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Publication Order of Atlantis Books

Heart of the Dragon (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Jewel of Atlantis (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Nymph King (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Vampire's Bride (2009)Description / Buy at Amazon
Into the Dark (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tales of Atlantis is a series of paranormal romance novels written by Gena Showalter. The books take readers to a world where dragons and demons and other magical creatures live side by side.

+The Story

The Tales of Atlantis series started publication in 2005. The books elicited interest in both fans of Gena Showalter and new readers; though, one assumes that their popularity was a little lackluster seeing as Gena seemed to lose interest in them in 2009.

The books take audiences to Atlantis, a mythical world populated by magical creatures. Atlantis is first brought to the fro in ‘Heart of the Dragon’, the first novel in the series.

In ‘Heart of the Dragon’, it is revealed that Atlantis exists on a plane separated from the real world and it can only be accessed through a portal. When readers first meet him, Darius en Kragin has been assigned the task of guarding the portal.

Atlantis is a hub for vast wealth and it has been the norm for mortal men to attempt to infiltrate its borders with the intention of pillaging its resource. Darius knows firsthand just how cruel humans get, especially when they are driven by greed.

As such, he understands the purpose behind his job, which includes not only protecting the portal to Atlantis but also killing any human he comes across. And Darius, a weredragon, has executed his role effectively for centuries.

His loyalty is tested when Grace Carlyle stumbles into his path. Grace’s brother went missing in the jungles of Brazil. Using a journal he sent her, Grace succeeds in following his trail and pushing her way into Atlantis.

Darius should have killed her the moment he laid eyes on her. But his heart betrayed him. Rather than murder her on the spot, he saw fit to protect her, giving into emotions that will ultimately put his loyalty to Atlantis to the test.

‘Heart of the Dragon’ is a love story. The author spends a lot of time exploring the breadth and depths of Atlantis and its magical aspects. But at its core, this book uses the paranormal elements to tell a story of love between a mortal woman and an immortal creature.

And that is pretty much the case for every other novel in the Tales of Atlantis series. Atlantis primarily plays host to vampires, nymphs, Fomorians and weredragons. And while these creatures live in relative peace, an element of political strife is alive and well in their society.

However, for the men and women of Atlantis about whom Gena Showalter writes, nothing is more important than their need for love and sexual satisfaction. Of course, not all of them are open to the notion of a loving relationship.

Either they have been hurt and have, thus, chosen to cast romantic burdens aside altogether, or they consider love to be a weakness. But even in these cases, Gena’s magical heroes and heroines have a longing within them that they are frequently fighting to kill.

And it only takes a single encounter with a man or woman of considerable physical beauty and mental strength for their defenses to collapse and their most base desires to manifest.

Every novel in the Tales of Atlantis series has a conflict of significance that is unrelated to the hero and heroine’s struggles to carve out a relationship with one another. Whether it is some hidden treasure or a special power stowed within Atlantis’ borders, it is this conflict that brings the protagonists together.

The Atlantis books have a lot of detractors who take offense with Gena’s utilization of certain tropes, such as the fact that the heroine of the first novel in the series is a virgin. Most such detractors will agree, though, that Gena’s failings in the areas of plotting and character progression are more than balanced out by her writing style.

Even the author’s harshest critics agree that her approach to writing has an inscrutable ability to keep them engaged throughout the run of her stories.

+The Author

Gena Showalter is a bestselling that writes contemporary and paranormal romance. She has also dabbled in the Young Adult genre. Born in 1975, the author was 27 when she sold her first book.

+Heart of the Dragon

Darius is a weredragon. It is his job to protect a portal connecting the mortal world to the magical realm of Atlantis. He has been at it for Centuries. Once upon a time, the idea of killing humans repulsed Darius.

In fact, Darius threw up the first time he killed a human. But that did not stop Darius from doing his duty. He knew how greedy humans could get. He understood that they would gladly pillage Atlantis of its riches if they were not stopped.

So he killed every man, woman, and child that came through the portal. And he managed to do so for three centuries because he quenched his emotions. Grace Carlyle should have died the moment she came through the portal.

Darius should have cut her down. But he finds that he is incapable of taking her life. Something about the feisty young lady stirs unexpected emotions in his heart. Now Darius is in a pickle. He must decide where his loyalties lie before it is too late.

Grace only stumbled upon the Portal to Atlantis because her brother went missing in Brazil and she went looking for him. From the moment she meets Darius, Grace can tell that he is something otherworldly.

She must decide whether or not she is ready to take on the dangers that arise from falling for a weredragon.

+Jewel of Atlantis

Atlantis plays host to great wealth. However, few of its treasures are quite as alluring as the Jewel of Dunamis, a powerful tool that supposedly has the power to overcome any enemy.

Grayson James is an operative working for a wing of the government that deals with the paranormal. And he was sent to either acquire the jewel or destroy it if it fell into the wrong hands.

Grayson had no idea that the Jewel was a woman; and not just a woman but the most beautiful woman he had ever seen. Now that he has met her, destruction is the last thing on Grayson’s mind.

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