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Publication Order of Between the Lines Books

Between the Lines (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where You Are (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good For You (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Here Without You (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Contours of the Heart Books

Tammara Webber is an American author. She writes novels in the young adult or new adult fiction genre. She has worked as an economics tutor, a radiology call center rep, planetarium office manager, and tanning salon employee. She is a former academic adviser for undergraduates at the University of Texas, where she worked before choosing to become a full-time author. Webber married her high school sweetheart and together they have three grown children as well as four cats. She enjoys eating baby carrots for snacks as well as happily ever after type endings.

She is the author of the New York Times bestselling novel Easy and the Between the Lines series as well as the Contours of the Heart series. Between the Lines has four books in the series and an omnibus was released in 2014. The series includes Between the Lines, Where You Are, Good for You, and Here Without You.

Fans of romance novels or young adult books will love Between the Lines, the debut book in the series of the same name by Tammara Webber. The main character in this novel is Emma. She is an actress at the young age of seventeen. While most kids her age are going to high school or studying for exams, she’s getting ready for her first big movie role.

Emma is thrilled that she’s going to be in a movie, and not just any movie. She’s going to be starring opposite Reid, the hottest guy in Hollywood right now. He’s used to the perks of stardom, but for the young movie star, this is all new. Getting into the latest nightclubs, getting your photo taken all the time, and meeting fans are totally normal to Reid. But for Emma, she’s not used to it at all.

On the set of her movie, Emma is doing well. She’s getting along with the cast too. However, Emma is a bit out of her element on the movie set. It’s her first time and she’s young to be on set. When Graham, another actor, gives her his support, she thinks that he might have feelings for her. But then she sees him sneaking out of another girl’s room late one night and realizes that he doesn’t think of her in that way.

Meanwhile, Reid is in hot pursuit of Emma. He’s got a thing for the young and talented actress, and he thinks that there’s something special about her. He’s never felt like this before about anyone, and Reid starts to wonder if the impossible has happened: is he actually developing feelings for someone? And could this be more than just a crush on his beautiful co-star? Pick up Between the Lines to find out what happens and whether Reid and Emma get together!

The second book in the Between the Lines series is Where You Are. Teen movie star Emma is back, and she has her first big film under her belt and released. With that successfully launched, Emma decides to pursue her dream of going to university and attempting to have a life that halfway resembles something normal for a girl her age. Sure, it’s all great to be in the entertainment business, but Emma wants to do something that everyone else would be doing too. What’s so wrong with wanting to be normal?

To be fair, maybe it does have a little to do with her fling with Reid. Their relationship was wonderful while it lasted, but Emma has new prospects on the horizon and they include more than just university. Emma is actually enjoying some time with a new flame in her life– someone familiar. She and Graham are enjoying every last second of every moment they can get together. Graham is so crazy about her that he makes the effort to have a long-distance relationship with her, and everything could not be more perfect.

Graham is so romantic and they seem just so happy together. It’s unusual because Graham Douglas is not known to be the romantic relationship type. But when Emma Pierce showed up on the set of his film, he gradually fell for her. When they grew closer, he didn’t want to fall for her– but he did. A girl who was being pursued by Reid Alexander of all people. But while Graham and Emma are happy together, Reid is not exactly out of the picture, and he did not take their break up well. He is actually having trouble accepting that Graham is in the picture at all.

Graham was living in New York and when Emma shows up, his perfectly manicured life goes into a tailspin. Emma is showing him just how into her he still is, and he was amazed at all the feelings he had for her. Now that she’s giving up a Hollywood career and putting movies on hold to go to university and be a regular girl, Graham can’t believe how into her he is.

For her part, Emma spent months trying to get over the feelings she had for the two guys on the set of the movie that she still misses. When Graham is in the exact coffee shop in Manhattan that she is, she’s powerless to resist her feelings for him. But is Reid really out of the picture for good, or just waiting in the wings offset?

Reid is so used to getting his own way that he cannot resist when Brooke suggests a plan to him. Brook was a fresh girl from Texas when she came to Los Angeles, but she quickly moved from beach sitcom to movie star on the silver screen. She’s used to getting her way, and she even was able to survive being on set for three months (on location) with Reid. Enough time to know that she no longer has feelings for her ex. No, the one she wants is Graham.

The only problem is that Graham and Emma are currently seeing each other. Graham is really into Emma, and breaking them up is going to be hard. Luckily Brooke has one of her exes on hand to help her rope Graham back in, and Reid agrees to help her in her quest to get Graham back.

Will Emma and Graham be able to resist the combined efforts of these two Hollywood schemers? Or will their romance fall prey to the plan hatched by their mutual exes? And can Reid really ever get a second chance with the girl he let get away? Check out this fun book from Tammara Webber and find out!

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