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About Ted Bell

Ted Bell, an American novelist, was renowned for his gripping suspense novels, captivating readers with his enthralling narratives and strong characters. His skill as a storyteller was evident in the popular New York Times Bestselling series featuring the dashing Lord Alexander Hawke. Through books like ‘Hawke,’ ‘Assassin,’ ‘Pirate,’ and ‘Spy,’ all the way to his 2018 release ‘Overkill,’ Bell established a loyal fan base. His writing was marked by a blend of suspense and intricately woven plots that kept fans returning for each thrilling installment.

Before diving into the world of novels, Ted Bell had a successful career in the field of advertising. He played a crucial role as President and Chief Creative Officer at Leo Burnett Company in Chicago, later ascending to Vice-Chairman of the Board and World-Wide Creative Director at Young & Rubicam. This background likely honed his skills for engaging mass audiences, which would become a hallmark of his career as an author. His transition into the world of writing was seamless, highlighted by his ability to engage readers with his vivid imagination and narrative drive.

Beyond the advertising achievements and best-selling books, Ted Bell’s versatility stretched into the realm of screenwriting. At the young age of 25, Bell’s creative prowess shone through when his screenplay, ‘Screamathon,’ caught the attention of Hollywood and was sold to producers Joel B. Michaels and Garth Drabinsky. This early success showcases the breadth of his creative talents, transcending mediums and capturing the imaginations of audiences in different forms.

As a storyteller, Bell exhibited a unique gift for creating captivating experiences across both page and screen.

Early and Personal Life

Ted Bell was born on July 3, 1946, in Tampa, Florida, and he pursued a passion for the written word, earning a B.A. in English from Randolph–Macon College. His education included an honorary degree from Kendall College of Art and Design and service on his alma mater’s Board of Trustees. He gained recognition both academically and creatively, positioning himself for a successful writing career.

His scholarly endeavors took him to Cambridge University in the UK as a visiting scholar and writer-in-residence at Sidney Sussex College. These appointments underscored Bell’s expertise and contribution to critical studies. Additionally, he provided his knowledge to the US military through his work with the Department of Defense’s committee, DOCA, and offered guidance at Mount Vernon and the U.S. State Department.

Bell’s storytelling extended from espionage thrillers, like the Alexander Hawke series, to children’s literature, with titles like ‘Nick of Time’ making The New York Times Best Seller list. He spearheaded a production company, El Dorado Entertainment, in 2019, and penned a two-book deal with Random House.

He lived in Greenwich, Connecticut until his passing on January 20, 2023.

Writing Career

Ted Bell established himself as a prominent author with the Alexander Hawke series, engaging readers with high-stakes spy narratives. His books, including ‘Tsar’ and ‘Warlord,’ delved into international suspense around the ‘New Russia’ and historical events. ‘Overkill,’ released in 2018, combined personal drama with geopolitical conflict involving Vladimir Putin.

Bell’s literary talents also extended to children’s fiction with his time-travel series starting with ‘Nick of Time,’ hitting #4 on The New York Times Best Seller list for Children. The follow-up, ‘The Time Pirate,’ weaved together World War II adventures and the American Revolution, landing at #6 on the list.

This duality in writing engaging stories for both children and adults highlighted his range as a writer.


‘Pirate,’ the third book in Ted Bell’s ‘Alexander Hawke’ series, was released on August 16, 2005. This installment of espionage thriller franchise was published by Pocket Star. The series continued the captivating escapades of its eponymous protagonist with another adventure.

An American operative is at risk of torture and death on a vessel in the South of France, holding crucial intelligence that could ignite conflict. In Paris, a formidable heir of Napoleon unites with China, leveraging its burgeoning nuclear weapons, threatening global stability.

Alex Hawke is drawn into a perilous confrontation, tasked with thwarting a historically unprecedented axis of evil. Hawke’s mission is to navigate through the deadly schemes of deranged minds to prevent a catastrophe.

As Hawke navigates a web of danger to avert a global crisis, Bell crafts an adventure brimming with suspense. The book promises an exhilarating experience for those new to the series and loyal followers alike.


Published by Atria on September 23, 2008, ‘Tsar’ is the fifth novel in the ‘Alexander Hawke’ series by author Ted Bell. This book continues the riveting escapades of the renowned protagonist. Readers encountered a further self-contained gripping adventure that added depth to the unfolding series narrative.

In the shadows of Russia, a figure whose power is so substantial and concealed that his name is unknown, maneuvers behind the scenes, influencing geopolitical tensions. This enigmatic entity escalates Russia to a daunting threat level, stoking fears of economic and military repercussions for both Europe and America. Amidst the political turmoil, Russia ushers in a new tsar, signaling the return of Russia’s imperial ambitions.

Meanwhile, in the United States, a chilling series of murders carried out by someone called Happy the Baker emerges as a foreboding message, compelling Alex Hawke to counter the growing tension orchestrated by Putin’s ‘New Russia.’

This fifth book intensifies the thrill with a powerful unseen menace that ups the ante for global security. The series continues to offer a suspenseful blend of action and political drama, inviting newcomers and series veterans alike to experience a world of heightened stakes and compelling narrative.

The Time Pirate

‘The Time Pirate,’ authored by Ted Bell and published on April 13, 2010, by St. Martin’s Griffin, was the second and final novel in the ‘Nick McIver Adventures Through Time’ series. This book builds upon the time-travel escapades of the youthful protagonist Nick McIver. Audiences are treated to further imaginative journeys in this exciting series.

In 1940, with the Nazis advancing on the British Channel Islands, young Nick McIver takes action by flying a rediscovered World War I fighter plane, taking aerial photos and engaging in risky night-time raids. Concurrently, Nick’s nemesis, Captain Billy Blood, kidnaps his sister Kate, demanding Nick’s time machine as ransom and whisking her away to 1781 Jamaica. Amidst time travel to the 18th century, Nick uncovers a sinister plot that could alter the American Revolution.

Donning a cabin boy’s disguise, he ventures to the Caribbean to face Blood, who has gathered a formidable pirate fleet, all while two wars’ outcomes rely on Nick’s bravery and quick thinking.

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    I was devastated to see that Ted Bell had passed away. But, as for someone else writing his books??!! It’s never the same, it’s never as good. Mourn Hawke – he passed with Ted Bell and that’s as it should be. Just check out the Spenser series, no one could ever fill Robert Parker’s shoes, Spenser, Jessie Stone, Sunny or Virgil, they passed on when Parker did or they should have – Parker was special and maybe Atkins can help fill the Parker family coffers, but he can’t be “Spenser”. Just as no one else can be Hawke ~

  2. Ray Vargas: 3 months ago

    I know he’s passed away .Is there going to be another writer to continue his wring? I have read all his books.

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    when is the next Alex Hawke book out

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    I have an avid reader my entire life and for the past 11 years ,i have been a book collector and seller. I love the Mitch Rapp series, which I have read and own the entire series in hardcover. I proudly display them all in my private home library. In the years i been reading, collecting and selling books. I have never read a book written by TED BELL. I recently was reading a article on a book collector’s site and the article was about the ten best book series of the year. Ted Bell was featured and listed at #4. The Alex Hawke series got some really awesome reviews. Now, after reading that article i sat down and started thinking about what the article said, it clearly states if you have not read the Alex Hawke series by Ted Bell ,you are missing out on a whole lot of good and exciting reading. I immediately ordered the first book in the series Hawke by Ted Bell. I would like to know what order members of bookseriesinorder think about the series.


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