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Publication Order of Taylor Jackson Books

All the Pretty Girls (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
14 (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
Judas Kiss (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Cold Room (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Immortals (2010)Description / Buy at Amazon
So Close the Hand of Death (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Where All the Dead Lie (2011)Description / Buy at Amazon
Field of Graves (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Blood Sugar Baby (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
Whiteout (2015)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Wolves Come at Night (2023)Description / Buy at Amazon
Field of Graves is a prequel in the series.

J.T Ellison is an American author who has done several books. She was born in Orlando, Florida, United States. After her birth, she moved to Colorado when she was only two years old. Ellison then moved to Washington D.C at the age of fourteen. She then lived in Nashville with her husband and two kittens for years. She attended the Randolph Macon Woman’s College, George Washington University where she graduated with double major in English creativity writing and double major politics plus a minor in economics. Ellison later joined George Washington University’s Graduate school of political management where she graduated with master’s degree. She does various writings like the thriller, suspense and mystery. She has therefore provided quality writings to all her readers who have greatly appreciated her excellent work. She was appointed by the president and worked in the White House under the department of commerce. Ellison then worked as a financial analyst in a private sector. She also became a marketing director in private sectors for several years working for the aerospace and defense contractors.

Ellison’s writing career begun on a negative point since she was discouraged by her advisor who told her that her writings were not good enough to be published. This made her change her mind from studying fine arts to politics. She later discovered her passion of storytelling about eight later when she was reading a series known as Prey done by John Sandford. This motivated her and she began carrying out some research on crime and forensic. This therefore encouraged her to start writing short stories. Since she had worked with the Metro Nashville Police department and also the FBI, she found it quite elementary to do research on her books. From this particular moment, she advanced in her writing career and up to date she has done marvelous work. She has written several series like: When the Shadow Fall, The Lost Key, Taylor Jackson and many more.

Taylor Jackson Series by J.T Ellison has seven books with the first being published in November 2007 while the last was done in September 2011. The genesis book in this series is known as “All The Pretty Girls” and the second is known as “14” that were published in November 2007 and September 2008 respectively. The series have always impressed son many of the readers because of the smart stories in the novels. The novels are available online and you can therefore find your copy to enjoy the fantastic story done by Ellison. They are also available at your local library where you can always enjoy reading. With only seven books in the series, you can get to read them in couple of days and you will definitely love the story.

All the Pretty Girls

This is the genesis book of the Taylor Jackson Series by J.T Ellison. It was done and published in November 2007. The setting of the book is in Nashville and the main character in the book is known as Jackson Taylor. The books talks about how Taylor Jackson and Dr. John Baldwin who is an FBI profiler and also her lover finds themselves in a joint investigation. They are investigating about the sadistic serial murderer of the local girl in Nashville. The southern struggler as he is referred is now finding his way to the south-east as he leaves ghastly souvenir at every crime scene that he passes. As the investigation goes on, Whitney Connolly who is a very determined TV reporter finds herself in trouble. This is because she is associated with the southern strangler since the southern strangler was on her ticket out of Nashville. This therefore implies that Whitney has the scoop that could aid in breaking the case. The only problem is that Whitney is not informed on anything to deal with the southern strangler that may lead her into problems with the investigators. This could therefore cost her very much in case everything is known. Unfortunately, the sadistic serial killer has not been found and as he helixes out of control, the people associated with this problem must now face the horrible truth. This is because it is always said that the cleanest evil is always born of private lies.

To get the full story as illustrated by Ellison in the novel, then you just need to visit your local library and you will find this book plus other books in the series. They are the best mystery thriller books that you will enjoy reading. They also available online where you can opt to read it online or buy your copy and read it at your own time. Get these books today and follow the mystery story. Get to learn how Taylor Jackson and her lover faired on with the investigation.


This is the second book of the Taylor Jackson Series by J.T Ellison. The book was published in September 2008 and has attracted the attention of many readers who have highly rated it. The settings of the book is in Nashville, Tennessee. In the book, we find the Snow White killer that is claiming the lives of people in the city. The first incident is where ten people with the same skin color that is pale skin and long dark hair have all been slashed on the throats. They also have the same lipstick on their lips that makes it quite strange. All these occurs back in the mid-1980s. The murderer is fearless and even writes to the police after committing such crimes. He sent a letter to the police notifying them that he had done his job. The other incident occurs where four bodies are found lying dead and they all have the signature of the snow killer. Decades later, the fear madman of Nashville has returned home. His main aim it to finish is undone business of the sick fairy tale. Due to these terrifying situation, Lieutenant Taylor Jackson has to do something and she thinks that the ruthless murderer is the same copycat killer who wants to bring the past memories to the people of Nashville.

You can get to follow the complete story of how Taylor Jackson manages to handle all these critical conditions. The book are always available online and will enjoy the mystery story in the Taylor Jackson Series by J.T Ellison. These are the best mystery book that you will definitely love reading.

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  1. Barbara Hughes: 6 years ago

    J. T. Ellison is one of my new favorite authors. Although there are currently only 7 books in this series, she also has a series with Dr. Sam Owens as the main character. Taylor Jackson is also in that series as well. It is so interesting I just don’t want to put it down until I finish. I look forward to seeing many more books from her.


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