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Publication Order of Talyton St. George Books

City Girl, Country Vet (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
Must Be Love (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Sweetest Thing (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
It's a Vet's Life (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Village Vet (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Vets in Love (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Country Loving (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Follow Me Home (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon
Accidentally in Love (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Springtime at Cherry Tree Cottage (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon

Talyton St George is a series by an animal vet turned writer Cathy Woodman. She describes her vet experience of surgery to that of an unknown destiny. This implies that you cannot tell definitely what will happen next. From a sausage dog who swallowed a tiny sewing needle to a rabbit who lost an eye due to infection, she certainly has a lot to put in books. Despite her vet career, she confesses the love for writing. She could settle down to various novels during the long nights while on call. However, she didn’t have sufficient time to pursue writing until after her children grew. This was when she decided to give up her full-time work to look after them.

Following this, she took up an initiative to join a creative writing group and writing competitions during the leave. Her breakthrough in writing came in 2002 when she won her jointly written novel winning the Harry Bowling Novel Award. The awarding ceremony turned out beneficial as she met Laura Longrigg working with Literary agents. She signed up and delivered a finished manuscript getting her a deal of two book deal from the agencies.

Cathy published her first novel, Under The Bonnet in November 2004. Our House, her second novel followed suit in 2005, her third, Family Matters in 2006 and Boy Next Door in 2007 consecutively. Since then, she has been working on various other projects, including standalone novels and series. Besides writing, Cathy seasonally lectures in a local college about Animal Management.

City Girl, Country Vet

City Girl, Country Vet, also called Trust Me, I’m a Vet, is the first installment in the Talyton St George series by Cathy. It is a chick-lit romance type of novel that will certainly keep you on toes from the beginning to end. It is about an adorable woman trying to recapture her rightful position in the world after leaving her big job in town as a veterinarian. This is after her lover, whom she had dated for four years, reconciled with his ex-wife. Maz, the heroine, goes through a lot in search for peace and happiness in her life.

Maz gets invited by her old friend Emma to help her run a local, countryside Vet. Emma is going for quite a long vacation with her husband, therefore considers Maz as the best replacement to run her vet. Besides, Maz is on a sabbatical leave from the busy hustles of town. In the rural, two main vets are competing against each other. Maz thinks this job will be easy. However, the locals are extremely suspicious of newcomers and protective of their own.

The town people, including employees of the vet, are not that friendly to Maz. The vet has money issues, which could plunge the vet to closure. Moving on, there is Alex. He is the towns’ favorite son whose father runs the other successful rival vet. Alex’s father is happy with the departure of Emma and is willing to do anything to oust Maz. Maz on the other side refuses to be ousted and decides to fight back.

Maz isn’t amused at Alex during their first meeting. However, as they get to know each other better, Maz realizes Alex is a nice guy only with strange parents. She also learns that he has a broken heart over his marriage. The two develop an immense friendship, bonding over the love for animals. It wasn’t long before they developed feelings for one another.

Despite Alex seeming too good, Maz is afraid of taking the next steps as she’s still hurt and her visit is temporary. On the other side, Alex wants more from Maz. With this, the dilemma comes down to Maz decision, if she will let away her past to have a future with Alex. Otherwise, she could be having other plans for her future. To many who have read this book, they can relate it directly to the life of Cathy Woodman. She began as a small vet in the rural sides.

Must Be Love

This is the second novel in Woodman’s popular Talyton St George Series. The novel continues the story of Maz, the new vet in Otter House. The first book, which highlights the plight and tribulations of Maz as a town vet up to when she moved to the rural area ends in a great dilemma. Having met Alex, Maz has to make ambiguous decisions. Must Be Love continues as Maz seems to be settling and blossoming very well with her love life.

Relationships are tested when Maz finds out that she is pregnant. She has to break the news to Emma, who had just lost a baby. From vet rivalry, Alex’s’ fathers’ ignorance to now the turbulent relationship with Emma losing her child as Maz gets pregnant, this is certainly a must read. It contains a lot when it comes to the various pillars of the society, love and endless drama.

The Sweetest Thing

This is a book about Jennie Copeland, a widow living with three children. Jennie thought her life would be endlessly happy having married her university sweetheart, lived in a nice house in the suburbs with three beautiful children. However, Jennie’s life turns around after the death of her husband. She has to find a recipe for her new life as swift as possible. Jennie thinks she found what she needs. With a ramshackle house on the outskirts of the Talyton St George Town, a dog, a horse, chickens and her new business- cake baking, she anticipates for a better life.

As soon as she settles well in the neighborhood, she again falls in love with her next-door neighbor who is a farmer. This is despite her swearing that she will swerve off men after her husband’s death. Much more continues. Will she succeed with her business venture? What about the children? Her love life? Jennie has a lot to deal with in life.

Cathy Woodman is undoubtedly a talented writer, with an unbeatable special area of focus. The plot of her stories and character depiction tells you a lot about someone who was just a mere vet. Other novels in this book series include It’s a Vet’s Life, The Village Vet, Vets in Love, Country Loving, Accidently in Love consecutively.

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