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Publication Order of Talon Books

Rivers West (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Man from the Broken Hills (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Milo Talon (1981)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Chantry Books

North to the Rails (1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
Fair Blows the Wind (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ferguson Rifle (1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
Over on the Dry Side (1975)Description / Buy at Amazon
Borden Chantry (1977)Description / Buy at Amazon

Chronological Order of Chantry Books

Fair Blows the Wind(1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Ferguson Rifle(1973)Description / Buy at Amazon
Borden Chantry(1977)Description / Buy at Amazon
North to the Rails(1971)Description / Buy at Amazon
Over on the Dry Side(1975)Description / Buy at Amazon

The Talon & Chantry is a series of novels by renowned Westerns writer Louis L’Amour. The Talon & Chantry series of novels has eight novels the first of which was “North to the Rails” that was first published in 1971. The first novel in the series was so popular that the author decided to write seven more titles in the series culminating in “Milo Talon”, published in 1981. Although the novels are generally known as the Talon & Chantry books they are also known separately as The Talon Books or the Chantry Books, depending on which family the lead character in the novels is. The lead characters in the series of novels come from a long line of either the Chantry noble family from Scotland or the Talon family that were the early pioneers of the United States and Canada. The characters range from men seeking their fortune in Europe who travel to the Americas, to their descendants who are rugged frontiersmen and sheriffs earning a living or making a fortune in the Wild West. The first Talon appears in “The Man from the Broken Hills” published in 1975 while the first Chantry made his debut in “The Ferguson Rifle” first published in 1971. As is usual with Louis L’Amour, the novels tell intriguing tales full of spectacular action, vivid descriptions, and intense romance with highly satisfying endings.

The Chantrys and the Talons are fictional families that the author follows from one generation to the next in novels with freestanding plot lines. The leads in the three Talon novels are three generations of Talon men who are also related to the Sackett clan through their matriarch. Their patriarch was a pirate that had famously made himself a wooden hand after losing one in an accident. As such, the Talons had inherited a spirited, innovative, and resourceful streak. The Talon men are adventurous men who always want to see what interesting life they could find over the next hill. They explore the reaches of the Americas from Quebec in Canada, to the Rocky Mountains to the wide-open spaces of the American Wild West. Nonetheless, despite their love for adventure and danger, they genuinely care for other people and are always willing to help someone in need. The Chantry’s ancestry goes back to gallant Irish gentry that starts from their patriarch Tatton Chantry. Just like the Talons, they have rogue skill sets that serve them well in the American Wild West. The Chantry’s boast European ancestry and education, are well traveled, and have been to many countries from the Americas to Europe. They deal with political betrothals, maidens, and treasure among other conflicting interests in their quest to make a name for themselves in the New World. The Chantry’s are drawn to the search for wealth and position in their society and despite their education spend much of their time chasing after gold, lands, honor, and money. As such, the Chandry’s acquire that rugged frontier like grit and determination that finally culminates in the achievement of all their dreams.

The Talon & Chandry series of novels are some of Louis L’Amour’s most popular novels. The novels are a perfect portrait of the Wild West set between 1500 and 1800, with their casual yet vivid description of the land including weather and seasonal changes, the scrub, stands of timber, and the rivers. The characters populating the novel are just as vividly described in being quick to cruelty, kindness, treacherous, or loyal, rough and hard, while also exhibiting utmost determination and courage. The heroes in the novel meet the dangers of living in the Wild West with spirit and grit, showcasing to the reader how life was living in the unforgiving frontier with all its lawlessness and unexplored richness. The lead characters are not your typical cookie character heroes in Westerns, as they come full of character and background story that explains their motivations. To spice it all up, the author throws in the obligatory romance story by bringing together the beautiful woman with the protagonist to make for a highly satisfying conclusion. They are quick, light fun reads that make for some great fireside reading for the Western buff.

“Borden Chantry” the first novel in the series is set in Mora New Mexico, where the Chantrys are ranching and living. Some village boys find out that an old woman that had provided some medicine to some miners is sick and in need of urgent help. Joe Sackett who is one of the miners that had the help from the old woman is chosen to take some money to the woman to help her move to a better climate. But Joe is killed by a bloodthirsty gunman and five more murders later, Borden Chantry the young, rugged and lean marshal needs to find the killer. For most of the novel, the mystery of just who could be the killer continues to torment the young marshal as he navigates a gripping set of clues full of twists and turns. The novel is a nice glimpse of life in Wild West small town that has only an inexperienced marshal as the only law enforcement officer.

“Fair Blows the Wind” is a delightful Western that exhibits some of the best that Louis has to offer as a storytelling master. Tatton Chantry the lead in the novel is a Scotsman who had the worst of years, after the British burn down his home and kill his father. He leaves Ireland and moves to the Americas, where he hopes to make a new fortune before returning home to reclaim his inheritance. Along the way, he learns and becomes proficient in the use of firearms, which would make him one of the very deadliest enemies the British would ever want to face upon his return to London. Having hidden a small fortune, he heads for the New World only for his troop to be attacked by the Native Americans. They are marooned in the wild and lawless wilderness of the Carolina coastline. But at the moment when all hope is lost, he stumbles on a wonderful opportunity, that suddenly puts all his dreams of landed property, extraordinary wealth, and a beautiful woman within his grasp. However, he needs to first survive a rogue swordsman that is determined to finish him off, a band of pirates, and vicious Native Americans that are some of the most ferocious fighters.

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