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Tarryn Fisher

Tarryn Fisher is a USA Today and New York Times bestselling American based South African author of romance and mystery books. She is the author of three book series; Never Never, Love Me with Lies, and End of Men. Tarryn has also written over seven standalone books. She fancies that she was born a writer and hence sleeps a little, reads and writes a lot, and is addicted to Starbucks. She lives in Seattle with her husband and children.

The Opportunist

The Opportunist is the first book in Love Me with Lies series by Tarryn Fisher, and it’s a book that will leave you shouting out loud “Oh Hell No” and penetrate the recesses of your being. It’s a novel about choices that we make- the small ones and big ones, the good ones and bad ones. Everything in our lives revolves around the choices that we make, even the simplest ones, such as going left or right, sitting, or standing. Then, after the choices are made, we get the effects/impacts. The effects of our choices can either be joy, pain, salvation, peace, love, destruction, hate, etc. depending on the choices made. We also meet people who their lives are transformed as a result of our choices, and not all people are innocent because they as well have choices too. In the end if you’re able to stand by the choices you made and live with them be they small or significant is up to you.

In this novel, we meet Olivia, who bumps into the man she forever loves, Caleb Drake, at a local store. She ponders quietly to herself “this can’t be true” for she hasn’t seen or heard from his in three years. When their eyes meet, and she discovers that he has no idea who she is because of his loss of memory from a car accident she grabs the opportunity. She pretends that she doesn’t know him- when the truth is that she knows him too well, Caleb is her ex-boyfriend from college. He is tall, handsome wealth and has a British accent. She hurt him in the past and Caleb decided to walk out of the relationship vowing never to look back no matter what happens.

Now once again, without the knowledge of his former self, Caleb finds himself attracted to Olivia. And immediately they begin a conversation that leads to friendship against Olivia’s reasonable judgment. He informs her about the accident and his temporary memory loss, and she decides to keep him close. Unfortunately, Leah Caleb’s girlfriend, before the car accident decides that won’t ever give up on their love easily and vows to fight for her man back. Which lady will get Caleb in the end?

The Opportunist is a fantastic series debut novel and a worthy read for anyone looking for a romance read with some bits of mystery in it. Olivia is bold, ruthless, and calculating. She always finds her way and looking to unleash vengeance. It’s like she’s got a self-destruction button. On the other hand, she’s remorseful and still feels terrible for what she did. The writing in this story is cut way above many of new adult novels. It’s a compelling read and quite entertaining. The main character is the type of woman you can refer as a “complete bitch.” She is backstabbing, manipulative, and screws anyone who comes her way to get what she wants. The authors allow the readers to get inside her mind- and being insider her mind is like receiving continuous stream of hatred towards every other person.

But she is unique from every other annoying, intolerable New Adult lead character. While she shares a lot of characteristics, the author never tries to convince the reader that to view her MC as pure/positive as you will find in most New Adult books. While Olivia is unlikable character, Tarryn Fisher never tries to convince us that she is something else. The reader already knows that she’s a bitch, the author confirms it, and even Olivia confirms it. If you don’t mind unlikeable characters, you will enjoy this book.

The Opportunist narration alternates between the past and the present. A past where Olivia falls in love with Caleb and goes ahead to ruin their relationship thanks to her self-destructive and manipulative personality. In the present narration, Olivia bumps into Caleb again only to figure out he has no recollection of his past. Seeing an opportunity, she doesn’t waste time and gets herself falling in love again.


Folsom is the first book in the End of Men series by bestselling author Tarryn Fisher. It’s a fast-paced romance novel with a touch of something unique- a glittering element of dystopian that adds intrigue and quality in this romance story. It’s a character-driven story featuring plenty of naturalistic characters set in a time not based in our reality but genuinely believable.

The story setting is a world where only 12 men exist while the female race dominates. It’s the age of the women, and the entire human race is under threat of extinction, and therefore the End Men must perform their duties and impregnate lots of strangers. One of the lucky men is Folsom Donahue, he is famous and every woman wants his baby, and soon the reader experiences Folsom’s pressure of his sex working responsibility.

Gwen is the only woman that transforms everything, and it’s at this point the plot starts unraveling, and the story unfolds beautifully exploring the issues of power, inequality, and forbidden love in a well-paced narrative that’s well developed, full of drama and genuinely addictive. A forbidden love born in a time of despair sparks a revolution. Folsom and Gwen are torn between their love for each other and their sense of duty and therefore must make a choice, but some people will stop at nothing until the two are destroyed. If you enjoy reading romantic books with some elements of dystopian, you will enjoy End of Men series. If you enjoy reading romance books, you’ll find all the pleasure reading Tarryn Fisher’s books.

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