevin.

Anne went to Virginia to further her education and then went to New Jersey to attend high school as a young student. She then attended Radcliffe College, where she graduated. She studied Literature as well as Slavonic language while she was there.

She was married in the year 1950 and had Alec, Todd, and Georgeanne as a result of the marriage. She was also writing while she raised her children when she had time. Her work paid off and her first story was published in a magazine and her first book came out in 1967, released to the public by Ballantine Books.

Ever since then, this author has done well. She had been successful enough with the publication and popularity of her writing to devote more serious time to it while her children were enrolled in school for the majority of the day. She became a full time writer and as a result her first book Restoree was written. She has since written many non fiction as well as fictional novels and novellas and short stories and her stories have been featured in many collections and anthologies.

She passed away in 2011. The author had suffered a stroke in November and passed away. She was 85 years of age.

Anne McCaffrey is the creator and writer of the Talent series. It is also known as the Pegasus series. It is part of a universe of novels. The series kicked off in 1973. It would be some time until Anne released a sequel as the second installment of this story series came out in 1990. The third novel came out in 2000 and is titled Pegasus in Space.

To Ride Pegasus is the debut novel in Anne McCaffrey’s classic Talent series! If you enjoy novels that are all about fantasy and interesting plot developments, then check this first story in the installment out for yourself!

This story is about four women who each have abilities. These skills set them apart from the rest of the world. They are able to do things that technically should not be possible. They were able to prevent disasters from happening or read minds. They could even tell the future and what was to come.

You would think that they would be celebrated. Instead these women became outcasts in their own land and residence. Shunned by the people they know for their gifts, can these individuals look within to find their strength? This group of talented and gifted women are about to find out whether they have what it takes.

Can they blend in with the rest of the race, or are they destined to form a new and different type of humanity? Anything is possible in this unique tale from author Anne McCaffrey. Read To Ride Pegasus in order to find out!

Pegasus In Flight is the second novel in The Talent series by author Anne McCaffrey. The main character in this novel is named Rhyssa. Miss Owen is a telepath and also holds a very high position as the director at a Parapsychic Center.

Her position is to coordinate the assignments given out to students there. The jobs are all distributed accordingly and given out to the ‘Talents’, who have psychic gifts. She has been plenty busy as of late contending with all of the demand, however. It’s almost too much demand out there for the talents. Especially lately when the space platform is being built.

The platform is supposed to be a way for humanity to get to the stars. It’s such a large undertaking that it means that Rhyssa has had to take on more new Talents every year. The Center has never taken on so many new entry students, but there is that much of a need for them.

That was the way things were and there was no point trying to fight against them. In the meantime, Tirla is a twelve year old girl that is pretty feisty and hip to the ways of the street. She’s always been quick and her ability to pick up and not only understand but speak languages has helped her to get by. Using her talents, she’s been able to squeeze out a living working in the Linear developments.

There’s she’s been trying to just get through to the next day while other people sit in poverty, trying the best that they can to make it and survive. It’s tough making the ends meet here, and people generally are willing to sink to lower levels to get what they need. That means kids being either conscripted or else sold into work programs.

She really needs the help that only someone that is gifted could give her. The same goes for Peter, a younger man that has been injured in an accident that he never saw coming. He’s paralyzed now, but hopes that he can somehow get to space one day, with zero gravity helping him to breathe and move more easily. He could have a new life all to himself, or at least that is what he thinks.

When Rhyssa finds that a man has appeared in her life that actually is not gifted, she wonders what she’s doing. The appearance has also made her question what she thought to be true about her people. When two children are found that are definitely gifted, she wonders just how Talented the two of them really are.

When the children may be found to have abilities that go well beyond the normal levels, it’s up to Rhyssa to decide what to do with them and which way they will go. But she’s starting to realize that the world of Talented people must be protected and the individuals within must be shielded at any cost. What will happen? Read this thrilling second novel in the Talent series by Anne McCaffrey to find out!

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