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Taylor Moore is a thriller author who always had a passion for telling stories and a wild imagination. As such, it was not a huge surprise that he developed a love for writing very early on. He wrote his first work nearly two decades ago, just because he wanted to know if he had it in himself to write one.

He never really got serious with writing until very recently when he got back to it. Taylor has since found that writing as a professional, he loves character creation and worldbuilding and would not imagine doing anything else.

Moore’s all time favorite work was “The Charm School” by Nelson Demille, which he believes set him on a path to becoming an author. He found that it was an extremely well written work with a great plot, which is what he always looks for in a novel.

The work transported her to another world and he still remembers where he was and what time he read it. From then on, he did not see himself as merely an observer but rather a man on a journey together with the people in the story.
Taylor published “Down Range,” his debut novel, in 2021.

Just like everyone, Taylor Moore faced many challenges in his journey to become a published author. One of the most difficult aspects of the process was how to get signed to a literary agent. He got several rejection letters which was very painful, as it usually is but he would not get discouraged.

He took the feedback from agents that took the time to provide it and used it to become a better author. While he finally managed to get a literary agent, that was not the end of the struggle, as he still had to convince publishers. Working with an agent, he still had a lot of disappointments along the way.
The manuscript that would ultimately become the best selling title “Down Range” would undergo numerous rewrites and revisions before they started querying editors that had previously rejected it. Still, while it was a painful experience, it was very rewarding when it paid off and he became a published author.
In recent interviews, Taylor Moore has said that he would not change anything in the process.

Taylor has often been asked how he ended up in the CIA, to which he always has several answers. He had always been a regular guy who came from the light and went deep into the shadowy world of intelligence.

Still, what he has always had is a passion for adventure, which is what drew him to the likes of Jack Ryan, James Bond and Indiana Jones that were his childhood heroes.

The quest for adventure got him on a personal quest as a twenty four year old over the Andes, through the jungles of Bolivia and across the dangerous Drake Passage as he headed to Antarctica aboard a Russian icebreaker. It is that same passion for adventure that would later on spur him to write action adventure and thriller novels.

Even though he had grown up a lot, his passion for adventure still rages strong. The inspiration for his debut novel came from these personal experiences and relationships. He grew up on a farm in Texas and also had many experiences in the CIA as a contractor, doing contract intelligence work on narcotics.
However, his biggest influence in writing the story was from working and living on the Texas High Plains, where the novel is set.

“Down Range” by Taylor Moore is an action packed thriller that introduces Garrett Kohl. He is a DEA agent who is fighting to protect his family, which lives on the Texas High Plains, where they have been attacked by a vicious criminal enterprise.

The decorated undercover agent has fought and traveled all over the world, but he always dreamed of coming back to the High Plains of Texas. While working on an assignment in Afghanistan, he is deployed to Texas on short notice for a mission that should take no more than a week according to his superiors.

He thinks it will be an easy mission only to find himself entangled in another kind of war. What he had left as a peaceful ranching community has been invaded by vicious criminals that have corrupted local business, infiltrated law enforcement and come after his own family.

He tried to resolve matters peacefully as he did not want any bloodshed, only for the group to go on the attack without provocation. Unfortunately for the bandits, Garrett is a highly trained intelligence officer working for the DEA.

He has spent years hunting down terrorists and even when outgunned and outnumbered, he knows the area better than anyone else.

Taylor Moore’s novel “Firestorm,” opens to Garrett Kohl having just taken down a deadly and powerful cartel boss, while working alongside the Texas RangerS. But he comes back home to find his homestead in trouble. The Talon Corporation, which is a powerful energy consortium, has embarked on an aggressive mining operation.
The operation threatens to destroy everything they hold dear including their way of life and the Garrett land. The company has been breaking the law to achieve its aims and in this regard, it has been bribing local officials and meting out physical violence on anyone who challenges their actions.
When the Kohl family is attacked by the henchmen of the company, Garrett takes matters into his own hands to investigate and finally rid the land of the corporate invaders. Garrett soon discovers that the company has offices and connections in countries all over the world.

Using assassination and coercion carried out by mercenaries, most of whom are former special operations forces from Russia. The company in conjunction with Russia intends to control the entire supply of rare earth minerals in the world to the economic and military detriment of the United States.

The tit for tat exchange between the Kohls and the company soon becomes a full blown war, when Alexi Orlov a Russian spy takes captive Kim Manning, who has been Garrett’s ally and friend.

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  1. Thomas Gavin: 1 month ago

    I never heard of you and your first Garrett Kohl book by accident thinking it was a Traditional Western!
    My Wife first read it and told me about it!
    I have read the first two books and am now on the third book looking forward to your Upcoming novel!
    Keep up the Good Work!
    We look forward to following you for many more Novels going forward!

  2. Mike McAlister: 1 year ago

    I’m from the panhandle of Texas. Everywhere he talks about in his books, I can see in my minds eye. Grew up in Plainview, went to school at Texas Tech in Lubbock. Worked all over the panhandle. When he talks about Borger and Pampa, it’s like home. Gotta have more Garrett Kohl

  3. Terry Cannon: 2 years ago

    So glad I bought the first book and couldn’t wait for the second! I’ve thoroughly enjoyed both books. Riveting, intriguing, and well written! I look forward to the next!

  4. Sharon: 2 years ago

    Your novels draw you into the scenes. I love these books!! Hope there are more on the horizon!


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