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Taran Matharu is an American author of fiction. He is a New York Times bestselling author. Born in 1990 in London, he had a passion for reading that he found at a young age. His enjoyment of stories turned into a desire to make up his own during early adolescence. Matharu started writing his first book when he was just nine years old.

Matharu studied in college and graduated with a degree in Business Administration. Straight after that, he wanted to explore a new area and decided to get into the heart of the publishing world to learn the field. He eventually got an internship at Penguin Random House in the field of digital sales from June-September in 2013.

He took some time off to travel after that and then in 2013 began to write his first novel. It would be what would turn out to be his first published novel and start off the Summoner fiction series of novels. Started at 22, Matharu originally began writing the novel as part of Nanowrimo 2013, a writing challenge that pushes writers to write a certain amount during a set amount of time.

It would be The Novice, released in 2015. Thanks to updating daily at, the popularity of the book increased from its starting point and went on to achieve over three million reads in under six months. Matharu was featured by NBC News for his writing and it was at that point shortly after that he decided to start writing professionally and launch his career. Since then, he has never looked back.

He is the author of the Summoner series. The first novel in this series was The Novice, which proved very popular. The series is published by a variety of publishing companies, including Hodder Children’s in the UK and Australia, Feirwel and Friends also known as Macmillan in Canada in the United States, and more. The series is sold in multiple countries.

The Novice is the first in the Summoner series. The main character in this story is Fletcher. He normally works as an apprentice to a blacksmith, but when he finds out that he has special powers, everything changes for him. He finds out that he has the special ability to actually summon demons from another world entirely.

Once he finds this out, he knows that he has to go to the Adept Military Academy. That is where the gifted ones go to be trained extensively in the practice of summoning. Fletcher goes there too and is put through training as a result. The grueling training is preparing him to be a battlemage. He will eventually use his powers to help fight in the war against the orcs by the Hominum Empire.

Even though he is doing well in his training at the military academy, Fletcher must tread lightly because he is training among children who come from powerful nobles. These nobles have lots of sway in the community and power beyond that which anyone might imagine.

There are those that fear betrayal around him just as much as there are those who are power hungry and those simply wishing to find alliances in all the chaos. Fletcher discovers that somehow he has been caught in between powerful forces. The only help that he may have on his side is his demon, Ignatius.

There are many pieces on the board, and they are all attempting to move in ways that will benefit their quest to be the supreme leader. With the stakes higher than ever, Fletcher must decide at the end of the day where his loyalties truly lie. The decision is important, as the fate of the entire empire may rely on what he decides to do.

What will Fletcher choose to do, and can it save an empire? Will his demon Ignatius be a help or a hindrance to him? Will the Empire be successful in their war against the Orcs? The first in a trilogy that may go a little longer than three books, Matharu successfully brings a rich fantasy world to life in the breakout first novel of the Summoners series.

The Inquisition is the second novel. It’s been over a year since the Tournament. Fletcher and his demon have not fared so well. They were initially locked up in the dungeons by Pelt but now they’re facing a trial. Their pathway through the Inquisition will be treacherous as they are up against an institution of great power that is controlled by people who would love if it Fletcher fell.

The trial is anything but what Fletcher expected. There are tons of ghosts from his past as well as revelations about where the young apprentice came from. But despite all of these revelations, Fletcher does not have much time to dwell on all of them.

The graduating class of students is destined to be sent into the jungles of the orcs in order to carry out a mission for the king and his council. The mission is really dangerous and if it fails there will be dire consequences. If they are not successful in carrying out their mission, then the armies of the orcs will be set up to have an astronomic rise to power more successful and fast than anything the empire has witnessed before.

But Fletcher is not alone in his battle to try and save the world. He has his friends Sylva and Othello by his side, and their loyalty means that he has two allies that will never desert him. The former apprentice must fight to get to the heart of the Orc kingdom and by doing so save his people from being totally destroyed. Can he do it, or will he be killed in the process?

You’re going to have to check out this exciting second book in the Summoners series to find out! Pick up The Inquisition by fantasy author Taran Matharu and find out what happens to Fletcher, Sylva, Othello, and the rest of the people in this detailed universe! You will not be disappointed when you read this fantasy action-adventure story for yourself. If you love this book, check out The Battlemage and The Outcast by Taran Matharu!

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  1. Nick Reed: 2 years ago

    So, any chance of a continuation to the summoner series? I’ve loved all of it and want to see what happens next for fletcher,

  2. Mary: 3 years ago

    I’ve read the 3 books on The Chosen, The Challenger and the Campion. It seems there should be one more book to complete that series. If there is not, would you consider writing one? Thanks

    • Graeme: 3 years ago

      It’s likely that the series is still ongoing.


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