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Tania Carver an author of thriller novels best known for the Brennan and Esposito series. It is worth nothing that Tania Carver isn’t a real person but a pseudonym for a Husband and Wife team. Martyn and Linda Waites used to work separately.

But then Martyn came to rely so heavily on his wife’s assistance, especially in writing the Brennan and Esposito books that he made her his co-author.


Before pursuing the Tania Carver persona, Martyn Waites used to work independently as a writer. Martyn was born in Newcastle. Life after school was complicated. The author did a lot of odd jobs, many of them doing little to improve his CV. This included assisting a bar manager, selling leather and doing standup comedy, not to mention tutoring teenage ex-offenders.

Whether the odd jobs inspired Martyn to go the way of acting or he had dreamt of pursuing the field since he was a child, it wasn’t long before Martyn went to a Birmingham Drama School and became a professional actor.

Because he had an affinity for theater, Martyn spent a few months with a community theater in Hull where he put some of his skills to good use. The station wasn’t the most rewarding and Martyn found good reason to migrate to other places with better opportunities.

Because he was happy to go anywhere he could find decent employment, the author did quite a bit of traveling. Things changed for the better when Martyn began to get Television work. He started out small, making simple appearances in popular shows like ‘Inspector Morse’ and ‘Spender’.

That opened the door to a couple of small-budget indie movies which, in turn, lead to a few lucrative commercials. It was quite a hectic several years. And all the while, Martyn found that so many of his conversations kept ending with him promising to write a novel.

The novel never materialized. However, Martyn found that he was always dreaming about the prospect of writing. The few terrible plays he had written so far left him discouraged but he was curious enough about his own talents to keep pressing forward.

Martyn started practicing with short stories. As his abilities grew, the stories grew longer and longer until Martyn concluded that he finally had what it took to write a full-length novel.

Because the early nineties were inundated with the likes of James Ellroy, Eugene Izzi and Walter Mosley, Martyn quickly found that all he wanted to write was American Crime Fiction.

While British Fiction was hardly terrible, Martyn found that it lacked a certain spark and vitality, at least in comparison to American Crime Fiction. So Martyn decided that he would add something new to the British Crime Fiction Genre.

The Tania Carver persona came about sometime later after Martyn was established as a writer. Martyn’s old publisher wanted a female thriller writer to shake up the British publishing scene.

He was certain that the British version of Tess Gerritsen could reinvigorate the publishing market. To everyone’s surprise, even his own, Martyn Waites volunteered for the job. He had determined that he wanted the job and he didn’t really care what he would have to do to get it.

And to prove his worth, the author quickly pitched his concept of a serial killer murdering pregnant women to his publisher. Martyn must have done an impressive job of selling his idea because, despite being a man, he was hired to write edgy crime fiction as a woman.

Martyn did not plan to make his wife a co-author in the project. However, the author soon found that was depending on her rather frequently. It only made sense to bring her on in an official capacity as his co-author.

+The Surrogate

DI Phil Brennan has faced sadistic criminals before. And he thought he knew evil quite intimately, especially after the abusive childhood he had suffered. But then he came across something new: a serial killer going after heavily pregnant women and visiting all manner of hell upon them.

Phil isn’t familiar with such evil, and he certainly cannot afford to go into the investigation on his own. The DI hoped that Marina Esposito would lighten his load. Instead, the criminal profiler only complicated matters by revealing that a woman with a disturbing need for children might be involved in the killings.

Tania Carver’s first novel is as chilling as it is disturbing. And she tackles the sort of subject matter that will leave readers struggling with the notion of finishing this book.

The book follows the exploits of DI Phil Brennan who has been charged with solving the murders of two pregnant women who were found with their stomachs ripped open and their babies killed.

Phil turns to a criminal profiler for help and she sheds light on the mindset of the serial killer in question.

Because of the nature of the murders that Tania Carver writes, it isn’t surprising that the books eventually become more gruesome than some readers might be willing to contend with.

Besides the murders, there is something brewing between Phil and Marina. Both Phil and Marina have been bruised in some sense and this affects the way they treat one another.

+The Creeper

Suzanne Perry thought it was all just a dream, or rather a horrific nightmare. There was no way someone was reaching out and touching her in the confines of her bedroom, while she was incapable of moving a muscle.

But then she woke up, opened the curtains and saw something that would begin her journey through an inescapable nightmare.

The second book from Tania Carver manifests her unparalleled ability to reach into the depths of the abyss, find those aspects that scare more people and reveal them to his readers.

This book, the second from Tania Carver, follows a stalker who takes pleasure in inserting himself into the most intimate aspects of his victims’ lives. DI Phil Brennan is brought it to work the case.

Phil isn’t at his best primarily because Marina, his girlfriend and criminal profiler of choice, is on leave. Phil must learn to work with a new psychologist. This book isn’t as gruesome as its predecessor. Instead, Tania Carver works to psychologically torture his readers.

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    Have this couple stopped writing?


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