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Taylor Anderson a well known and one of the prominent authors from The United States of America, who likes to write novels in the Historical Fiction, Science Fiction and Fiction genres. Apart from being an author, he is also a re-enactor, a history professor and a gunsmith. Anderson is particularly famous for writing the successful Destroyermen series of novels. The novels of the series were listed in the bestselling lists and this helped Anderson to establish himself as a well known writer. Anderson has also won the Goodreads Choice Awards for one of his novels in the Best Science Fiction category. Before becoming an author Anderson attended the Tarleton State University, Stephenville, Texas and earned his Master’s Degree in the subject of History. After his graduation, he began teaching the same subject in the same university. He continued his job as a professor for a short period before leaving it to become a full time writer. During his graduation days, Anderson used to write several historical works along with some articles and short stories. For his excellence in historical work, he has won a number of awards under the Intercollegiate Press Association.

Anderson is considered to be a dedicated consumer of literature and a hard working historian. The academic accomplishments allowed him to become a forensic ballistic archaeologist and an efficient gun maker. This has allowed him to collaborate with a number of museums, national Parks Service as well as the American army. Anderson has also worked as a dialogue and technical consultant for movies and has also tried his hand at acting in several documentaries. In movies, Anderson has played several advisory roles related to the combat scenes of the early 18th and 19th centuries. He has been playing the supporting roles in movies for the past fifteen years. Anderson is a respectable member of the History Honor Society of America and has been awarded the Honorable Order of St. Barbara by the U.S. Field Artillery Association. Author Taylor Anderson has a collection of artillery pieces from the 18th and 19th centuries and uses them in movies and documentaries, and sometimes for fun while enjoying among his friends. His expertise in cannons can be easily seen in his writings. Being a sailor, Anderson is conversant about the sea and the weather and is trained to research about things which are difficult to experience at first, being a historian. His careful research came in handy for him while writing the Destroyermen series of novels. Besides writing novels, he likes to spend time in listening to old music, studying about old trucks and old guns, and play with old dogs. As of today, Anderson lives in Granbury, Texas and thinks that he was born either too early or too late. He wishes to go into space for once in his lifetime and is determined to give away everything he has for that purpose. Before writing the Destroyermen series, Anderson spent long hours researching about the 4-stacker destroyers that were built during the time of the first World War. He had to so because during that time, more than 270 such classed ships were developed and none of them is present in today’s world.

The Destroyermen series written by author Taylor Anderson comprises of 10 very successful novels based on the historical fiction genre. The novels of the series were published between the years 2008 and 2015. The first novel of the series was titled ‘Into the Storm’ and was published by the Roc Hardcover publishing house in the year 2008. The novel deals with a four stacker destroyer named USS Walker that was used in the second World War. The destroyer is pressed into service in the Pacific, where it receives firings from the Japanese army. The destroyer is headed by the Captain Matthew Patrick Reddy, who is aware of the destroyer being in great trouble. While desperately trying to come out of the destructive situation, Captain Matthew takes the destroyer into squall which emerges out to be at some unknown place. On the plains of Bali, the captain and his crew experience familiar landmarks, but filled with monstrous and dangerous fishes as well as dinosaurs. Soon, the captain and his crew realize that they have emerged in a different world similar to theirs, a place where the human species have not evolved. However, there are two species present in the alternate world, who seem to be at war against each other. The Walker can be beneficial for one of them in order to establish their power over the other, because of its efficient weaponry and steam power. Also, the captain is required to choose sides as they have the power to change the course of the war and it is obvious that the side that they will choose will emerge as the winner.

The destroyer, USS Walker continues with its story along with Captain Matthew and his crew, continues in the second novel of the series. It was published by the Roc Hardcover publishing house in the year 2008. The title of the second novel of the series was ‘Crusade’. In this novel, Captain Matthew and crew members along with the destroyer have chosen the side of a different race in the alternate world after getting swept from the second World War. The side that that they have chosen belongs to the Lemurian race. This is a mammalian race, which is threatened by Grik, a warlike reptilian. Even though Captain Matthew and his crew along with the destroyer are on their side, they do not seem to have any hope of winning the battle. In spite of having all the technology and the guns of the destroyer, the Lemurians seem to be highly ignorant about the warfare. During the course of the war in the alternate world, Captain Reddy comes across the other destroyer named Mahan that had sailed through the rift. With the help of the two destroyer ships, Captain Matthew seems to teach the Lemurians that they can win the war. However, the Japanese battleship named Amagi from the war in the Pacific has followed the Walker into the alternate world of Lumerians and has joined the side of the Grik. With the massive Amagi on their opposite side, the Lumerians fear that the war is going to finish their race. The only hope they have is in Captain Matthew and his team on the USS Walker, who are required to take some serious steps quickly so as to save the Lumerians from losing the war against the Grik.

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    Have read the entire Destroyermen series four times. All hard cover books too. For books to hold my interest so tightly is a rare thing indeed. This retired Air Force Field Medic wants to thank you for putting your talent to such use that we all can loose ourselves in this hectic world for just a little bit. Thank- You for your service and Aim HIgh. John


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