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Tales of the Shareem Books In Order

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Publication Order of Tales Of The Shareem Books

Tales of the Shareem is a series of erotic romance novels written by Allyson James. The books take readers to an alien world where men have been genetically altered to fulfill the sexual needs of women.

+The Story

The Tales of the Shareem series is science fiction with heavy elements of erotic romance. The books take readers to Bor Narga, an alien world. Bor Narga is a matriarchy.

The ruling class is largely made up of women. A long time ago, in the year 3509, a company called DNAmo created the Shareem. They were technically just men, but they were also something more.

Designed to be the perfect physical specimens, the Shareem’s one and only purpose was to pleasure women. Available in one of three levels, within their hands was the ability to guide women towards unrivaled ecstasy.

And they accomplished their goals rather well, helping frustrated women all over their planet achieve and maintain the heights of orgasmic pleasure. It looked like DNAmo had cracked the code to overwhelming success. But things went wrong relatively quickly.

Over a period of two decades, society on Bor Narga transformed. The ruling class shunned the pleasures of carnal activities in favor of elevating science and philosophy. As a result, the Shareem became irrelevant and unnecessary.

DNAmo fought to stay afloat but they eventually went bankrupt. The Shareem were loosed into society and left to fend for themselves.

By the time the events of ‘Rees’, the first novel in the Tales of the Shareem series, roll around, the Shareem are barely surviving. On a world that esteems the mind above all else, the fact that the Shareem were bred for physical pleasure means that they are the lowest of the low on Bor Narga, irrelevant to the prosperity of their planet and, thus, unwanted by society.

The Tales of the Shareem series explores the romances that manifest between the Shareem and the women who seek them out. Each novel introduces readers to a Shareem and the woman who will love him.

The Shareem are treated as urban legends in many cases, with many a woman unaware that they even exist. When they are discovered, sex is guaranteed to follow, and not just because these books are categorized as erotic romance. Rather, the Shareem need sex.

They are not merely bred to create sensual pleasure in others. They also crave it. And even if they did not, these men must have sex at least five times a day. If they fail to do so, they overheat.

So Allyson James’ heroes are continuously on the lookout for sex partners. And the fact that they are using their targets for their bodies rarely raises any complications because they have the capacity to satisfy their sex partners in ways they could never imagine.

It isn’t until these heroes meet the heroines, though, that sparks of something true begin to emerge. The women will typically target the Shareem for the sexual pleasure they can get.

However, as they interact with their Shareem of choice, they are slowly driven to view them as actual people and that sparks a connection that drives both hero and heroine to move heaven and earth to establish a lasting relationship.

On the part of the Shareem, they know they can have any woman they want. And they have had all the women they could possibly ever want. However, those women have only ever treated them like sexual tools.

Their attraction to the heroine is sparked by the fact that the woman in question shows the capacity to see the man behind the sex toy. And the fact that the heroine is willing to engage with them on equal footing, taking note of the aches and anxieties that have haunted them all their lives, compels the Shareem to pursue a stronger connection.

Besides the sex, some attention is given to the plight of the Shareem. Most of them live difficult lives. They are persecuted and abused and their rights are frequently flouted. As such, they tend to operate in communities, supporting one another in times of crisis.

They also wish to escape Bor Narga, the objective being to find a planet where the laws are more favorable to their kind. Of course, this is easier said than does. But that is often where the heroine comes into play.

In her arms, the hero finds another person, a soul that isn’t Shareem, who cares about their plight and wishes to help them find happiness.

Allyson James has been praised for the effort she makes to deliver truly compelling stories. The Tales of the Shareem books feature a heavy dose of sex. In fact, some readers have complained that the author chocks some of her chapters with sensual activities.

However, even with all the carnality, the author always takes the opportunity to develop her characters and craft compelling tales around them.

+The Author

Allyson James is an American author that writes paranormal romance and urban fantasy. She has been nominated for numerous awards. She has been known to dabble in historical romance. Those books are primarily published under her real name (Jennifer Ashley).


Rees was a mistake. The Shareem are men that were created to pleasure women. They were typically offered in three levels depending on the needs of the woman. Rees is a combination of all three levels rolled into one and that makes him unpredictable and dangerous.

Lady Talan has never met a Shareem. When she reads a woman’s diary that details her ecstatic experience with a Shareem, Talan makes it her goal to seek one out.

She is determined to achieve the heights of carnal pleasure before she takes her vows of celibacy. Rees isn’t what Talan expected but she quickly finds that he has what it takes to satiate her needs.


Rio is a Shareem. He was made to help women attain the heights of sexual pleasure. And as a level three, there is no Dom that is quite as effective as Rio.

Nella is a princess who has never heard of Rio’s kind. They encounter one another when he saves her from assassination. Rio would rather just send the princess home intact but he is finding it quite difficult to overcome his programming.

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