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Publication Order of Sons of Broad Books

Tara Thomas is an American author of fiction. She is a best seller and when her books are not busy climbing the charts, she may be found writing yet another highly anticipated romance.

Tara has always enjoyed reading books and writing from an early age. She has always wanted to be an author and her dreams came true when she pursued it as a field and her first book came out in 2018. It is the first book in a series which is called the Sons of Broad.

When she got a little older, she thought that pursuing a more practical degree and field would be beneficial. So she studied science and graduated, landing a job in the pharmaceutical industry. She would work in that career field for more than fifteen years before taking a chance on her original passion and hobby.

It has been nothing but full steam ahead for this romance author since! Thomas writes under the pen name of Tara Sue Me as well for her erotic romance novels. Many of her series and novels have made it to the coveted best-selling status and she has received various awards, positive reviews, and been a finalist for them as well.

Tara Thomas is the creator and writer of the Sons of Broad series of fictional novels.

Darkest Night is Tara Thomas’s exciting debut novel in the suspenseful Broad series! If you love thrilling stories with hidden risk and dangers around every corner, then you may be interested in this first story in a sultry series that never disappoints.

The reader is transported to Charleston, a city with a lot of history. Even though it is a bustling place, the area has seen its share of dark actions turn into dark secrets. There are plenty of families in this place, but some are known well due to their wealth and power.

Two sons share rule of a city thanks to their determination, and now they’re at the top. But whenever someone has a lot, there’s someone out there that thinks that they deserve to have some of it too. There may be a killer out there that wants nothing more but to destroy the family one by one.

Tilly Brock belongs to a family that used to be at the top of Charleston society. She’s learned that she can take care of herself through the years– something she had to find out when her family fell from grace in the midst of a scandal that cost them everything they had. Tilly has to endure another tragedy when she believes that she has lost the love of her life forever.

Meanwhile, you can’t have a good city without having a certain bachelor that rules the roost. When it comes to that title, Keaton Benedict has it won by a mile. He’s had the careful upbringing that comes with all the privilege that one could ask for. Everything in terms of money and his life and even his family name has been given to him from a young age.

Now that he has grown, Keaton lives a fast lifestyle of partying and women. There are many young ladies that would love to be on his arm, but what he really wants is to be with the one that got away. Until he sees her again, no lady will do, no matter how unique, beautiful, cultured, or extraordinary. No woman will ever compare to the one that he holds in his heart.

They’ve been apart all these years, but now that Keaton and Tilly have been reunited, what will they choose to do? For Tilly’s part, she has no idea how to react because he has been gone out of her life for so long. She simply accepted that he would never return, but now doesn’t know what to do with all of her doubts– as well as her inner desires.

Can the two of them get over what has happened in the past in order to come together once more? While Tilly is willing to do so, Keaton harbors worries that an enemy from his past may be keeping an eye on his every move, waiting for the perfect moment to strike.

Will their love be able to overcome all obstacles or will they fall victim to a faceless threat? You’re going to have to pick up this exciting first novel from Tara Thomas in the thrilling Broad series to find out!

Deadly Secret is the second novel in the Sons of Broad series by author Tara Thomas. Check out the romance series set in Charleston that is so red hot, everyone who reads it can’t get enough!

Charleston is all about history, and family name here matters more than most places. The area has a rich history of fortunes being made– and also people stabbing others in the back.

They call Knox Benedict ‘the saint’. He is known within his family for being the moral voice, the individual that always plays by the most restrictive of rules. However, this golden child of the family also harbors a secret, one that is increasingly feeding the passion that he has inside of him. It’s a secret that he would do anything in his power to protect.

At the same time, little does Knox know that his family also harbors a family foe. They will do anything to hurt the Benedicts, and now they are posed to expose everything about this golden child’s secret life. So what’s the big secret?

Knox has a wife. His wife’s name is Bea, and they first met each other during negotiations and fell for each other. They were supposed to act as rivals and yet that meeting had Bea falling for Knox instantly. However, once her investigation on the industry results in an attempt on her life, are they both in over their heads?

The couple must protect each other, and Knox will do anything to keep his wife safe. Can they find out who is out to get them? Pick up Deadly Secret by accomplished romance writer Tara Thomas to find out!

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