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Tash Skilton is the pseudonym used by the writer pair of Sarvenaz Tash and Sarah Skilton for writing romance, contemporary, and adult fiction stories. They have written two books as a team so far, including Ghosting and Mismatched in Manhattan. Both books are expected to be released in 2020. Sarvenaz Tash is a popular Iranian-American author, while Sarah Skilton hails from the United States. Both of them are well known for their independent works. When they decided to come together and become a writing team, they used their last names to make the pen name that would appear on the cover of their collaborative novels. Sarvenaz is famous for writing books such as Virtually Yours and The Greek’s Guide to Unrequited Love. Sarah’s popular books include Club Deception and Fame Adjacent. The two authors had found each other on Twitter.

When they realized that their profession and tastes are similar, they decided to parlay the online friendship into a physical one. After coming together, they decided to follow the Guidebook to Forever Friendship. This included getting to know one another’s references to the 90s pop culture as well as discoursing the favorite books, TV shows, movies, etc. They also bonded very well through motherhood’s psychological matrix. Sarah and Sarvenaz seem to have a complicated bond with the Internet. They cherish its presence in their lives for helping in carrying their bicoastal friendship forward and facilitating the sharing of thoughts that allow them to write their books.

Sarvenaz Tash was born in Tehran, Iran. She was brought up on Long Island, New York. Sarvenaz obtained her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the Tisch School of Arts at New York University in the subject of Film & Television. Her course subject allowed her to spend most of her college time running around and developing movies. She remembers those days for the fun and enjoyment she experienced along with her classmates. Sarvenaz is known to have tried her hand at various aspects of writing such as copywriting, professional tweeting for MTV and Bravo, and screenwriting. She likes to write young adult, fiction, and children’s novels in particular. The authors who have influenced Sarvenaz include Roald Dahl, J.K. Rowling, Beverly Cleary, Jane Austen, Salman Rushdie, Neil Gaiman, etc.

As of today, she resides in Brooklyn, New York with her loving and supportive family. Sarah Skilton was born in Libertyville, Illinois. She has particular interests in writing contemporary, mystery, and romance stories. Sarah holds a Tae Kwon Do black belt, which proved to be useful for her in writing the martial arts-based first novel called Bruised. This book received starred reviews from many noteworthy critics all over the world. After this, Sarah moved on to write a dark mystery, young adult story called High and Dry. She attempted to write her first full-length mystery novel for adults with the 2017 book called Club Deception. This book revolves around the magicians belonging to an underground, exclusive magic club located in Los Angeles and the ladies who inspire, love, and control those magicians. Currently, Sarah resides in Southern California with her magician husband and their son. In her spare time, she likes to read edgy nonfiction books, coming-of-age novels, and memoirs.

In their debut novel, Ghosting, Sarah Skilton and Sarvenaz Tash have described the stories of online dating ghostwriting. The central characters mentioned by them include Zoey and Miles. Zoey is described as an eccentric girl from Los Angeles, who comes to New York on the orders of her boss to find new opportunities for her growth. Miles is left by his fiancee. He spends his time couch-surfing across the city. Due to the downsizing, he is forced to set up his shop at a local cafe. Miles does not believe in the idea of love. Zoey also visits the cafe every day. She engages in a daily battle against Miles to have the last biscotti at the cafe.

Neither Miles nor Zoey knows that they are involved in ghostwriting client profiles for online dating services that are each other’s rivals. Things begin to take a different when they meet online anonymously and begin texting each other round the clock. Later, it is learned that both the clients are headed in the direction of a big disaster in the online dating industry. This puts the jobs of Zoey and Miles at stake. When they come to know that they have crossed lines, they wonder if should give their online love a real meaning or vanish without saying a word. Sarvenaz Tash says that she wrote this book with Sarah Skilton with the basic directive of making one another laugh. She hopes that readers will also feel like laughing as they go through the story.

Sarvenaz also says that she sees this letter as a token of love for Carrie Fisher, Nora Ephron and all the other wonderful authors of rom-com stories. Readers in different parts of the world have found this novel incredibly funny, heartwarming, and witty. The writing styles of both the authors as a combination has also been appreciated by many critics and readers. Even the fellow authors of Sarvenaz and Sarah have appreciated the modern-day rom-com story described by them in the book filled with charm and banter. Most of them have loved the character of Miles as a hipster, nerd, and a hopeless romantic. Even though he fights with Zoey all the time, he is unable to deny the fact that he has feelings for her. Miles finds Zoey quirky and cute.

Zoey has the traits of an introvert girl. She is new to the ways in which things are dealt with in New York. During the initial few days of arrival, Zoey finds it very difficult to navigate through the city. She refuses to think that she is strong enough to deal with all her struggles and overcome them. A large number of readers think that it is not only a rom-com, but an ode to the modern world of dating. There are many interesting supporting characters, who are as funny as the main characters despite having small roles. Many are speculating that this novel has the potential to make into an adorable rom-com movie.

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