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Publication Order of Teddy Fay Books

Teddy Fay is the main character in a series of mystery books by American author Stuart Woods. Teddy Fay is a former ex-CIA who went rogue and became a master of disguise, assuming two identities. He is a man who doesn’t abide by any set of laws and regulations in pursuit of his own justice. Stuart Woods collaborated with American author of mystery and thrillers Parnell Hall as well as others in writing the Teddy Fay series.

Smooth Operator

Stuart Woods teamed up with prolific author Parnell Hall to craft a fast-moving story, a blend between the 1950’s hardboiled black and white movie and a fast-paced James Bond film. The Smooth Operator and other sequels in the series have it all from tough guys, mobs, casinos, beautiful women, movie studios, double-dealing and extortion.

The stories are creative and beautifully woven, with interesting and well-thought-out characters. One of the recent reviewers pointed out that Stuart Woods have millions of characters willing to read anything that has his name on it.

When Smooth Operator opens up, we meet Stone, whose yacht date is interrupted after he gets summoned to Washington, D.C., by the president. Alighting from the chopper in Washington, he’s taken to a tailor’s shop where he gets a brand new tuxedo fitting. Leaving the tailor’s shop, his instincts and police training skills warn him that they are being followed and inform the driver to drive with caution. The stalking vehicle pulls next to their car with an open window, and a gun muzzle is pointed out of the car, ready to kill.

But Stone immediately slides out of the car and rolls out of sight in split seconds. Before the gang can regroup, Stone gets into another cab and heads back to the tailor’s shop for a much-needed repair.

Stone, who is a little rugged but appropriately attired, is late but on time for dinner. His seat card is next to an attractive redhead in a low-cut dress, presented as Margo Sappington, legal counsel for the White House. An irate and arrogant Congressman, Drexel announces that he should have been seated with another congressman instead of Stone. Stone is then summoned off the table to take a call, which leads to the climax of the narrative. The scheme lands him in the Oval Office alongside House Speaker Charles Blaine, whose beautiful daughter has been abducted.

Blaine is warned that his daughter would be killed if he doesn’t garner enough votes to pass a bipartisan bill that aims at financing veterans’ health benefits. He terms the bill “a clean one” even though he knows that his fellow republicans have intentions of adding more general benefits. Blaine finds himself torn between duty and emotions, but the smart Stone tells him to demand proof of life and allow for additional time.

Enter Billy Barnett, also known as Teddy Fay. He’s from Hollywood, where’s been busy getting a movie ready for Peter Barrington. Teddy was once a CIA agent gone rogue- he was fired from his job and wanted by his former bosses for several crimes, including murder. He is a master of disguise, wiping his former identity and becoming Billy Barnett, the famous Hollywood producer. Stone believes that Teddy is the only person capable of undertaking this delicate mission of recovery.

Stuart Woods and his co-author Parnell have woven an interesting story with Teddy Fay at the core. Stone plays a backdrop role but is often featured to help give his opinion. The white house dinner introduces powerful figures in the government who, to some extent, are pieces of the intricate puzzle.

Problems begin when the abductors give telltale signs that only an informant can give. And this forces Teddy to dig deep into the government circles to unearth the mole within. Soon the focus shifts from the search for Karen to Karen’s efforts to free herself.

Through Teddy’s investigations, much will be revealed, a conspiracy far-reaching than the health care bill and notable figures in the government with evil ambitions. But Teddy doesn’t spare anything, even gunfire, in a race against time to save the girl.

Money Shot

The second book in the series features an abundance of characters, with 28 introduced in the first 50 pages of the book. One of the characters has more than three names, with two of the characters having the same first name. Some of the characters in this story are also featured in other Stuart’s Wood books.

If you are Stuart Woods’s diehard fan, you will definitely be familiar with some of these characters and their relationships with each other.

Much of the story in this second book in the series takes place on a movie set, and the author spices it up with some nice clues on movie making. The main character is Teddy Fay, also known as Mark Weldon and Billy Barnett. He’s a man with multiple personas- an actor, a stuntman, an ex-CIA, a weapons expert and a master of mystery and intrigue.

Tessa Tweed Bucchetti contacts Teddy for assistance when she begins getting mystery items in her trailer dressing room. The first gift contains a private photograph and a mobile phone that begins ringing as soon as she opens it. Because of this, she believes she is being stalked.

She expected the caller to demand money, but rather he requested that she cast a negative vote at the forthcoming stockholders meeting of her husband Ben’s film studio, Centurian Studios. Teddy swears to locate the mysterious man.

Teddy is experienced in changing clothes and doing disguises, then showing up at the right place at the right time with only seconds to spare to save the day. Stuart Woods and his co-author have kept the chapters short, narrating only one scene per chapter, a common book writing trait these days. Each scene has action, and something unexpected happens. Each character in the story plays a serious role, and you won’t find a bunch of guys sitting around talking, but only serious action with some small mob talk.

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