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About Tanvi Berwah

Tanvi Berwah, a brilliant South Asian author, has fast become a beacon in the realm of Young Adult fantasy literature. She possesses an outstanding knack for dreaming up protagonists who are not just figures in a narrative but fully-fleshed personalities that readers can relate to and root for. Her tales are a delightful blend of intrigue and fascination, making each turn of the page a step deeper into the enchanting worlds she crafts. Tanvi’s skill in weaving together elements of fantasy with the relatable inner struggles of her characters makes her books a hit among a wide audience.

What sets Tanvi apart in the bustling world of fiction is her exceptional ability to create compelling storylines that captivate her readers’ imagination from the very beginning. She lays out her narratives with engaging twists and turns, ensuring that boredom is never an option. This talent for conjuring up gripping stories, combined with her flair for character development, ensures that her books are more than just reads; they are experiences. Her creative prowess shines through in the way she melds fantasy elements with real-world issues, making her work not only entertaining but also insightful.

Besides crafting fascinating plots, Tanvi Berwah has the gift of storytelling that keeps readers coming back for more. Her narratives are rich tapestries of emotion and adventure, capturing the essence of what it means to journey through the ups and downs of life, albeit in fantastical settings. Through her words, readers find themselves transported to realms where the lines between the real and the imaginative blur, proving that Berwah is not just an author, but a maestro of the written word.

It’s her unique blend of storytelling, character creation, and narrative engagement that marks her as a notable figure in the landscape of Young Adult fantasy literature.

Early and Personal Life

Tanvi Berwah, a writer deeply rooted in the realms of fantasy, furthered her passion for storytelling by obtaining Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in English Literature from the University of Delhi. Even amidst her academic pursuits, she made space for her beloved series – ‘The Lord of the Rings’ and ‘Game of Thrones,’ integrating their themes into her study and creative projects. Her love for epic tales wasn’t just confined to coursework; it laid the groundwork for her development as a storyteller.

Her interest wasn’t limited to literary works; Tanvi was also drawn to history and the mysteries of outer space. By weaving elements of history and celestial phenomena into her narratives, she crafts unique stories that straddle the line between fantasy and reality.

Throughout her evolution as an author, Tanvi has drawn from her academic background and wide-ranging interests to create engaging and immersive worlds in her writing. Her journey reflects a blend of her studies, love for epic narratives, and fascination with history and space, inviting readers into the captivating realms she conjures.

Her work stands as a testament to her growth and the diverse inspirations that fuel her creativity.

Writing Career

Tanvi Berwah made her debut in the Young Adult fantasy genre with ‘Monsters Born and Made’ in 2022, garnering praise for its bold narrative. Lightspeed Magazine commended the novel for its powerful message. Her follow-up, ‘Somewhere in the Deep,’ published in 2024, continued to tackle significant themes such as class, colonialism, and greed, earning recognition from Publisher’s Weekly for its insightful scrutiny.

Berwah’s writing is marked by her ability to dive into complex subjects within captivating fantasy settings. Her first two novels established her as a fearless voice in Young Adult literature, exploring important societal issues through engaging and thought-provoking stories.

As she advances in her writing career, Berwah is fast becoming known for combining meaningful content with enthralling storytelling.

Monsters Born and Made

Tanvi Berwah’s debut novel in the Young Adult fantasy genre, ‘Monsters Born and Made,’ was officially released on September 6, 2022. The novel saw its publication under the banner of Sourcebooks Fire, marking Berwah’s first foray into the realm of published literature.

Sixteen-year-old Koral and her brother Emrik catch dangerous maristags in the black seas to prevent their family from starving, as they’re bound by the ruling elite, the Landers, to supply these monsters for the Glory Race, a lethal event for the high class where victory brings wealth. Their precarious financial state worsens when they fail to capture the last maristag of the season, threatening their ability to buy medicine for Koral’s sick sister.

Driven by desperation, Koral decides to enter the Glory Race by deception, a challenge no one has ever attempted. Amidst the competition, including facing her ex-boyfriend and dodging attacks from rebels, Koral is torn between her own survival and her sister’s life as tensions escalate, threatening to engulf the island in chaos.

Berwah masterfully blends adventure with the emotional struggles of loyalty and survival, ensuring readers are hooked from the first page. This novel is a must-read for those who love richly crafted worlds and stories that stir the heart.

Somewhere in the Deep

Also by Tanvi Berwah, this is her second journey into the world of Young Adult fantasy, further solidifying her footprint within the genre. It made its debut on January 9, 2024, with Sourcebooks Fire once again publishing. This release marks another significant milestone in Berwah’s burgeoning literary career, offering another well-received title.

Seventeen-year-old Krescent Dune, struggling with her parents’ massive debts and their tarnished legacy, sees her chance of escaping her harsh island life by fighting creatures in an underground arena cut short when she’s banned after a fight mishap. Left without hope, she’s thrown a lifeline: her debts will be cleared if she guards a hunting party on a perilous rescue mission in the island’s mining caves.

Krescent must navigate the complex dynamics of her group, including a childhood adversary, all while concealing her identity to survive among those who’d despise her if the truth were uncovered. With legendary beasts turning their mission deadly, she realizes there’s a target on her back, pushing her to identify the threat amidst growing danger in the darkness.

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