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Tasting Never is a series of popular contemporary romance series of novels by bestselling American author C.M. Stunich. The first novel in the series was the titular title “Tasting Never” that was first published in 2012 to rave reviews. The lead characters in the series are Never and Ty, who are broken characters living on the edges of reality. With self-loathing flowing from the pages of the novels, the characters could not be any more broken as they find their relief from engaging with sex with random people. These are not your usual love at first sight kind of stories as the characters grow to love and cherish each other over the course of the series, despite being fatally broken. They are emotional, raw, and dark stories about heroes and heroines that tear and hurt each other every chance that they can, with volatile words intended to hurt. But it is the raw emotion they exhibit that results in such an intense chemistry in and outside of the bedroom, as the two engage in emotional games that pull and push in unimaginable places. Even as the lovers do not hit it off with instant love or even friendship, over the course of the novels, they work out their issues as they seek to find a middle ground to reconcile their present and pasts. For Never and Ty, sex is a major crutch that they use to make up and reconcile after major bust-ups, which happens every so often to make for some of the most thrilling of narratives.

Never is a girl that decided to merely exist rather than to live, having lived a life of disappointments and pain. All alone and with no one to comfort her in her dark moments, she punishes and abuses herself by destroying her life, sleeping around, and running away from her torrid past. For the twenty-one year old college student who has never spoken to her family in five years, and has no friends, emotional involvement is not something that she does. Ignoring friendship and love she screws around as sex makes her feel for one tiny little second that somebody cares for her, even though nothing could be further from the truth. Numb and unemotional, she has vowed that she will never care enough to allow anyone or anything to ever hurt her again. However, what fate has planned for her leaves her reeling when she meets Ty McCabe, who forces her to face up to the truth. Kicking, screaming and fighting, she grows and gets her wings to fly higher than she had ever thought possible. Ty is a tattooed, wounded, sex addict, and sex whore turned beautiful savior determined to save Never from herself. Ty has a crazy past having sold himself as a young man to older women just to get by. However, this never comes out until the latter novels as he faces up to his demons after successfully helping Never face hers. They fall for each other and forge ahead trying to help each other heal from their sexual abuse and unemotional pasts that have made them the worst candidates for a relationship.

The Tasting Never series of novels grip you by the throat, grab the heart, and squeezes until you are forced to acknowledge its horrifying beauty. The lead characters of the series Ty and Never are characters whose lives tug at the heartstrings in a kid of a beautiful torture that just keeps on giving. Giving hope and breaking the heart, the characters and the stories in the gritty narratives present a dark realism that never lets up from the first novel to the last. Even though Never uses sex as a tool to fill the void in her life, she does not have an understanding of just how big of a void it is. Conversely,Ty has a terrible past and sees the relationship with Never as a last chance at healing. He is beautiful person from the inside out who has had the misfortune of having never known love who now has fallen in love with one who has faced the most horrible of betrayals. Their story, which is a continuous arc, from the first novel to the last is a roller coaster of heartbreak, loneliness, and pain, as Stunich grabs the reader by the throat and never lets up the tempo right to the very end. Their friendship and love progressively grows as they embark on a journey of putting back together the pieces of their hearts and their lives.

“Tasting Never” the first novel in the series is a thrilling narrative about two of the most enigmatic characters in contemporary romance. Never Ross wants to be loved, but she has a fear of opening her heart to anyone that may break it. Having sworn off love, she cries herself to sleep at night with a broken soul that would never allow her to date the nice guys. She does not need to introduce any intricacies in her life, particularly if they are from a man who shares a past that is eerily similar to hers. As for Ty McCabe, he does not like Never on that first night he runs into her at the party, and he can tell that she feels the same way. They hope to never set eyes on each other again only for fate to put them together at the wrong time and the wrong place. The two form a tentative friendship that soon allows them to expose their dark sides to each other even as they seek the light. Though they are both wary of forming any kind of relationship, maybe the only way they can move forward is by taking the plunge.

“Finding Never” the second novel in the series is the sequel to the first novel of the series. Ty and McCabe have made huge strides, but they still have a long way to go still. Their pasts still looming the background, ready to devour them and thrown them back into the deep end if they do not face up to them. They believe that the first logical step is for Ty to formalize their relationship to Never by visiting her family for introductions. But the outcome of such a visit is never certain and leaves Ty tortured and in fear of rejection. Nonetheless, he believes that he is the best person who can heal Never and stop her from slipping back into her old ways. However, McCabes’s mysterious past threatens to break the relationship, as Never insists on its discussion, while Ty is not yet ready to confront his demons. With things getting ever more complicated, they may not be all they seem.

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