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Fallen Land (2016)Description / Buy at Amazon
The River of Kings (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon
Gods of Howl Mountain (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Pride of Eden (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Wingwalkers (2022)Description / Buy at Amazon
Rednecks (2024)Description / Buy at Amazon

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In the Season of Blood and Gold (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Taylor Brown
Taylor Brown grew up on the Georgia coast. His work’s appeared in a wide range of publications, which includes Garden & Gun, The North Carolina Literary Review, The Southwest Review, Chautauqua, The Rumpus, The Baltimore Review, CutBank, and storySouth, as well as others.

Taylor is the recipient of a Montana Prize in Fiction, and has been a finalist for the Machigonne Fiction Contest, Press 53 Open Awards, Wabash Prize in Fiction, Rick DeMarinis Short Story Contest, and Doris Betts Fiction Prize.

Taylor, who is an Eagle Scout, graduated from the University of Georgia in the year 2005.

He settled down in Wilmington, North Carolina, after some long stints in San Francisco, Buenos Aires, and the mountains in North Carolina. Brown is the editor-in-chief of, and enjoys thunderstorms, motorcycles, and White Dog Mash #1.

Taylor’s debut novel, called “Fallen Land”, was released in the year 2016. His work is from the literary and historical fiction genres.

“Fallen Land” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2016. Set during the Civil War’s final year while a young couple on horseback flees from a dangerous group of marauders that seek a bounty reward. Callum, who is a seasoned horse thief at the age of fifteen and came to America from native Ireland as an orphan. Ava, who lost her brother and dad to the war, hides out in her crumbling home until Callum decides to rescue her from those bands of hungry soldiers that pillage the land, which leaves destruction in their wake.

Callum and Ava have just got one another in the world and Reiver, their remarkable horse that carries them through all the destruction that is the South. Pursued ruthlessly by some murderous slave hunter, relentless ex-partisan rangers, and track dogs, this couple race through a gorgeous yet ruined land. They’re able to survive just on the food they can glean from whatever abandoned farms they find and the occasional kindness of strangers.

By the end, while they intersect with the scorching destruction of General Sherman’s March, this couple seeks a safe haven where they will be able to make a home and start rebuilding their lives.

This is a story of loyalty and love set within the chaos and madness of war, and nobody that reads this novel is bound to forget it. It is an epic, romantic, and thrilling tale with a pace that never slows for an instant. Taylor’s writing and descriptions of this scenery are gorgeous and at times borders on lyrical, with the violence graphically depicted.

“The River of Kings” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2017. This novel weaves together three narrative strands: two brothers’ journey down some ancient river, their dad’s tangled up past, and the buried history of the earliest people on the river. All to evoke a legendary place and the powerful hold it has on the human imagination.

The Altamaha River, which is Georgia’s “Little Amazon”, is one of the final truly wild places in America. Crossed by roads just five times in all its 137 miles, this black-water river is home to thousand year old virgin cypress, a staggering array of endangered and rare species, and direct descendants of eighteenth century Highland warriors. The Altamaha has even been rumored to harbor a river monster, along with traces of the most ancient European fort in all of North America.

Lawton and Hunter Loggins, brothers, set off to kayak over the river, bearing their dad’s ashes toward the ocean. Hunter’s a college student, while Lawton’s a Navy SEAL on leave; both were raised by an enigmatic and angry shrimper that loved the river, and whose death is still a mystery which his sons are both determined to solve. While the brothers make their way down the river, their tale alternates with that of Jacques le Moyne, the very first European artist in North America. He also accompanied a 1564 French expedition which started as a search for riches but ended with a bloody confrontation with native tribes and Spanish conquistadors.

Readers found this to offer a brilliant braided history, blood bound and water tight. This is an exciting river adventure that is rich with character study and language which leaps fairly off of the page. It is a astonishing Southern epic of tremendous scope and heart.

“Gods of Howl Mountain” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2018. Taylor explores a world of whiskey runners, folk healers, and dark family secrets in the high country of fifties North Carolina.

Rory Docherty, a bootlegger, has come back home to the fabled mountain from his childhood, which is a misty wilderness which holds all its secrets close and keeps the outside world at gunpoint. Slowed down by his wooden leg and haunted by his memories of the Korean War, he runs bootleg whiskey for a highly powerful mountain clan in his retro-fitted ‘40 Ford coupe. Between the deliveries to private clients, roadhouses, and brothels, he lives with a formidable grandma, stokes the wrath of one rival runner, and evades the feds.

In the mill town right at the foot of the mountains, which is a hotbed of moonshine, violence, and the burgeoning sport that is stock car racing. Rory becomes bewitched by the mysterious daughter of the snake handling preacher. Maybelline “Granny May” Docherty, his grandma, opposes this match for reasons of her own and believes certain things are best left buried. A folk healer whose powers have been rumored to rival those of a wood witch, concocts cures and potions for the mountain people.

The whole time, she harbors one explosive secret about Rory’s mom, the truth behind her long stay in a mental hospital, during which she’s never said a word. His life is threatened and Granny has to figure out whether to spill what she knows, or protect her one grandson from the perils of the past.

With atmospheric and gritty prose, Taylor brings to life the perilous mountain as well as the family that rules it.

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