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Tashie Bhuiyan is a Bangladeshi American author from the United States. The New York based author went to St. Johns University from where she earned her public relations bachelor’s degree.

Tashie has said that changing the world one book at a time is what she hopes to do. She has made a name for herself writing stories about gaining agency through growth, boys who wear rings or girls with wild hearts.

Growing up in the Bronx in New York she has been to a great extent been influenced by the diversity of her surroundings. As such many of her stories reflect the many religions, genders, sexualities and cultures in addition to her unique Bangladeshi character.

Moreover most of her contemporary novels are set in New York because she has always felt drawn to be vocal about the many issues facing the people in the Bronx.

When she is not writing her novels she can often be found at the bookstore or at a Chipotle.

Growing up as a child in the Bronx, Tashie Bhuiyan was a ravenous reader. Since her parents had only recently moved to the United States she used to learn English as a Second Language when she was in elementary school. While the lessons did help, it was only when she started reading books that her English grew in leaps and bounds.

She always loved storytelling and reading as a concept and dreamed of one day writing stories. She still remembers an English assignment in the sixth grade where the class had to write a short story. It was the first piece of fiction writing that she ever did and she was very proud of it, even though it was only half a dozen pages.

When she went to college, she thought that it was time to see if she could make a career from writing. It was at this time that she tried penning her first manuscript. She never went anywhere as she soon realized that she did not know what she was doing.

She found that writing was very different from everything she had done up to that point and she had a steep learning curve.

Even though her first attempt at writing did not go so well, Tashie Bhuiyan was determined not to give up on her dream. When she was in junior year, she decided to give writing another go.

Tashie decided to take it at a point when she was interning for half the week and taking six classes at college. It was a hectic period in her life but she knew that writing is what she wanted and just had to make it happen.

Setting aside some time, she ensured that she wrote a set number of words every day and set a deadline for when she would be done. Her initial edits were set during the finals week and she had to ask for a reprieve from her agent.

Luckily, she had a very understanding agent that agreed to move their meeting so that she could study for her finals and do the edits later. Bhuiyan published “Counting Down With You,” her debut novel, in 2021 and is showing no signs of slowing down.

As for how she came to write contemporary novels, she has said that she has always been a lover of the fantasy genre. This makes her achievements even more incredible, given that she had never tried writing a novel in the contemporary genre.

The very first novels she tried writing were in the fantasy genre as this is what she always loved reading. When she finally had to write her novels she thought why not try her hand at contemporary novels since she had never written anything in the genre.

Tashie decided to write just what she loved to read when she was in high school and so was born her debut novel.

“Counting Down with You” by Tashie Bhuiyan is the story of a reserved Bangladeshi teenager. She only has twenty eight days to make what could be the biggest decision she ever had to make. She has just agreed to fake date the resident bad boy at her school and wishes she could make it last a lifetime.

Karina Ahmed thinks she has it all figured out as she is planning to keep her head down. She is going to graduate from high school and make her parents proud, even if she has to sacrifice her dreams. When her parents head to Bangladesh for a month, Karina believes she can finally get some quiet and peace that she needs.

But then a simple lie brings everything crashing down. Her friends do not think she will pull off being tutor and pretend girlfriend to the school’s bad boy. But Ace Clyde surprises them all as he effortlessly impresses her friends, and brings her coffee on most mornings.

He promises to get her at least half a dozen novels each week if she works with him on his scheme. Katrina agrees to keep up the facade but she starts the countdown to when the twenty eight days will be up and everything can go back to normal. But deep down, does she really want their scheme to end?

Tashie Bhuiyan’s novel “A Show for Two” opens to Mina’s high school being enrolled in a very interesting quest. Emmitt Ramos, a known heartbreaker and indie film star, is using her school to research for his next role.

All Mina wants to do is win the film competition by the “Golden Ivy,” which would allow her to leave New York City and go attend her dream school. She manages to convince Emmitt to help her cause but he has his own demands too. He agrees to act in her short film if she will help him with a photography contest as a tour guide.

As she ventures across New York Emmitt works with her and she starts feeling the city take on a different hue that she has never noticed before. With the deadline for submitting her film looming, her dreams start crumbling.

While Emmett and Mina cannot stand each other, they cannot keep themselves from each other that we begin to suspect there might be something else under the surface.

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