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Publication Order of TBH Books

TBH, This Is So Awkward (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
This May Be TMI (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
TBH, Too Much Drama (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
TBH, IDK What's Next (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
TBH, I Feel the Same (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
TBH, You Know What I Mean (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
TBH, No One Can EVER Know (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon
TBH, I Don’t Want to Say Good-bye (2021)Description / Buy at Amazon

The TBH book series is a wonderful series of contemporary, middle grade, graphic, children’s books, and children’s fiction stories. It is penned by a popular American writer named Lisa Greenwald. This series began in 2018 and Lisa Greenwald published the first two titles in the same year. Both the books went on to garner excellent reviews, thereby, motivating Lisa to add more titles in the subsequent years. The series is still going great and Lisa Greenwald has claimed that she has no intention of stopping any soon. She intends to continue writing this series along with other novel series’ of hers. The books of exciting series mainly revolve around the lives of the three principal characters, Gabby, Prianka, and Cecily. These girls are depicted as best friends and studying in the middle grade. They think that their studies give them a rough experience. All three girls are always together and like to be in a state of separation from other pupils at their school. They even do not like to include other students in their group plans or texts.

Victoria is a newly arrived student at the school. When Cecily, Gabby, and Prianka come to know that Victoria is in the same class as them, they give her the same treatment as others. The series progresses further with the depiction and description of many exciting events in the life of these girls. Lisa Greenwald has given an excellent description of the personal and school lives of the girls. This series succeeded in receiving a big fan-following in very little time. Its books managed to travel far and wide and get noticed by fans of children’s books in large numbers. Even the critics have given wonderful comments for the novels and have praised Lisa’s writing talents and storytelling skills.

The worldwide successes of the earlier installments of the series motivated Lisa to come up with interesting stories one after the other. Many of her fellow writers have come forward to extend their support to the series. They have also appreciated her determined writing approach and dedicated efforts. Lisa hopes more success comes to the series and its books until her next novel comes out. She has expressed her gratitude to all those who have liked her work and prays to make them happier with her upcoming books.

An excellent book published in the TBH series by Lisa Greenwald is called ‘TBH, Too Much Drama’. The publishers at Katherine Tegan Books released this novel in 2019. This novel opens by mentioning that Prianka, Cece, and Gabby are looking forward to having fun in the Spirit Week. This is the last week they will spend at school before going on summer break. The best friends have already made all the plans for the upcoming summer holidays and are desperately waiting for Spirit Week to get over soon. They wish that it is going to be the best of all the summer holidays they have spent so far. Their fun-filled plan includes organizing a camping trip exclusively with their close friends, spending a lot of time in the swimming pool, and sharing a notebook full of secrets that they intend to keep hidden from others.

Later, as the girls hop from one fun-filled day to another, enjoying and cherishing their vacation, Gabby ends up leaking an embarrassing secret of Cecily accidentally. The situation worse for Cecily when the whole school comes to know about her embarrassing secret through a viral meme shared by Gabby. Cecily’s friends try to convince her that it is not a big deal and she should ignore it and move on. But, she seems to have taken it too seriously and decides to take a time-out from everything happening around her. She even doesn’t mind going away from her close friends for some time. Cecily hopes to use this time to sort out things in her life and find a way to deal with her embarrassment. In the meantime, her friends hope for her return soon and continue having fun for the rest of the holidays.

Another wonderful volume of the series is called ‘TBH, IDK What’s Next’. It was also published under the banner of the Katherine Tegen publication. Initially, it is mentioned that the BFFs, Gabby, Cece, and Prianka have made up their mind to spend another unforgettable summer with fun and cherishing memories. Gabby and Cecily want to spend the upcoming summer days in a camp. They want it so bad that they are not ready to listen to any other ideas that the group comes up with. But, Prianka does not want to sleep in the woods under the open sky. Her family has planned an exciting family tour to India and she doesn’t wish to play at the pool with her best friends before going on that tour.

Cecily and Gabby try to convince her not to go on the trip and instead spend the time with them. They try everything idea they could think of to persuade her to withdraw from her family trip. Cecily begins avoiding Prianka by not picking up her calls. By doing so, she tries to show that she is not happy with her decision to not spending this year’s summer with her best friends. Gabby keeps obsessing over Prianka’s camp photos and the likes they have received. Not many days are left for the school to start again and the girl gang has already started facing difficulties of changing relationships. They wonder if they will be able to sort out all their differences in time and get back to normal before their classes start.

Lisa Greenwald is one of the reputed names in the literary world of the United States. She is popular for writing contemporary, realistic fiction, and middle-grade stories. Her work is popular abroad as well and has reached out to readers in many countries of the world. Some of the well-known works of Lisa include the Seagate Summers novels, the Friendship List novels, the TBH books, and the Pink & Green novels. Lisa took birth in Fairfield, Connecticut. She spent her time after the fifth grade growing up in New York. In her opinion, family plays an important role in a person’s life and helps to shape it well. Today, Lisa lives a happily married life with Dave, her beloved husband, and their two daughters. She tries to use most of her daytime in writing novels and strives to keep up with the publisher’s requirements by maintaining a disciplined writing schedule. Lisa thinks she is able to write interesting stories for middle readers because she loves children’s company very much. They help her to come up with wonderful ideas and provide her a joyful environment to work on those ideas.

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