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The Lotus Eaters (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Forgetting Tree (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Last Good Paradise (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Removes (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tatjana soli is an American author living in Monterey Peninsula, California. She writes historical fiction books mostly short stories and has a couple of novels which have earned her numerous awards. She graduated from the Stanford University but later had scholarships to the bread loaf writers conference and the Sewanee Writers Conference after studying at the Warren Wilson College.

Lotus Eaters Soli’s debut book has received numerous awards among them The James Tait Black Prize, a New York Notable Book Award (2010) and The LA Times Book Award. She also happens to have other books such as the forgetting tree the last good paradise. Her writing is one that is authentic and appealing to the readers and has been termed as a motivational to many writers and readers.

The Lotus Eaters

The Lotus Eaters is a book written by soli and received a bunch of rewards among them the New York Times bestseller. The book brings out the issues of love, betrayal, obsession, and courage during the Vietnam and Cambodian wars. It gives the story of a young American female photographer at the pick of the infamous Vietnam War as she tries to bring out the picture of the war.

Helen drops out of college and goes to a war-torn area as a photographer pushed by the urge to expose the war after her brother was killed in the same war. The soldiers are mesmerized by her presence since at that time seeing a woman in photography in such a setting is something that seems almost insane. The war is getting worse while she becomes more addicted to the same.

Tatjana brings in the theme of love where Helen falls in love with a Vietnamese man. This is disturbing for her and seems to take away her concentration which also happens for her lover Linh. This is a story that explores love and betrayal in the midst of a war crisis for the two characters. Soli has painted different pictures of the events of this war in which she gives out the effects that it has caused and also the element of love for these two individuals.
It has pointed out the history of an event that was horrifying as described in the shots that Helen took. Again, she has explained how it was for both sides so that the reader gets to be the judge rather than accepting one side since her main character is also seen to make it well with the two sides. The story is one that is captivating, and the reader can almost feel the effects and circumstances that are described in this piece.

The Forgetting Tree

The Forgetting Tree is a novel that brings out the element of love for one another and the problematic and most laborious fears that individuals do keep to their selves. It is about the story of Claire Bausbarg who has been living in a land and later gets an illness that threatens not only her life but also the possibility of losing the land that she has been living on for a long time. It also features in her caretaker, Minna who is a Caribbean born and enigmatic person.

Claire marries Forster who is the son of a known citrus rancher in California. She decides to abandon her literary education and decides to give her best on the farm out of the love that she has for her husband. Things, however, do not turn out as she had expected as the nightmares kick off with the death of her son Joshua after being kidnapped.

The problems, however, get worse when she discovers that she has a tragic illness that could cost her life. With breast cancer, she has to be under a caretaker, and this is where soli introduces Minna. Minna is of questionable background, and her motives seem dubious. It’s a dramatic and exciting piece as the caretaker is exposed and that’s when Claire discovers that she made the wrong choice for this caretaker.

This piece is one that is emotional and also funny as the author takes the reader through the events that are present. The author has an incredible way of describing the characters and also the way that she does connect the events that are in this book. It can only be termed as a masterpiece.

The Last Good Paradise

The Last Good Paradise is a book that brings out the life of individuals who try to flee from their past, but it ends up catching up with them. It has some characters whom all seem to be suffering from the same problems as they go about their daily lives.

Ann and Richard are two people who seem to work hard towards realizing their American dream when all of a sudden everything seems to go to the opposite direction. This forces them to hurriedly leave home in the attempt to start all a new. Dex Cooper together with Wende seems to also fall into the same trap, and they are seen trying to recover from the mess. At the same time, the owner of the resort, Loren is also under a similar condition and is trying to recover and adapt in the modern economy in his line of work. Soli also introduces another character Titi who is supposed to take over the island and seems to be under a similar problem.

It is a funny and tragic story. The author has set it in a great setting and also happens to individually look at the hard things that people face and which call for the aspect of networking. One is almost able to see themselves in the lives of these characters and the end one gets to understand the need for interrelating especially when it comes to sorting out problems.

Tatjana has emphasized on the issue of decision making and the effects that the same has not only on one person but also those around them directly or indirectly. She has given an excellent book which is enjoyable and educative for the reader and more in the time of individual or family crisis. Also, one gets to see the importance of “being off the grid”, why it is important to be responsible to other people, and the frailty connected with human relationships.

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