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Publication Order of Standalone Novels

Midnight Hope (2012)Description / Buy at Amazon
In Search of Silver Linings (2013)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Diamond's Awakening (2017)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Non-Fiction Books

How to Start Cleaning Your Home. (2014)Description / Buy at Amazon

Taylor Ward

Taylor Ward is the author of anthologies and self-help books best known for her 2014 book, how to Start Cleaning Your Home, a beginner’s guide on how to track, organize your house and create a schedule you can stick to.

In Search of Silver Linings

The first book in Middle-Class Heroes, an anthology series of intimate character studies introduces us to two small groups of people in Washington and New York City respectively. The story follows two main narrators in the two groups Aidan and Liam as they navigate across the stormy seas of life, friendships, and love.

What was once Liam’s stable life begins falling apart as his group of friends steadily falls apart around him while he does whatever he can to fix it. The reality also dawns on him that the girl he’s loved his whole life may never love him back. As things come tumbling down, Liam searches for the silver lining.
Meanwhile, Aidan just lost his job. He walks down the alleys of New York as he factors out the social and legal ramifications that would happen should he follow through with his plan to unleash a lion to take its toll in his former workplace. But his thoughts of vengeance fade when he crosses paths with Clementine, the crazy English girl with crazy wears and crazy view of life. She soon takes Aidan on the adventure of his life, as she teaches him ways always to find the silver lining and the reality that some things in life are worth fighting for. And although they may never know it, their lives are intertwined in ways none ever imagined.

Midnight Hope

Before Kenna MacKinnon’s life changed on that fateful 18th birthday night, she never thought that she would ever become what her parents were- vampires. All she ever thought was that she’d live a healthy life- Mary, a handsome man, have kids and die. But fate had other plans for her life. When Kenna encounters Marcellus she’s sure she’s dreaming.

Born of an immortal Father and a human mother, Kenna makes the only decision she’s never thought she’d make- become immortal and live with him and her family. The book shifts to the present day, Pensacola, Florida, Kenna spots someone from her past who forces her to draw all her strength to save her soul mate. However fate and destiny force her to confront an old adversary- the oldest vampire alive who wants her for his own while his soul mate wants her dead.

How to Start Cleaning Your Home

In her self-help book How to start Cleaning your Home, Taylor Ward provides the readers with a detailed guide on how to keep their houses in order and different ways of creating a house cleaning schedule.

If you’ve always found it hard to keep your home tidy, it’s highly recommended you read Taylor Ward’s book. Not only will you learn about how to keep it neat, but also help you develop a schedule to keep it tidy all through.

There are different benefits of a clean home, which can all be linked to Taylor’s book How to Start Cleaning your Home. According to a study conducted at Indiana University, it was found out that there’s a connection between a clean home and physical fitness. Some of the benefits of a clean home include:
A clean home lessens the spread of germs. Although people tend to think that bathrooms and sinks are the most germ-ridden spots in our homes, studies have confirmed that kitchen is one of the biggest areas of concern.

Additionally a clean home also helps keep pests away. Bugs can multiply and hide in dirty homes. They are often attracted to food debris, liquid spills, and dirty pet bowls. They mean trouble as they cause spread of bacteria, germs, allergies, and diseases. Regular and proper home cleaning including putting food away in airtight containers and daily trash removal will help keep pests away before they become a menace.

Regular home cleaning is also linked with lower stress levels. Visual clutter translates to mental clutter. You may think that you’ve learned to live in a messy home with your various piles, but the truth is that they could be affecting you deeply than you realize. These are but a few of the benefits associated with a neat clean home, and Taylor Ward’s book How to Start Cleaning your Home will help you achieve that precisely.

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