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Tawny Stokes is a published author. It is the pen name used by Vivi Anna.

Stokes has been a writer for as long as she can remember. She started out when young, spinning unique stories that consisted of killers that had somehow managed to fall in love or about vampires with ambitions to take over the entire world and sometimes innocent bunnies transforming into maniacs.

When she was in school, she was an honor level student. Vivi also had a strength in English and math. Back then your attention back then may have been commanded by a blue Mohawk hairstyle that was a foot high and the Doc Martens that she wore. This look was a lot of fun but would get her into trouble for being so unusual!

Even though she is no longer wearing the Mohawk, Vivi or Tawny says that she enjoys a lot of the same interests. These include punk rock (old school, of course), trance music, horror films, zombie films, and she still really likes fluffy bunnies whether they are maniacal or not.

Vivi lives in the country of Canada. She has a daughter and a few pet cats. A lot of the time that she has is spent coming up with new story ideas for her books, which are mainly for the young adult and teen audience! If you’ve never checked out a book by Tawny Stokes, give this author a try.

Tawny Stokes is the creator of the Static fictional series of novels. The series was first published and available for purchase and reading in 2011. This is when Static, the exciting debut story in this fantasy series, first came out. It was followed by the sequel, Electric!

Static is the first novel in the fun series by the same name from Tawny Stokes. A thrilling combination of horror and the supernatural, it’s a great book to investigate if you’re a fan of anything in that genre.

Main character Salem Vale is disturbed and confused when she wakes up alone. She’s not in bed but somehow ended up in some random dumpster and doesn’t have any idea how it is that she arrived there in the first place.

All she knows is that she was out the night before partying and hanging out with Malice, which happened to be her favorite music group. She even was interested in Thane, their lead singer, and he seemed to be into her too.

It was the perfect night, or it should have been. But somewhere along the way, things went horribly wrong. Now Salem is left to figure out what really went on, and she’s feeling more scared than she has in a long time too. On top of that, she is feeling a huge hunger that is not going away.

Salem is doing everything that she can to try and feed that appetite, but the hunger will not be quenched. That is, until she stumbles upon something that might just be the food that she wants. So what if it’s the soul of a human if it gets rid of this insatiable hunger?

She knows that there is also a cute boy that goes to her school that could be an ideal target. Maybe they can go on a date and see if they both like fast food. The date is a success but turns deadly when Salem starts to give in to that endless sense of hunger. Just before she is about to totally give in, someone steps in– Trevor Wickham.

Salem is about to find out that Trevor may want something from her as well– something that could turn out to be deadly. His idea is to take revenge and get back at the same monsters that had changed them. It’s a tempting idea. Now that Salem knows that Malice’s members are demons and they transformed both of them, she’s angry.

The band also tried to change over Trevor’s younger sister, but she didn’t make it. Trevor’s enraged over her passing and wants to do whatever it takes to take all of them out for good. Mad over everything, Salem agrees and they start up their plan to take the musicians out. They pretend to be roadies and go on tour, but being so close can only cause problems.

When it comes to vengeance, the two are out to get it. But they soon realize that they have emotions for each other and it may throw everything off course for good. Will the band see right through Trevor and Salem? Can the two carry out their quest for freedom and vengeance?

Can Salem make it through with the help of a new ally standing by her? Or is this group of demons too devilish to ever conquer? You’re going to have to read to the very end of this exciting story to find out!

Electric is the exciting second story in the Static series! When it comes to the supernatural, sometimes the darkness bites back.

Salem killed all of those demons along with Trevor in revenge for their souls. Even though they attempted to get rid of the bad spirits, it turns out that the darkness that was inside of them was not going anywhere– at least not anytime soon.

Salem is back and trying to get back to a normal routine. Defeating Malice was just the beginning. Rock bands made of demons or not, you can’t go back once you become a vampire.

Now the two are hungry for souls, and are having a tough time growing close to people or even fellow vampires. When a classmate is found dead, it seems suspicious. Could she have been changed by demons?

The pair thought that they had killed all demons, but who knows if they did? They’re shocked when they find out that Merlin has returned. This time he will do what it takes to carry out his revenge.

As he lays traps and plays on their fears, turning friends to foes, the two suspect someone in their inner circle is betraying them. The two must find out who’s doing this or it may mean their demise. Can Salem defeat Merlin? Read this book to find out!

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