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Time Between Us (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
Time After Time (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
Time and Time Again (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

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Every Last Word (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Little Do We Know (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tamara Ireland Stone is a young adult and contemporary fiction author best known for her “Time Between Us” series of novels. The author had provided communications services and marketing strategy services to various technology companies from Zendesk to Apple for more than two decades.
She was a manager at Niehaus Ryan Wong, where she was in charge of some of their largest accounts. It was at the public relations company that she got to work on the launch of the iMac, where she got to work with Steve Jobs when he was just coming back to Apple.

She would then leave and head to Siebel Systems where she was Director of Corporate Communications. At the company, she led the media relations and analyst teams during some of the most dramatic years of growth for the company.

Tamara would become a cofounder of Rainmaker Communications in 2000 and led communications and marketing strategy for all manner of companies from established industry giants to hot startups.

She would then become a New York Times bestselling author when she published her debut novel “Every Last Word” in 2015. In her novels, she merges her passion for telling stories with her experience in the tech industry to tell some inspiring and compelling narratives.

Ireland Stone was born in Silicon Valley and as a child helped her father build and test game systems from Atari. It was from this time that she was hooked into technology and later on pursued a career in it.

Besides gaming and technology, she would become interested in writing and while she was in high school she would spend most of her afternoons reading newspapers and dreaming of a career as a journalist.

After graduating from college, she decided to combine her love of technology with her passion for writing to pursue a career in communications and marketing. She would go on to write for business for more than two decades even as she thought of one day writing fiction.

The simple act of writing down what she had in her head had saved her from a dark place when she was a teen. While she never let anyone read her notebooks, stories, journal entries and poems, they would form the launching pad for her later career as an author.

For her impressive works Tamara Ireland Stone has received many nominations including one for the Cybils award.
When she first came up with the idea for her debut novel, she was thinking of how the words perfect and normal could have so much power on teenagers. She wanted to pen a story of a teen that seemed perfect to outsiders but did not feel that way on the inside.

Around this time, one of Stone’s friend’s daughters had an OCD diagnosis as she could never sleep for more than four hours at a time. She often had unending streams of terrifying and negative thoughts that she never felt comfortable disclosing to her friends.

She could not imagine how hard it was for the teen who had to deal with such intense emotions. It was from this that she found the inspiration for her debut novel.

Tamara Ireland Stone’s debut novel “Every Last Word” is the story of Samantha McAllister who is no different from any of the other girls in her class. But under her well done makeup and expertly straightened hair is a secret none of her friends would ever come to terms with.

She has OCD and constantly has to deal with worries and dark thoughts she cannot control. Sam second guesses her every word, thought and move which makes everything and every day a continual struggle.
It does not help that her best friends could turn against her on a dime at the first sign of a wrong crush, wrong lunch or wrong outfit.
She considers leaving the protection of the most popular girls at her school unthinkable. As ,when she meets the refreshing Caroline who has a weird sense of humor she tries to keep her and her weekly visits to the psychiatrist a secret.

Caroline takes her to a tight knit group of misfits who meet at a hidden room known as Poet’s Corner. Sam immediately feels a connection with the group particularly the guitar playing boy who can write verse like no one she knows.

Slowly but surely, he starts feeling like she is a normal person as she discovers a new side of herself. But something happens that makes her question all she holds dear and even her own sanity.

“Time Between Us” by Tamara Ireland Stone is the story of a woman named Anna who has a habit of jogging at the Northwestern track every morning. One day, she sees a handsome man watching and smiling at her but when she comes around the man is gone.

He happens to be the newest student at the Bennett School but he swears that he was not watching her and that he had never been at the track. She is certain she saw him but he pushes her away blowing hot and cold, despite her immense attraction for him.

Things change when Bennet saves her when she is held at knife point while working at the bookstore. He then tells her that he is from 2012 and is a San Fransiscan. But he is now living in 1995 Chicago with Anna where he is supposed to be an infant. He came back to find his sister and intends to go back to his world once he finds her.

But Anna still wants to spend time with him even if they only have a few weeks. Bennett can go anywhere he wants and takes anyone with him. Together with Anna, they have romantic dates on beautiful islands, go to Italy and travel all over the world,which is something Anna always loved to do.

Tamara Ireland Stone’s “Time After Time” is a story told from Bennett’s point of view. He has the ability to travel in time and the only people that know of his secret are his family and his new girlfriend Anna. While he was in Chicago in 1994 with Brooke, his sister, he had been sent to 2012 and lost contact with everyone.
In the future, he meets Anna but has a deep longing to find his sister. He recently learned that he is prevented from staying in the past for months on end like he once did. He can still travel in time but this time he can only spend a day or two before he is kicked back to his own time.

It is going to be hard for their relationship and they may have to only meet for important occasions such as birthday parties or a homecoming. The two are determined to preserve their relationship even as his time travel abilities continue to deteriorate.

But he soon begins to doubt if he was meant to be in her life. As much as he wanted to be with her in 1995, maybe he should just go to 2012 and stay there as a normal young man.

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