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Tara K Harper is a fantasy fiction author that is best known for the “Wolfwalker” series of novels. Harper has been a professional writer since she was a seventeen-year-old. She was a ghostwriter of dissertations and theses in high school. After college, he was briefly an editor, journalist, teacher of editing and writing and also worked as an Artist in Residence. On the side, she authored her first several fantasy and science fiction titles. At the time, nothing came of her manuscripts as she did not think she was good enough to publish as it was something that other people did. It was not until a friend put her under a lot of pressure that she finally decided to find an agent and write a query letter. The next thing she knew, she was signed onto a major publishing house and a few months later she published “Wolfwalker,” the novel that would go on to become a bestseller and make her name in the science fiction and fantasy world. She believes she had the right combination of the right protagonist, the right story, and a lot of luck and providence to get everything just right when she did. Since 1990, she has penned more than ten science fiction novels with several of these becoming national bestsellers. “Cat Scratch Fever,” the first of the “Cat Scratch” series of novels made the shortlist for the Oregon Book awards. Tara is a member of the Author’s Guild.

As for her education, Tara K Harper is a University of Oregon graduate that decided to get into high tech and sciences. Since she graduated, she has been working with test and measurement and research and development companies and has been writing manuals and other material in psychology, biology, and physics among other sciences. She has achieved quite a lot and for more than ten years had been a member of the quality control national standards committee. Tara has received multiple awards for her contribution to technical writing and science over the years. She has also been active in her community as she is a creative writing teacher in alternative schools besides being a member of the board of directors of a treatment center and a trainer of youth in wilderness skills. She believes that the self-publishing market which is still evolving is the future given that there are always opportunities for whoever is willing to find them. Even though most of her works have been done through a traditional publishing house, Tara would love to experiment with some niche projects under a self-published framework for a small audience. While she experiments a lot with her life, one thing she is certain of is that she will always be an author as it is part of what defines who she is. Whether it be through telling stories via art, music, or just writing in my head, she just cannot stop writing.

When she is not busy changing the world through fiction and technical writing, Harper is an active outdoors sports person. She is an avid sailor and has been on everything from kayaks and canoes in Washington and Oregon lakes and rivers to tall wooden ships and small boats. Tara has also spent a lot of time in Hawaii, the Pacific Northwest, and the British West Indies playing water polo, swimming, and scuba diving. The younger version of herself loved cycling, fencing, and rock climbing though she now prefers less strenuous hobbies such as mountain exploration, camping, and hiking. She also composes music, plays the piano and violin, sculpts in stone, and paints in oil. She still dreams of one day becoming a stuntman.

“Wolfwalker” the debut novel of the “Wolfwalker” series of novels introduces wolfwalker and healer Dion who has a unique telepathic bond with Gray Hishn. She sometimes uses this bond to make herself more sensitive to the needs of her patients. But she could have never guessed of the power that could be wielded or the strength of the bond until she was dumped in the wilderness. Lost in a dangerous and hostile place, she has to evade angry slavers after her and war just about to erupt. Suddenly, she finds herself fighting for her life in the snowy winter wastelands and has to depend on wolves as guides. The best hope for salvation she has is access to the great secrets of the ancients. The novel introduces Dion in a story that follows three generations and will last for several novels. In the novel, she gets on a path that will transform her into a legend though she has to deal with several twists and turns and changing circumstances that change not only who she is but the road that she walks on. She also has to make critical decisions and since she is responsible for her friends, she needs to develop skills and knowledge that will make her a better leader.

Tara K Harper’s “Shadow Leader” continues to follow Dion and her Gray Hishn her wolf who have an unbreakable telepathic bond. As a team, no one is better than them at scouting a trailer, and combined with their unique talent for healing, they have been instrumental in saving tens of lives. They had been forced to flee from the wintry mountains and in their flight had to be at their best if they were to survive. But their enemies have not been pleased with their activities and are now scouring the country searching for what they have been told is a troop that includes a female healer and her wolf partner. She had saved them over the many months they had been together but suddenly those skills might put not only her but the entire group in serious jeopardy. What had started as a journey and a rite of passage for Rhom and his twin sister Ember Dion the wolfwalker and healer is now a desperate fight for freedom. They are struggling against a deranged man who is planning war and conquest.

“Storm Walker” the third novel of the “Wolfwalker” series by Tara K Harper is the story of one of the best border scouts in Dion the wolfwalker. She can experience the mountains and woods by using the senses of Gray Hishn her wolf companion. With senses so attuned to her wolf, she can even communicate with wild wolves and through this communication, she was among the very first to learn that something terrible was happening across the border. For several weeks, the wolves had been fleeing in their hundreds while the remnant had gone silent with only despair and terrible grief coming through. Dion is cognizant of the fact that they do not have enough time and wolves and people on the other side of the border are in danger of destruction. The only hope they have left is the performance of an ancient rite that had been forgotten for several generations.

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