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Teagan Brooks
Teagan Brooks loves all things girl, especially purses, makeup, and high heels, yet is also passionate about motorcycles, guns, knives, and muscle cars.

When she is not busy working her day job or in front of her computer writing her next romance, she can be found with her family on their boat in one of the nearby lakes or back at their home doing something that is crafty. She is friendly, you just need to add coffee.

“Beached” is the first stand alone novel and was released in 2018. Brooke broke off her engagement recently after she found some incriminating evidence and caught her fiance cheating on her. Kasey, her best friend, invites her to sail around the Fijan Islands with him and his boyfriend in Kasey’s brand spanking new superyacht. She plans on having fun in the sun and putting her ex behind her for good.

Liam Drake has been after Brooke’s fiance for years now, and believes that this breakup is just for show. Kasey puts an ad for a temporary crew member, Liam jumps at the chance to go undercover and take Emanuel Chavez down finally.

Things don’t go according to plan, Liam and Brooke find themselves being stranded on a deserted island and are forced to work together in order to survive.

“Dash” is the first novel in the “Blackwings MC” series and was released in 2018. They were going to sell Ember. She couldn’t allow that to happen, so she had to escape. Her only friend agreed to help her, and Ember was able to get away. Her friend changed Ember’s appearance and sent her to see the President of the Blackwings Motorcycle Club. She needed a new identity, so she could begin a new life. She walked up to the gate and got taken inside. From there, everything changed.

She appeared out of nowhere. Standing at their fence, asking to see the President. Determined yet scared. Also beautiful. Dash wanted her right from the moment that he saw her. When she told them her story, Dash vowed to keep her safe. Then, she would be his.

“Duke” is the second novel in the “Blackwings MC” series and was released in 2018. Reese’s life had not been easy at all. Her two younger siblings and parents were murdered when she was just 11 years old, and went to live with her grandma. At the age of 18, she had broken up with her boyfriend of nearly a year because he was not who she thought he was. He further proved this to her when he put his hands on her. Two weeks later and her grandma died. She moved to a new town with Carbon, her last living relative and oldest brother, so she could finish up her senior year of high school at Croftridge High. Then she met Duke Jackson. One choice changed her life forever.

Duke’s life was in a good place. His sister was healthy and happy and he had his club. He could not ask for any more than that, or so he believed. The night that he ran into Reese Walker, he realized that he could ask for more. Duke wanted more, and it was her. He almost had her, but he messed it up, and she walked away. Duke was hurt and mad, so he just let her go, up until the night that she came crashing back into his life. Secrets were revealed and ghosts from their pasts resurfaced, however he refused to just let her walk away from him a second time without putting up a fight.

This is intended for audiences 18 years and older because of its sexual content, explicit language, and violence.

“Copper” is the first novel in the “Blackwings MC- Devils Springs” series and was released in 2019. Copper needed to take a break, so he took off to his buddy’s cabin for just a few days of quiet and peace. But instead, he discovered this injured woman in the woods that claimed she was a lost hiker. He knew right away that there was more to her story, and he was right, however the bombshell that she dropped was the very last thing that he had expected.

Layla was not sure just how much more she could possibly take. After she lost her mom, her life changed drastically, and found herself escaping from a bad situation just to land herself right in the middle of another. She was all alone and lost, and it appeared like every person that she met was trying to take advantage of her. When this sexy beast of a man appeared from out of nowhere and came to her rescue with guns blazing, Layla had no idea if she should trust him or run away screaming. Ultimately, she ran, however he followed and refused to just let her go.

“Slade” is the first novel in the “King Mountain Shifters” series and was released in 2020. Slade King became the CEO of his family’s ski resort as well as the leader of the King pack, all of a sudden. He stepped into this role flawlessly and he reigned over King Mountain with such ease. Right up until his wolf leads him to this bruised and broken woman knocking on death’s door deep in this wooded area of his mountain, where no human should be. With help from his pack, he takes her back to his cabin and nurses her back to health. There’s something amiss with her, and Slade is able to sense it.

Caly North wakes up in this unfamiliar bedroom to find this huge, yet handsome stranger watching over her without any recollection of the incident which caused her injuries. Without too many other options, she does the one and only thing she can and lets him help her. After she recalls getting attacked by the side of the road, King vows to protect her, and the hunt for her assailant starts. Little did either one of them know, they would so much more than just a killer.

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