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Tasha Suri is a renowned British author of fantasy, science fiction, and epic fantasy novels. She has recently started her debut fantasy series called The Books of Ambha. Her debut novel, Empire of Sand, has received nominations for the British Fantasy and Locus Awards. Suri has taken inspiration from the Mughal reign in India to write this book. She has even finished writing a sequel and is expected to publish it in November 2019. Author Suri was born and brought up in Harrow, London, United Kingdom. She has earned a bachelor’s degree from Warwick University in Creative Writing and English. Currently, Suri resides in London and is employed at a library. When Suri was a child, she used to visit India along with her parents during her holidays. Her visits to the sacred places of India made her aware of the diverse cultures, rich heritage, and the wonderful history of the country.

Suri was highly influenced by the stories about the historical battles and the various dynasties that ruled over the country across many centuries, especially the Mughals. This inspiration and influence enabled her to come up with her debut story. Author Suri is a great lover of cats. She owns and looks after a cat at her house in London. The other things that interest her the most include period films of Bollywood, mythology, history, and fantasy influenced by the stories of South Asia. Suri is represented by a literary agent named Laura Crockett at the Triada Literary Agency. She actively hangs out on Instagram and Twitter, where she interacts with her fans and gives out updates regarding the latest happenings in her life and career. Suri also has a Newsletter that she uses to give out news about her events and book releases.

In her debut book, author Suri has told the story of a girl named Mehr. She is the illegitimate daughter of an Ambhan nobleman. Her mother lives in exile and belongs to the oppressed, magical community known as the Amrithi. Mehr inherits the ability of her mother to manipulate the sleeping Gods’ dreams. When this inherited ability is revealed to others, Mehr is tricked into serving the mystics of the Ambhan Empire. Later, when the magical vows trap her, she uses all her bravery and cunningness to rescue herself from the evil mystics. In doing so, she also helps save the world from the awakening nightmares. Author Suri openly accepts the fact all her inspiration for writing high fantasy stories comes from the rich Indian history. She is highly influenced by the sophisticated, brutal, opulent, and vast rule of the Mughal Empire in India. She feels this period of history has not been explored in fantasy.

In describing the magic system of the Ambhan Empire in the form of prayers, gods’ dreams, rites featuring dance, and gods’ children, Suri took drew inspiration from the Hindu faith. Since her childhood, she was exposed to the Hindu beliefs of worship in the form of dance; vows, etc. However, she realized how much she has drawn from her Hinduism beliefs quite late while she was developing the first draft of her first book. As Suri grew up in a Hindu family with Hindu beliefs, she thought it was natural for her to draw on the myths and stories she already had inside her. The reason behind creating the character of Mehr is that Suri wanted to explore how a woman can show a strong character in a patriarchal society. This was typically seen during the Mughal rule, where women having high status were often hidden from public gaze and veiled, but they influenced the political events in an effective manner.

The other excellent character created by Suri in her debut book is Amun. He is also depicted as a man who rises to show great strength while being surrounded by stronger men all around. In the sequel novel titled Realm of Ash, Suri has mentioned the story of Mehr’s sister named Arwa. Her story is set ten years after the events of the first novel and she is seen having to face the consequences of the changes brought about by those events. Author Suri is grateful to be part of the SFF genre and believes that lots of hard work have been put into making SFF find its place among other genres. Many writers have been working towards that goal for decades and they have been able to achieve some success only recently. Suri hopes that this success continues and more and more writers will come up to contribute to SFF in the future.

The Books of Ambha series written by author Tasha Suri began in 2018 with the novel entitled ‘Empire of Sand’. It was published by the Orbit publication. Suri has depicted the central characters in this book in the form of Mehr, Amun, Arwa, Lalita, etc. Initially, Mehr is introduced as a nobleman’s daughter from an illegitimate relationship outside his marriage. As her mother hailed from the Amrithi tribe, where people have magic in their blood, Mehr also inherits their magical abilities. Mehr’s mother was exiled from the Ambhan society when her relationship with the nobleman became open. As a result, she went back to live with the Amrithi people and also raised Mehr as one of their own. The noble society sees the Amrithi people as outcasts. They are nomads believed to be descendants of deserted spirits.

Mehr’s mother died when she was small, so she can hardly remember her face. But, she grows up to resemble her mother. When her illegitimate father, an imperial governor in the empire, learns about her existence and the special powers possessed by her, he asks her to come to the empire and join the mystics. The mystics fear that Mehr’s magical abilities could prove too much for them. So, they try to manipulate her and use her powers for their own benefits. Later, Mehr realizes that she is being used by the mystics for their evil agenda and resists to work for them anymore. They warn her of ill consequences if she doesn’t do as they say. Mehr gathers courage and uses her power to fight against the mystics. She makes sure that she does not fail in her mission, otherwise the gods might awaken to seek vengeance. This is a dazzling, lush fantasy novel and a perfect read for all the fans of high fantasy stories.

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