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Tell Cotten
Tell Cotten was born in West Texas, and is a seventh-generation Texan. He hails from a family with a ranching heritage and is a member of the Sons of the Republic of Texas.

Tell is the award winning writer of “The Landon Saga”. His books have won Silver and Gold in the Readers’ Favorite awards, and Tell also won Best New Western in the Laramie Awards and bronze in the Global ebook awards for “Confessions of a Gunfighter.

“Confessions of a Gunfighter” is the first novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2012. His Pa gave him the ivory-handled Colt, but it was Ben Kinrich that taught him how to use it. This is the tale of Rondo Landon, in his own words.

Rondo is a troubled gunfighter with quite the past. Recognized by his six-gun, he’s known for robbing payrolls, banks, stagecoaches, and rustling cows. Now he’s locked up in a jail, so it looks as though Rondo is going to be facing a long prison term, or even worse.

But before that happens, he’s got a few things that he would like to say.

Readers liked the writing style Tell uses in this one, and it felt as though you could actually hear the voice of Rondo Landon. This one is sure to have you hooked right from the very first words. Tell delivers the type of book were not a single word can be skipped.

“Entwined Paths” is the second novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2013. Texas in 1872. This stagecoach gets robbed, with two men getting killed and a young woman is kidnapped. Shortly after, Cooper and Yancy Landon find they are pursuing them.

At the same time, Lee Mattingly (their old foe) has got problems of his own. Betrayed by his own partners, Lee sets off on a path of vengeance while at the same time attempting to help this young captive girl.

It’s not until their paths cross trails that either side realizes precisely how entwined their paths actually are. And they quickly realize that if they hope to achieve their goals, they must go down the same path together.

“Cooper” is the third novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2014. Cooper Landon is determined to hang onto what is rightfully his, even after he has been wounded and then stranded out in the mountains. In order to survive, he will have to use his knowledge and wit against thieving Indians and outlaws.

At the same time, Yancy Landon is determined to track his brother down. There are so many obstacles to overcome, including an escaped prisoner, some missing money, a fire, and one old foe in Lee Mattingly.

“Rondo” is the fourth novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2014. Rondo Landon accepts the sheriff’s job, he has got hopes of settling down and marriage.

However things soon unravel for this young sheriff. His old buddy gets killed, and his past continues haunting him when this mysterious stranger rides into town.

“Yancy” is the fifth novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2015. Yancy Landon was just a simple man that lived by this lawman’s code of ethics. He always did the right thing, no matter what the cost was.

When Cooper Landon vows to track down a boy that was captured by the Apache Indians, Yancy does not hesitate to help out his brother. Along the way, they end up getting tangled up in revenge, survival, relationships, and the code of honor.

“Lee” is the sixth novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2015. Lee Mattingly, known for his outlaw ways, has got hopes of changing his reputation after he becomes one of the new owners of this new hotel. Business is going good up until Ike Nash, this man with power and money, takes everything that Lee has.

Lee knows just a single way to respond, and that is with violence. Lee, along the way, gets caught up in a poker game, a robbery, relationships, revenge, and Huntsville prison.

“They Rode Together” is the seventh novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2015. This violent attack leaves J. T. Tussle (a cowman) in trouble, the Landons and Lee Mattingly are pretty quick to come to his aid. Tussle has to get his yearlings to market, and they embark on this cattle drive to Fort Worth.

And along the way, they wind up getting caught up in one bounty hunter, thunderstorms, relationships, herd cutters, and one another.

“Warpath” is the eighth novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2016. Rondo Landon finds that his wife has just been taken captive during this daring Indian raid, he is determined to get her back. April Gibson has been taken too, and Lee Mattingly, the Landons, and some others take off after them.

Along the way, they encounter this war chief out for blood, somebody from the Landons past, a thunderstorm, tough choices, and relationships.

“Fastest Gun Around” is the ninth novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2016. Rondo Landon is headed to Midway, Texas, when a bit of misfortune strikes. At the same time, Brian Clark and Lee Mattingly have got their own issues while they meet up with their new business partner.

It is not until their paths cross that they realize that their troubles are actually connected, and they join forces. Along the way, they encounter revenge, relationships, an odd horse, and some new enemies.

“Midway” is the tenth novel in the “Landon Saga” series and was released in 2017. All that Yancy Landon wants to do is get married. But there is always someone that is eager to ruin his good day, and several misfortunes occur before his big day can take place.

Over the course of his day, Cooper and Yancy wind up tangled together with a rebellious youth, somebody looking to get revenge, a drunk, a shy wife, a disgraceful husband, and a disgruntled cowman.

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