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Tara Janzen is a published author and a pen name used by Glenna McReynolds. She is the author of several novels that are often adventurous fantasy and romance.

Tara enjoys the research that is required for many of her books and admits that she enjoys anthropology and the natural sciences. They have helped her put together scenes and settings for her stories that are interesting and even more authentically real. Everything from the rain forest with lots of plants and rain and flora and fauna to a fantasy novel have been featured by this author.

Tara Janzen is the creator and author of the Steele Street series. The series kicked off for the first time in 2005, which is when the debut novel was published. It is titled Crazy Hot. It was followed shortly after by the release of the sequel in the series, Crazy Cool. Several more books have since been rolled out in this engaging romantic series, so if you are looking for something romantic then go check it out!

Crazy Hot is the first book in the Steele Street series by author Tara Janzen. In this exciting book, readers get to meet the characters of Quinn Younger and Regan McKinney for the first time. Regan is not used to chasing after men, but some unexpected turns mean that this is about to turn into a possible love story that she never saw coming.

Regan is a paleontologist, and she’s good at what she does. Only a really bad emergency could ever propel her across the entirety of the West, just to track down a man. But that is just what is happening, and it’s far from romantic– her grandfather has mysteriously disappeared. It turns out that there may be some clues as to what happened to him, however.

It turns out that someone named Quinn Younger may just have the answers that she’s looking for. The only question that remains to be seen is whether this bad boy is looking to help her out in return. The American hero is a strange picture in Cisco, a town that is pretty much deserted except for the tumbleweeds.

Cisco, Utah is a strange place, and just what Quinn is doing there, Regan has no earthly idea. He sticks out like a sore thumb, but she quickly has no time to think it over. It turns out that danger has been tracking her all along. When it shows up, this former pilot may just be the only hope that she has at surviving.

Quinn thinks that it couldn’t get much worse than having to be stuck in a small town like this one. The mission that he has been assigned is just about as bad as they come. Then this woman comes in out of nowhere and she’s bringing along with her all the heat that you could want, following her all the way into town.

It wasn’t always this way for this former bad boy. He used to be on the fast path, leading a life that was only going to end him up in jail or killed. It was Regan’s grandfather in the end that was able to rescue him from the path that he was on and he probably ended up saving his life. Now only if Quinn could repay that good deed of kindness by managing to find out what happened to him.

He really wants to track down this guy to help him and to ease the worries of his granddaughter, who clearly would like to see nothing more than to find him. But when a terrorists gets into the mix and even some dinosaur bones that might be stolen, the risk starts to mount higher than ever before.

Now this ex-pilot is finding out the hard way that sometimes secret missions can end up getting you killed. He’s doing everything that he can to find this guy, but with a lady that he just can’t shake and danger around every turn, it’s going to be a thrill filled ride. What happens in the end will be anyone’s guess.

The worst part is that he is really starting to like Regan and the way that he feels around her. Maybe it’s the rush of the adrenaline hitting his body, or maybe it’s that strange feeling of pleasure. He knows that they are falling for each other. But is he ready to admit that this might be love? They’re going to have to make it through this if they’re ever going to figure out what they are to each other, though. What is going to happen? You’re going to have to pick up this book to find out!

Crazy Cool is the second book in Janzen’s Steele Street series. If you loved the debut novel in this series, then check out this engaging sequel that will have you lit up like fire and cooled down like ice, just like the characters in this book.

Christian Hawkins is icy cool, and the woman of his dreams is just crazy hot. They say that opposites attract, and for this guy, he knows it to be true. She was the beautiful socialite that continually ran into trouble everywhere that she went.

He saved Kat’s life thirteen years in the past, and ended up going to jail for two years. He never committed the crime, and now it’s almost like history is repeating itself. When Christian saves Kat from another near tragedy, it’s another near miss in Denver.

The art auction explosion nearly killed her. Now Christian is going to watch over her until he can understand who’s trying to take her out. This operative is one of the elite in a task force, so he’s suited to the job. But can he keep cool around her?

Kat never forgot that summer that she and Christian spent together. This senator’s daughter had everything she ever wanted, and then it all went south. Now he is back and here to protect her from harm. Can they keep out of harm’s way long enough to admit their feelings? Pick up Crazy Cool to find out!

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