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Temple Chronicles Books In Order

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Publication Order of The Temple Chronicles Books

Shayne Silvers is a man of power and mystery, whose power is only exceeded by his mysteries. In simple words, he is a storyteller. Shayne currently writes Nate Temple Thriller Series. The series features a vulgar wizard who has a chip on the shoulder. The foul-mouthed with is trying so hard to protect St. Louis from myths, legends and monsters. Nate is riding a bloodthirsty unicorn, drinking with Achilles, and is also pals with Death. How will the story unfold?

Shayne Silvers holds 2 high-rankings black belts. He also enjoys conversing on anything that’s related to Marvel, Mythological or Magical. You might even find Shayne writing his novels in a coffee restaurant near you, madly cackling into his computer screen a he pounds pounding several shots of espresso.

Temple Chronicles Series is about a certain city that does not believe in magic at all with bloodthirsty dragons. The good thing is that this reckless playboy actually has superpowers like no other creature. It has been said that the monsters usually cry when good men go to war. However, they ought to run screaming just like school girls when the man in question is actually a wizard, and mostly he might not be good.

Obsidian Son

This is the first book in Temple Chronicles by Shayne Silvers. The book is basically an urban-based fantasy thriller. It’s also much of a man’s kind of fantasy novel.

It seems the hero in this novel has it all: super wizard powers, vast wealth along with an attitude which one might take as conceited, comical or it would just be referred to as arrogant. Nate is a relatively young man with powers. Life is going on well his
2 best friends, the FBI agent and the Normal, non-magical kind of person. Nate decided to avoid the family of the mega business and instead runs his own bookstore. He is buying special things for his clients and makes huge profits. However, when he discovers that his late parents might actually have been killed, Nate is so much is determined to find out why and who actually did it.

Obsidian Son is one of the fantasy novels that readers will certainly love for several reasons. Who wouldn’t fall in love with a guy who has the sheer audacity of going cow-tipping a very old, a very wise and extremely powerful Minotaur? After this, there were the were-dragons that showed up with some bones to pick up and they actually seem to be belonging to Nate. Wait, there’s still more. It seems that the lives and fate of St. Louis residents lies in the powerful hands of Nate Temple, our wayward wizard in this novel

You will certainly admit, the snark and humor factor runs pretty high for this novel, although Nate might be a bit somewhat of an arse as the story unfolds. Besides that, this is a very good story. The book filled up with the over-the-top actions, creatures and beasts of myths and nightmares. Obsidian Son is a very-elusive and at the same time deadly “book.” You don’t have to bring Nate Temple in the 21st century since his general attitude towards women is just as shallow as having a creek bed in Mojave. Nonetheless, the humor meter still run, because of Nate. This is a fairly fast-paced novel with lots of entertainment value.

To sum it up, the novel presents a super story along with a spin on the dragons that you’ve probably not come across ever before and it’s indeed interesting. However, this book possibly has one of the strangest beginnings to a mystery novel. This is just one deft misdirection from the author.

Obsidian Son is a refreshing difference to typical tales in the same genre. You will certainly enjoy reading it. After reading this book, you will be looking forward to the next book in this amazing series.

Blood Debts

This is the second book in Temple Chronicles by Shayne Silvers. Nate is back again in this second installments. He’s still in search of the people who killed his parents so that he can revenge on them.

At the start of this book, Nate suffers from night terrors. He is dreaming that his friends are murdered, his home destroyed, and he wakes up when he is just on the verge of getting killed. As this story progresses, Nate’s real life actually gets to a level nearly as bad as his dreams.

During his continued search for killers, Nate Temple discovers that he has actually offended the Demons, Angels as well as the
Justices of Wizard Academy. The Wizard Academy and Demons and want the key that leads to an Arsenal of several supernatural weapons which Nate’s parents allegedly stashed away just before their untimely deaths. When he refuses to give them the key, they decide to sentence him to lose whatever magic that he uses over the next 3 days, and in case he cannot meet their set demands by then, then he will lose all the magic power, and that shall be permanent.

The next day all his close employees, friends and servants all decide to leave the town. Some of them are on arranged vacations, others due to a lucky happenstance. Others are also leaving due to family emergencies. Even though he regrets it at a later stage, Nate Temple generally views this as a great thing because it manages to get them out of danger even if it’s for a few days. As the day progresses, Nate somehow falls foul of the FBI and police, and ends up in jail, where he’s attacked by yet another demon. The demon also manages to have his assets frozen down so that he will lose his access to money.

Even so, Nate Temple isn’t entirely without any resources. He decides to call his old girlfriend who is a cyber-criminal, so that she can assist him break out of jail. In a twist of events, he accidentally finds the key to the said Armory. However, that’s not something that he can share easily. He later gains the help of that Armory’s guardian. During one of his usual trips there, he’s put inside a body of Achilles as he tries to battle with Hector just to demonstrate clearly the futility of ever trying to revenge on anyone (this is possibly the most insightful scene in this book). Even though he’s somehow puzzled by this vision, Nate still does not seem to take this lesson to heart. In turn, he goes on to revenge.

If you actually love the Dresden files, then you’ll certainly love this novel. Nate Temple is witty, smart, creative and violent at
the same time. The book presents yet another hair raising and blood freezing adventure by Nate along with his friends. Fast paced, action-packed and the devilishly eclectic characters make this book to be tremendously great read!

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