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Publication Order of By the Book Mysteries Books

Buried in a Good Book (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
On Spine of Death (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Murder Off the Books (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Eleanor Wilde Mystery Books

Séances are for Suckers (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Potions Are for Pushovers (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Curses Are for Cads (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hypnosis Is for Hacks (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tamara Berry is a bestselling cozy mystery author and part-time freelance editor and copywriter.

She started writing in 2012 under the name Tamara Morgan. She would then expand her repertoire to include uplifting comedies as Lucy Gilmore and cozies as Tamara Berry. She has now become known for writing lighthearted, fun, and guaranteed happily ever after novels.

In her teen years, she went to Eastern Washington University, where she started out studying to become a paleoanthropologist. As such, she spent about two years reading about excavation, human origins, and the Leakey family.

In fact, she was so ready to move to Africa and spend the rest of her life excavating ancient artifacts and remains as her contribution to science.
But then she attended a literary class on Frankenstein by Mary Shelley and her life was never the same again. The professor’s lecture lured her into the English department from, where she would later graduate with a degree in English.

Berry currently makes her home in Washington State where she lives with her husband and children and a coterie of pets.

Just like many authors, Tamara Berry got her start when she signed up for NaNoWriMo as she wanted to keep herself on track. Her first attempt was a travesty of everything overwritten and self-indulgent ever produced and hence it never saw the light of day.

However, it lit a creative fire under her that is still going strong to this day. She wrote “Seances are for Suckers” her debut novel in 2018 and has been going strong since.

However, it has to be remembered that this was not her first rodeo as she had written romantic comedies before under the name Tamara Morgan.
Even though she started out writing romantic comedies, she gravitated toward suspense in her latter years.

When she decided to write cozy mysteries, she took the name Tamara Berry so as not to confuse her romantic comedy readers. As Tamara, she now has more than half a dozen novels to her name.

Tamara Berry’s journey to publication was just as hard as that of her contemporaries. From the time she finished her first novel to the time she got published, she had been through three manuscripts, two agents, and countless rejections.

Still, each rejection brought her one step closer to getting published and taught her a lot of things.

Berry always tells the story of how she was querying agents with a manuscript that was a reenactment of a Jane Austen novel. During this time, there was a viral video on the internet titled Jane Austen’s “Fight Club.”

Many of her aspiring friends believed it was not the right time to make her submission but she took advantage of the popularity of the video and penned a query letter. Her attempt worked and within a single day, she had three requests for a full manuscript.

While not all her queries went so well, it just goes to show how being creative and imaginative worked so well for Tamara.

“Seances are for Suckers” by Tamara Berry introduces Ellie a woman who works as a ghost hunter even though she has a believer since she needs to take care of her sister. When she is fortunate enough, the money she makes is enough for an occasional vacation.

But on her latest assignment, she finds herself in for some genuine spine-chilling scares. Nicholas Hartford III is a reserved, skeptical, and very rich man who flies her to England, where she is to hunt down a ghost named Xavier in his ancestral home.

Nicholas is a skeptic but still needs someone to look into the mysterious accidents, flashes of light, and other bizarre things that kept happening at the eerie and chilly castle. But his mother is certain that the ghost is real and he is willing to pay Ellie to stop the mysterious events.

While the accommodations and food are somewhat disappointing, Ellie thinks of it as a great adventure. Moreover, she gets to know the members of the eccentric family and spends the day hunting for clues in the nearby village.

But then an actual body is found and things get very real.

Tamara Berry’s novel “Potions Are for Pushovers” continues to follow the life and times of Ellie. She has been selling tantalizing tonics and mystical elixirs even though she is a fake medium.

It is her main source of income which comes under threat when a villager turns up dead – poisoned. She knows that her concoctions would never kill let alone harm anyone but now she finds herself the prime suspect.

She will need to find the culprit who killed Sarah Blackthorne, who was hated but not enough to be killed. Ellie finds the mystery complicated enough that she decides to take up Nicholas’s offer and hang up her medium’s heart.

However, she has never been known to lean on a man even if she loves him. Moreover, his place in her life is not that certain.
Her recently recruited witches in training have concluded that the murderer could be a werewolf. Could there be something paranormal going on as domestic animals including Beast her beloved cat begin to disappear?

“Curses Are for Cads” by Tamara Berry opens with Eleanor Wilde falling for her boss Nicholas Hartford III.

She has now been invited to a remote Scottish castle to search for a haunted treasure trove. However, this assignment might just be the dousing flame to her livelihood, budding romance, and her very own life.

Eleanor is a pseudo psychic and witch resident of Sussex who has been taking strange requests for years. As such, when her lover’s college friend begs for her services as a witch she could not be more obliging as she heads to the remote castle in Scotland.

She is informed that Glenn Stewart the family’s recently deceased patriarch had passed on before telling anyone where the family heirlooms were hidden. His family hopes that Ellie can contact the man so that they can retrieve the precious heirlooms.

What they do not know is that she cannot communicate with the dead but she knows how to fake it like no one else. While heading to Scotland on the train, she learns that Birdie White, a fellow medium is coming along to help the Stewarts.

This is not good news as White is a spiritual consultant to royalty and has even worked with the Scotland Yard and is a master of the art.

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