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Publication Order of Tales Of A New World Books

P.C. Cast is an American published author known for writing romance and fantasy novels. She is known for writing the House of Night series along with her daughter Kristin Cast. Fans might know her for writing the Partholon and the Goddess summoning series, or the Tales of a New World series.

P.C. stands for Phyllis Christine. Cast was born on April 30, 1960. She was born in the Midwest and spent her childhood going in between the states of Oklahoma and Illinois. That is when she fell in love with the subjects of mythology and Quarter Horses. Once she had graduated from high school, P.C. decided to join the U.S. Air Force. She also started doing public speaking and writing.

After she was done with her tour with the Air Force, Phyllis Christine went on to teach high school students. She did this for fifteen years before she decided to retire so that she could write fiction on a full-time basis. She has done very well for herself in the field since then, topping the lists of best sellers for USA Today and the New York Times. She has also been inducted as a member of the Oklahoma Writers Hall of Fame. She has received many awards for her work, including the Oklahoma Book Award, the Choice Award from Romantic Times Reviewers, YALSA Quick Pick for Reluctant Readers, Holt Medallion, the Prism, Booksellers’ Best, Daphne du Maurier, and the Laurel Wreath.

In addition to being a teacher, P.C. is also a skilled speaker. She has a daughter and lives close to her in Oregon. She also has a Maine Coon cat, a pack of dogs, and several horses.

Many of her readers are interested to find out what is going on with her House of Night series and the adaptation. The series was optioned by Davis Films starting in 2011 and that is as far as it has gone since. While the author herself would be happy to adapt it into a television series or movie, she unfortunately is not a movie producer or network executive with a television network. The series has been optioned since 2011 and the burden of producing the books into a movie or show is with Davis Films. P.C. Cast also says that she would prefer a television series for the series, as would her daughter, but they have no control over what happens with the project. The author acknowledges that it has been a long time since the series was optioned, and that the series has over 25 million readers. She will let readers know when she gets any news at all about the project and promises them she will post the information for fans on her social media.

P.C. Cast is the creator and the author of the Tales of a New World series of fictional novels. The series first got started in 2016 with the publication of the first book, Moon Chosen. The series is a fantasy tale placed in a world where people, their animal allies, and the planet has been changed. The series features Mari, an Earth Walker that has been chosen by an animal ally and has had her destiny changed forever. In an alliance with Nick, a rival clan’s Companion, she must deal with the destructive forces that are threatening her people and his own. The second novel is Sun Warrior and was published in 2017. Wind Rider is the third novel and came out in 2018. The fourth novel in the series is called Earth Called: Tales of a New World and is a 2023 release.

Moon Chosen is the first book in the Tales of a New World series by P.C. Cast. Chosen to follow destiny, embrace her identity, and change her world, Mari is on a new adventure like none she’s ever taken on before. If you love fantasy novels that are unique, check this one out!

Main character Mari is an Earth Walker. As such she is set to inherit the healing powers that her Clan has. But she’s also been made to turn away from the duties that she has. When she’s picked by a special animal ally, the destiny that she has will be changed forever. Her world is torn apart by a deadly attack, and Mari shows how strong her powers are and her dual nature’s forbidden secret as she goes on a mission to save her people.

When Mari finds Nik, things start to change. He comes across her path by chance, but she starts experiencing a feeling that she’d never felt before. He’s the son of a rival tribe’s leader, but the two of them get along well. Evil is also on its way, a more terrible evil than the world has seen before.

Mari must now cast shadows from the planet. She breaks Clan Law and goes into an alliance with Nik so that she can get ready and save her people, herself, and Nik. Now Mari is ready to get on board with her real destiny and do battle against the forces that could destroy all of them. Will she be successful? Read this book to find out!

Sun Warrior is the second book in the Tales of a New World series by P.C. Cast. If you liked the first book or love fantasy, check out this fantasy sequel placed in a world where the earth, animals, and humans have been changed.

Mari and Nik met in the first book, and now battle lines have been drawn. Mari is an Earth Walker and Nik a companion. The two were formerly from rival clans but now are working together to save their people and each other from being destroyed.

Thaddeus is a man that killed Nik’s father and betrayed his people, ruining their clan. He won’t stop there. Thaddeus craves the power he thinks Mari took from him and will do all that it takes to get it back, with no problems destroying everything that he comes across. The only way to stop him means that Nik and Mari must go into the heart of darkness to take him on.

At the same time, the god Death has awakened and takes on Dead Eye as a vessel. With his own plans, he’ll use whatever he can to accomplish his plans, including possessing Thaddeus. Can Nik and Mari face their new foes and come out on top? Read this fantasy to find out!

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