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Tales of an Urban Werewolf Books In Order

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Publication Order of Tales of an Urban Werewolf Books

Howling at the Moon (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
On the Prowl (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Leader of the Pack (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon

“Tales of an Urban Werewolf” a fantasy romance series set in Texas written by Karen MacInerney stars Sophie Garou, a woman who has it all. A great boyfriend (named Heath) who is not shy about talking about getting married, a great job, a closet full of delectable clothes. All this good luck comes with a tiny problem. She is a werewolf; but she keeps her urges in check with her mother’s help, and wolfsbane tea. Her mother (who is a tad on the eccentric side) owns a magic shop, where she is able to give her daughter all the help she can. Sophie is half werewolf; her mother (a witch), long ago, had an encounter with a werewolf, that got her pregnant. Later, she had Sophie; who is half witch, half werewolf (technically the proper term is lycanthrope). They moved Sophie to Texas, in a town where she would be the only werewolf. In her day job, where she tries to make it seem like she is 100% human, she is an accountant at a firm called Withers and Young.

“Howling at the Moon” is the first book in the “Tales of an Urban Werewolf” series. When Sophie is around humans, it is a bit of a problem. When one of her kind strolls into town, named Tom, it presents a whole new problem for her, as if her life was not bad enough, he just so happens to be dating her best friend. It has just gotten worse. She tries to keep herself in line to keep things going good with her lawyer boyfriend. As great as the boyfriend is, he still sets dates to celebrate their anniversary on the equinox and full moon. Two parts of the year where she cannot, under any circumstances be left alone with humans. It would be a bloody disaster, literally. Someone is blackmailing to release her secret to the public; if this is not bad enough, her mother, who runs a magic shop, is accused of selling a tainted potion to someone (a politician, no less) and being responsible for his death. Sophie is busy trying to solve all these problems all at once before everything goes wrong.

Fans of this novel have praised the chick-lit language, Sophie’s sassy voice, this making the book an entertaining and fun to read. The people critical of this book commented that the plot was light, the book did nothing to separate itself from the large amount of books that also come from the same genre, and the characterization was weak as well. The author does nothing to make the character likable whatsoever, she does not care about the humans who get attacked. They also found it hard to believe that a self respecting witch who has to deal with things such as karma would so easily sell things like love potions at all.

“On the Prowl” is the second book in the “Tales of an Urban Werewolf” series. Things are going good for Sophie, she has kept her secret a secret, and she has gotten a promotion at work (she has just been made partner and has been given the corner office, two things she has always wanted). Sophie is good at keeping her inner beast at bay. She even sees her sexy boyfriend leaving a jewelry store with a nice big ring box. She should be on cloud nine, except for one thing. Her boyfriend, Heath, has been spending a lot of his time after work working with a woman who looks a lot like career girl Barbie. Tom is back in town, with whom she has great chemistry. She hits it off, to say the least with a new client of her own, a Texan blue eyed male who is an eligible bachelor from Southeast Airlines named Mark Sydney. A local pack tells her that if she does not join them, then she dies; she is a stray and strays are forbidden in this territory. She decides that she should spy for them on another territory, but quickly realizes that she is no good at it. Sophie hopes that she is not on the wrong track because of her animal instinct; she has three different men to consider in this book. Just like in the first book, in gets worse than this; she has to prove to a local group of werewolves that she is one of the group, otherwise they may take her out. She never seems able to limit the amount of problems she faces at one time.

The fans of this book enjoyed the humor, the entertaining nature of the book, and the author kept the plot moving at great, fast pace. Fans of the books say that these are lighter books for fans of the Stephanie Plum series. Some fans liked that Sophie was no longer able, through the events of this book to be able to stay hidden, that she had to admit to what she was. The people who did not liked this book said that there was some things thrown in towards the end and that the editing was not done very well. Not to mention the fact that the heroine is horny for every man in the book, making it very hard to take the romance seriously. Some found the book to need more polish and found it predictable; whereas some did not like that she would keep secrets (mainly the big one about Sophie being a werewolf) from her boyfriend of over a year.

As a character, Sophie Garou, does not seem to be the greatest of people. As mentioned earlier, one reader thought that she did not care about humans being attacked, she also does not care about kissing another woman’s boyfriend, especially while she is dating someone. This is not behavior of a woman who respects other people, this is a woman who acts without thinking about things like consequences.

There are no plans, as of now, to take this series and turn it into either a TV show or a movie. Time will tell if that will change.

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