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Unforgettable (With: Michelle Heard) (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tayla Louise
Tayla Louise wrote her debut contemporary romance with Michelle Heard, her mother-in-law. She lives with Sheldon, her fiance, and Violet and Zuko, their furbabies.

“Unforgettable” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2023. Life has taught Lillian Harrison that she’s forgettable, unless somebody needs something from her. Even though things are going great for her, people just forget she exists, however the second that hell breaks loose, her number is the one that they will call. It sucks.

Just once, she would really like to be a priority in somebody’s life. She would like to be taken into consideration. Lillian really just wants her voice to be heard, to be seen and acknowledged, however that is just never going to happen. Lillian is always the first one that reaches out and often finds that nobody responds for days at a time if at all and that she is often getting overlooked for invites, even within her own family. She is the forgettable one. Always has been, always will be.

She takes matters into her own hands, just wanting to feel like she is a priority for one night and books this date through The Perfect Gentleman’s service. She heard about the service from a woman that said she used an escort service and raved about having all of the attention focused on them. Lillian figures that if she is going to be paying for the date, the guy is going to be forced to give her the attention that she has always craved. Lillian almost cancels on the guy a hundred times, however gathering up her courage, she heads off to the restaurant to meet Mr. Perfect.

Mr. Perfect winds up being PERFECT in the looks department. His blue eyes are playful and seductive, luring her in like a moth to a flame, and the dominance that radiates off him actually makes her feel safe.

Callan rarely takes on appointments personally anymore as the CEO of Perfect Gentleman. However when he sees that the questionnaire for the newest request is the woman he has not quit thinking about ever since he ran into her at the Starbucks, he makes this exception which will soon change each of their lives forever.

But little does she know her whole entire life will soon get turned upside down. Because what began as just a business transaction grows into something so much more.

Keep reading to see if their budding relationship survive the fallout or if Lillian is going to find that she is easily forgettable yet again?

Dive into a world where love conquers all and opposites really do make the perfect match. It’s an opposites attract romance which will sweep you off of your feet. Unforgettable love awaits you in this book. Michelle and Tayla’s storytelling magic is sure to keep you turning the pages of this great romance.

Warning: this novel contains some triggering content. 18+ only, and please responsibly.

Callan is the perfect book boyfriend in every way imaginable. He did everything he could to make sure that Lillian was comfortable and felt supported throughout their entire relationship. On the first few dates, the chemistry blossoms between them and Callan decides he wants to pursue something with this woman that stolen every waking thought he has. Lillian is a character that you empathize with to the fullest extent. In the beginning, she is reserved and a push over, letting everybody (from friends and family to the men in her life) walk all over her. Lillian’s story is gut wrenching, as it’s just so terrible how she gets treated by the people in her life.

Readers like how Lillian is an artist and stays true to herself regardless of her isolated feelings and her loneliness. She is a strong person and it’s enjoyable to read her story. It is simply unfathomable just how poorly she has been treated by those that are supposed to love her most. It is unbelievable that she is able to keep moving forward and finding ways to succeed without any emotional support or love to speak of in her life. She should really be a hot mess, however instead, remains genuine and kind. Loving and empathetic. And so very talented when it comes to her. Callan is really the first person that is able to see her for everything that she is and it is all very breathtaking to watch her blossom in his attention.

Callan has his issues too. As he appears to have everything in his life put together, he’s got some major trauma of his own which has made him needy and even a bit obsessive when it comes to the people he loves and relationships. This is why he keeps his circle as small as he does. But he breaks all of his rules for Lillian, and it is so very beautiful. However, as trauma does, it rarely remains hidden for long. Things get emotional and messy which had readers grabbing for the tissues at various points while reading the novel.

Fans of the novel like how Callan knows what he wants and goes after it. The novel doesn’t keep the characters apart simply to drag the novel out further a little bit more. He never lets how they officially met determine anything between them, nor does Lillian. While readers are sad the story ended, they loved both of these wonderful characters and are happy with how things ended and where they end up.

These characters feel very real and it is so easy to connect with the both of them. Theirs is a swoon worthy, heart melting, all consuming happy ending. Even if getting to their happy ending is a heartbreaking yet moving ride.

It’s a novel that is sure to run the gamut of emotions. It will have you smiling at certain parts, while at others it will rip your heart out and getting to feel these emotions along with these characters was quite the ride. Strap in for this emotional whirlwind of a read with this couple as Callan works on showing Lillian that she is truly Unforgettable.

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