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Publication Order of Tempting SEALs Books

By: Lora Leigh, Carrie Alexander
Honk If You Love Real Men (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Reno's Chance (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Dangerous Games (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
Killer Secrets (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Real Men Do It Better (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Hidden Agendas (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon
Atlanta Heat (2008)Description / Buy at Amazon

Publication Order of Elite Ops Books

“Tempting Seals/Elite Ops” is an erotic romance series by popular American contemporary romance author Lora Leigh. Leigh Is a Kentuckian that got her start writing novels in 2003 when she published “Tempting the Beast”, the first novel of the “Breeds” series of novels. The novel series is by far her longest running series that is still being published. Raised in Martin County Kentucky Lora Leigh loves the ambiance of the beautiful hills of Kentucky where she makes her home. She asserts that she is a dreamer that often gets visited by fantastic hot and beautiful characters that appear and disappear just as fast as they appear. As such, she is in a constant battle to put them down on her computer hard drive before they are lost forever. Her writing and family life co-exist in harmony as her menagerie of teenage son, friends, and pets always get along just fine, even as she has to write for quite a significant chunk of her time. When she is not spending time with family she loves to connect with her fans. She does this through organizing events through which her many fans can reach her and ask questions about her works. In fact, Leigh holds a year Readers Appreciation weekend where she hosts discussions with her fans. She was the winner of the Erotica Award at the 2009 RT Awards.

Lora wrote the T”empting Seals” series of novels that proved so popular that she followed it up with the Elite series of novels that are a continuation of the Tempting Seals series. The “Tempting Seals/Elite Ops” series or novels are quick sexy reads in which the heroine and hero pull away from each other because of their history. Her heroes are Navy Seals that may either have grown up or are working with the heroine only to find themselves irresistibly attracted to her. The heroines are often strong and sexy characters that drive men wild and the heroes are no exception. The heroine is afraid to give in to the hero because of her history with bad men or because he reminds her of a terrible past. With Seals coming with the reputation of having very shallow roots and living the dangerous life, loving them proves quite the challenge for the heroine. However, the heroine while fighting her feelings cannot deny the fact that she loves him though she will always do her best to protect herself from what seems like inevitable heart ache that comes with loving the Navy Seal. Nonetheless, the hero of the novels is also very much in love and tries as much as possible to get a chance to show that they can be different from all other Seals. Often the hero is a brooding, big and delicious alpha male that would sweep off any woman off their feet. Lora Leigh writes novels full of sex and passion that twist the imagination in all manner of ways.

The best thing about the “Tempting Seals/Elite Ops” series of novel is the intense romantic feelings, the sexiness of the plot, and the hot sex that comes in buckets. No one writes about a tortured hero better than Lora Leigh. She writes touching scenes in which the heroine tries to thaw the frozen heart of the hero, who is often struggling with wanting to protect the heroine and loving her at the same time. It is fireworks when the two finally surrender to love, lust and desire, to fall into each other’s arms. All her heroes from the likes of Kell Kreiger to Clint McIntyre and Reno are tough as nails Seals that are left unfulfilled with their search and rescue and all in missions with the Navy and want something more. Driven by a soul that finds no satisfaction in their work they resort to dark intimacies until they can no longer hold back from the true love of their soul mate. From forbidden colleagues to women that had been their charges, the heroes are headstrong and handsome men, even as they are struggle with giving in to their deepest desires.

“Reno’s Chance” the first novel of “Tempting Seals/Elite Ops” series of novels is a sweet and hot story of the romance between Raven and Reno. Raven has loved Reno since she was a child barely in her teens. He is best friends with her big brother and the brother to her best friend. She knows that he wants to make her his but has reservations about him given that he is a Navy SEAL. She only has bad memories of Navy Seals given that her father and mother had always fought about his father’s job in the military, which eventually ended in him dying while undertaking one of his dangerous missions. The memories of her father makes it hard for Raven to contemplate a relationship with the hot and handsome seal Reno. Reno loves Raven but lets her resist him for more than a year given that she is still too young to have a mature relationship that he wants. Once she grows up a bit, he goes all in and uses his charm to finally get her to admit that she loves him as he knew she did. It gets all steamy fast, as Reno showcases his softer side to Raven in the quest to win her over with his love. It is not long before their steamy sex sessions extinguish all resistance from Raven as she gives in to his love and power. But she still has reservations about the risky nature of his job, and what it would do to her if she ever lost him.

“Dangerous Games” the second novel of the “Tempting Seals/Elite Ops” series of novels by Lora Leigh is an explosive steamy romance featuring the aptly named Clint “Iceman” McIntyre. Clint had got his name from being one of the best operative in the Seals. He had busted one of the biggest and most infamous Colombian drug cartels and was known as a man that never quit. He is now on vacation back home and instead of cooling down from his adventures finds himself mired in a romantic chase with a woman that brings him to his knees. The woman in question is the beautiful and elegant Morganna Chavez, the sister of his Navy Seal best friend. What he does not know is that Morganna is a DEA operative that has been working on busting a thriving date rape drug sold by a shadowy criminal group. She finds the group all right but her life is in danger as the gang will do anything to protect their thriving business including kill. Clint will not let anything happen to her, not when he just found her. His mission evolves into wooing the beauty while also keeping her alive, which makes for quite some hair-raising tension and passion.

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