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Publication Order of Team 52 Books

Mission: Her Protection (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission: Her Rescue (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission: Her Security (2018)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission: Her Defense (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission: Her Safety (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission: Her Freedom (2019)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission: Her Shield (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon
Mission: Her Justice (2020)Description / Buy at Amazon

Team 52 (Series by Anna Hackett)
Author Anna Hackett writes the “Team 52” series of romantic suspense novels. The series began publication in the year 2017, “Mission: Her Protection” was released.

Team 52 is a covert, black ops team. And their mission is to safeguard and secure artifacts deemed highly classified and dangerous. Artifacts that nobody wants falling into the wrong hands. Along the way, they find themselves being sent in to rescue and protect some smart and tough women, and risking it all to keep them protected. And keep these women that capture their hearts.

“Mission: Her Protection” is the first novel in the “Team 52” series and was released in the year 2018. When Rowan’s Arctic research team pulls an odd object out of the Ice in Northern Canada, things begin going wrong incredibly wrong. Rescued by a covert and black ops team, she finds herself in the powerful arms of a guy with scary gold eyes. A guy that vows to do everything and anything to keep her safe.

Dr. Rowan Schafer has learned it is best to do things herself and not depend on anybody else. Her academic and cold parents taught her this lesson. She loves the challenge that comes with running a research base, until the day that her scientists find the object in some retreating glacier. Under attack, she finds that she is fighting to survive, until the mystery Team 52 shows up.

Ex-special forces Marine Lachlan Hunter’s military career ended with screams and blood, until he got recruited to lead this special team. A team that is tasked with a top-secret mission: to secure and safeguard the pieces of powerful ancient tech. Married to his work, he has done too much and seen too much risk to inflict any of his demons on a woman. However when his team shows up in the Arctic, he finds both an unexplained artifact, and a young lady from his past, who is now all grown up. A woman that ignites emotions inside him like never before.

However while Team 52 heads on back to their base back in Nevada, other hostile forces are going for the artifact. Rowan finds herself getting attacked, and while the bullets fly, Lachlan vows to keep her safe at all costs. However in the face of danger the likes of which they have never seen before, is it going to be enough to keep her alive?

“Mission: Her Rescue” is the second novel in the “Team 52” series and was released in the year 2018. When archaeologist January’s plane gets shot down over the Guatemalan jungle, she realizes that she is getting hunted for the invaluable Mayan artifacts she is carrying. Only one guy and his team can save her, the black ops and covert Team 52, and the disturbing ex-CIA operative that drives her crazy.

Dr. January James has got a motto: live life to the fullest. A horrible incident in her past, where she lost both her mom and her innocence, taught her that. Now she spends her days on archaeological digs doing the work that she loves. Her team finds a couple of dangerous artifacts in some overgrown temple, she knows that they need to be safeguarded and secured. However somebody else knows about these artifacts, and is going to kill in order to get them.

Seth Lynch, while working for the CIA, learned the hard way that people lie and are always going to stab you in the back. He’s got the scars to prove it. He lives for his work with Team 52: ensuring pieces of powerful ancient tech doesn’t fall into the wrong hands. Once he learns that this independent and feisty archaeologist that works his last nerve died in a plane crash, he then makes it his mission to learn who the hell’s responsible.

Seth, deep in the jungle, rescues a very much alive January and it is up to him to keep both the artifacts and her safe. Hunted from each and every side, their attraction is fiery and explosive, however with January’s life on the line. Seth has to battle his own demons in order to rescue the woman that he cannot resist any longer.

“Mission: Her Security” is the third novel in the “Team 52” series and was released in the year 2018. When the smiling and sweet Kinsey gets abducted by some unknown forces, ex-SEAL and Team 52 operator Smith Creed is going to risk anything to get her back.

Kinsey Beck is used to life knocking her down. She escaped from her past and came to Las Vegas to get a new start. So what if she never achieves her dream of becoming a showgirl, instead, she now has got an awesome job as a logistics manager for Team 52. She loves all the team, particularly the gruff and big mountain man Smith, even if he is not interested in her the way that she would like. However when Kinsey is abducted, she finds she is alone and she’s trapped in a lethal fight to survive.

Smith Creed is a loner that prefers his own company, his dog, and his mountain cabin. Working for Team 52 lets him use his unique abilities to help ensure pieces of some powerful ancient tech do not fall in the wrong hands. It also brings him in close contact with a woman he realizes is not for him: beautiful and sweet Kinsey. However once he learns she has gotten snatched, her life hangs in the balance, he will rip the world apart to bring her home safely.

However rescuing Kinsey reveals a deeper plot and a shadowy group out to destroy the world. Team 52 and Smith is going to be forced to make some tough choices, all of which revolving around an ancient and dangerous artifact, and even once she’s back in Smith’s arms, she still won’t be safe. Smith, with danger at every turn, is going to sacrifice everything to ensure Kinsey’s security, however the biggest danger of all could be to Smith’s closed-off heart.

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