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Taylor Adams is an acclaimed American author of fiction, thriller, horror, mystery, and crime novels. He has written three successful standalone novels so far, all of which have been very much appreciated by the readers. In addition to writing books, Adams is also well known for directing short films. His 2008 short film, And I Feel Fine, is very popular. Author Adams has completed his graduation from Eastern Washington University. He has won the Edmund Yarwood Award and the Excellence in Screenwriting prize. Adams’s writing has featured in the blog called Fox Life on Kayu TV, while his directorial projects have had a screening at the Seattle Film Festival. Before trying his hand at writing novels, Adams spent several years working in the film and television industry. He made his debut in the world of writing with the novel Eyeshot. Currently, author Adams resides in Washington state. He is quite content with the amount of success he has achieved in his writing career so far and hopes to do better in the days to come. Adams is grateful to all the fans and supporter who have read and appreciated his stories. It is his belief that if they continue to support him with all his future books, then he will succeed in establishing himself among the prominent authors.

A very successful novel penned by author Taylor Adams is entitled ‘Eyeshot’. It was released by the Joffe Books publishing in 2014. The essential characters mentioned in this book include James Eversman, Elle Eversman, and several others. Adams has set the story’s plot in the Mojave desert area of southern Nevada and southern California. The book opens by introducing Elle and James as a young couple. They take up a trip to relocate to a new place and give a new beginning to their lives. While they are crossing the Mojave desert, the couple’s car breaks down mysteriously. As a result, they get stranded and don’t witness any sign of a human being for miles. The water stock of James & Elle gets finished and they don’t receive any network signals in their cell phones. They begin to realize that they have landed in a great trouble and desperately need someone to come to their rescue.

While the couple is facing the difficult problem, they have no idea that a sniper has set them as his target from a mile’s distance. And when they sense the danger lurking in their lives, they get pinned down behind their car. But, it doesn’t help their cause much, as they are surrounded in all directions by a large open ground. The Eversmans have no one to rescue them and nowhere to run. It seems highly impossible that they are going to come out alive from this situation. As time passes by, the couple starts to get the feeling that it is the last day of their lives.

Another exciting book written by Adams in his literary career is called ‘No Exit’. The Joffe Books published it in 2017. This novel features the central characters as Darby Thorne, Sandi, Eddie, Ashley, Lars, and a few others. The plot is set in Utah and Colorado. Author Adams has described this book as a brilliant, thrilling, and edgy tale of 4 strangers, a kidnapped kid, a blizzard, and a determined young girl who tries to outwit and unmask a deadly psychopath. Initially, Darby Thorne is introduced as a college student. She is traveling to Utah to be with her dying mom. While Darby is crossing the Colorado mountains, she gets stuck in a blizzard. Because of the fierce blizzard, the roads become impassable. So, Darby Thorne is forced to take shelter in a distant rest stop on the highway and wait until the storm stops.

Inside the rest stop, Darby comes across four strangers, a coffee maker, and a few vending machines. As Darby looks to get a signal in her phone to make a call to her mother and inform about her situation, she goes out to the backside of the rest stop. There, she is shocked to see a small girl locked inside an animal cage and kept in a van parked beside her car. This shocking discovery raises numerous questions whose answers Darby is desperate to find. She wonders who the child is? Who has kidnapped her and Why? Darby tries to look for ways to save the child. The situation turns very dangerous when other travelers become aware of Darby’s discovery. She is sure that one among them is the kidnapper. But, the biggest problem is that there is no network coverage, no telephone in the inn, and the whole area is locked down due to the storm. Darby Thorne feels she is trapped in a very deadly situation and her life is on the line with that of the child. She knows she must quickly find a way to take out the girl and escape. But, she needs someone’s help as she cannot do this alone. This is also a problem as she cannot trust the fellow travelers, one of whom is the culprit.

This book is filled with terrifying twists & turns and controlled action and pacing. Many of the readers were left breathless and on the edge of their seat. This can be easily understood from their rave reviews and excellent comments. A number of critics see this book as a fresh perspective to the fiction genre containing domestic noir, off the wall twists, unreliable narrators, etc. The prose is edgy, action-packed, dark, and depicts a thrilling story reminiscent of a cinema that induces fear in the audience. A large number of readers have appreciated the suspense, humor, and straight narration in the plot. Most of them have expressed their desire to see the movie adaptation of this book. The script looks perfect in every sense. It has great characters, a mind-blowing plot, a wonderful storyline, and excellent narration. As an author, Adams has done a wonderful job by providing an effortless unfolding of the story, moving the scenes deftly, and advancing the story ahead with the help of minor details. Overall, the novel is an outstanding addition to the thriller genre. It is a well-written and well-described story that should not be missed by any fan of thrilling stories.

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