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Ted Kosmatka
From early on, Ted Kosmatka set his sights on becoming a writer. It mostly involved having all of his writing get rejected, pursuing a biology degree, then dropping out before he graduated, and becoming a steel mill worker just like his dad and grandpa in northwest Indiana, where he was born and raised. But then the mill went bankrupt.

After that he worked different laboratory jobs where fire departments were called and friendships were born. It was also where he learned the fine point of distinction between fire proof and fire resistant. Eventually he wound up at a research lab. Then came the last logical step: ditching all of that to write video games for Valve in Seattle.

Ted’s fiction has been nominated for the Sturgeon and Nebula awards, and his short stories have been reprinted in ten Year’s Best anthologies. “The Flicker Men” was selected by Publishers Weekly as one of the best thrillers of the entire summer. He was co-winner of the 2010 Asimov’s Readers’ Choice Award, and “The Games” was nominated for a Locus Award for Best First Novel.

Ted’s debut novel, called “The Games”, was released in the year 2012. His work is from the science fiction genre.

“The Games” is the first stand alone novel and was released in the year 2012. Set in an amoral future where genetically engineered monstrosities battle to the death in an Olympic event, this envisions a world that may come to fruition quicker than you may think.

Silas Williams is the intelligent geneticist that is in charge of prepping the US for entry into the Olympic Gladiator competition. Which is an internationally sanctioned bloodsport with just a single rule: no human DNA is permitted in the design of any of the entrants. He lives and breathes genetics: his designs have led the US to gold in all the other events. But the other countries have been catching up. Now, desperate to gain an edge in the upcoming Games, his boss engages in an experimental supercomputer to design the genetic code for a gladiator that is impossible to defeat.

The result is a super specialized killing machine, with its genome having never before been seen on earth. Not even Silas, with all his experience and genius, is able to comprehend the terror that he had a hand in making. And nobody, he fears, is able to anticipate the consequences of entrusting the act of creation to some computer’s cold logic.

And now, he races to comprehend just what this computer has come up with, being helped by a beautiful xenobiologist, named Vidonia Joao. But while the fast-growing gladiator demonstrates some preternatural speed, strength, and (most disquietingly) intelligence, they find their scientific curiosity giving way to one most unexpected emotion: that of sheer terror.

This is a page turner with a warped new take on the future of the Olympics with some superb plotting and outstanding characters. Some readers found themselves being blown away by it and surprised that this was Ted’s debut novel. The book is a fast paced, inventive read with a plausible use of actual real science, and is a fun and exciting novel well worth checking out.

“Prophet of Bones” is the second stand alone novel and was released in the year 2013. A brilliant young scientist, named Paul Carlson, gets summoned from his lab job to the isolated Indonesian island of Flores to collect some DNA samples from the ancient bones of some odd, new species of tool user unearthed by some archaeological dig.

The questions this find raises appear to cast some doubt on the very foundations of modern science, which has proven that the world is only 5,800 years old, however before Paul’s able to fully wrestle with the implications of his find, the dig gets violent shut down by some paramilitaries.

Paul is able to flee with a couple of his friends, but within just days one disappears and the other has been murdered in an attack which costs Paul one of his eyes and almost his life.

Back in America, he attempts to resume the comfortable life he left behind, however he can’t just cast the questions raised by this dig out of his mind. He starts piecing together a puzzle that appears to threaten the fabric of society. But world’s governments to Martial Johnston, that eccentric who financed the dig to begin with are going to stop at nothing to keep him silenced.

This is an incredibly brilliant and exciting thriller novel. Through each part of the novel, from Paul’s touching childhood to his doomed trip out to Flores, and the stunning life he has after, the reader feels like they’re a part of the journey and along for the ride.

“The Flicker Men” is the third stand alone novel and was released in the year 2015. A quantum physicist stuns the world with a rather startling experiment, which ignites a struggle between theology and science, fate and free will, and antagonizing forces that aren’t known to exist.

Eric Argus is a washout, with his prodigious earlier work clouding his reputation and straining his sanity. However an old friend gives him one more chance, a chance to step back into the light.

With just three months to produce some new research, he replicates the paradoxical double-slit experiment so that he can see for himself the mysterious dual nature of matter and light. A simple yet unprecedented inference begins blooming into a staggering discovery about human consciousness and the structure of the entire universe.

His findings are condemned and celebrated in equal measure, however nobody is able to predict where the truth’s going to lead. And while Eric looks to comprehend the unfolding revelations, he has to evade some shadowy pursuers that believe he knows much too much already.

This is a first-rate read that keeps you on the edge of your seat piece of entertainment. The book is well written and brilliant, as it is spun with some golden threads of scientific probabilities. Ted also does a fantastic job of explaining the complex scientific things to the laymen in the audience.

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