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Publication Order of Tending Roses Books

Tending Roses (2001)Description / Buy at Amazon
Good Hope Road (2003)Description / Buy at Amazon
The Language of Sycamores (2005)Description / Buy at Amazon
Drenched in Light (2006)Description / Buy at Amazon
A Thousand Voices (2007)Description / Buy at Amazon

Tending Roses is the first book in the Tending Roses book series authored by Lisa Wingate. Lisa Wingate explores numerous issues including why people have very little time to smell roses. A branch of Penquin Putnam publishers, the New American Library, published tending Roses. The author’s inspiration for this installment comes from her personal experience that she acquired when she was tending to her grandmother’s garden. In this amazing fiction tale, Lisa Wingate is about the value of wanting less so that one can have more. The reader is introduced to one Katie Bowman, a woman who is obsessed with her career and Ben her husband. The two are convinced by Lisa’s family to pack their belongings immediately so that they can go and take care of the aging Grandma Rose.

At this point, Katie Bowman is still on maternity leave since she has just given birth to her son, Joshua. Grandma Rose is supposed to be taken care of because, she recently almost set her house on fire, thus she cannot be trusted to either live or stay alone. The other family members also agree to come along for Christmas, which at this point it is three weeks away. Upon arrival, they will all decide together where to put grandma and also what they should do with grandma’s home and all the things in it. The great thing is that Ben can work away from his computer and thus he is not in any way affected by the sudden change of plans. Katie on the other hand is somewhat affected by the work that they have been given and does not look forward to spending time with their grandmother who from time to time likes to lecture them about things not being done right or alternatively costing too much.

Eventually, there is a change in Katie’s perspective when she finally gets to listen about grandma Rose preach about her values. As a matter of fact, Rose’s sermons contain a solution to both their financial and marital challenges as well. As the family finally arrives to celebrate Christmas and also place grandma Rose in a nursing home, the author, Lisa Wingate shows the readers the perspective of each of the family members. As the story progresses, the readers get to see the priorities of each of the characters and eventually get to realize, the extent that each person goes to create their own misery by missing all the relevant opportunities for connecting with each other and also by failing to notice the beauty of the moment. Katie on the other hand begins to notice that Grandma Rose’s journal is always left out in the open and from the look of things, it is somewhat intentional.

When, Katie finally gets the hint and decides to take a dive, she eventually begins to discover the main reason why Grandma Rose loves being thrifty and also lecturing about why people should learn to be satisfied with the simple pleasures in life. Katie eventually gets to realize that Grandma was shaped by both the hardships that she experienced during her childhood and her adulthood as well. Eventually, she begins to apply the lessons that she got from her grandmother into her own life as well. She immediately begins to experience serenity and quietness that she has never experienced before. With that said, Tending Roses is a heartwarming tale and a rather humorous look at how fall apart and eventually learn to heal. The author, Lisa Wingate develops exceedingly complex characters with integrity and honesty. Wingate’s use of metaphors as well is an excellent tool that enables the readers to learn from the story and also see how remarkable her story is.

Good Hope Road is the second installment in the Tending Roses book series. With Good Hope Road, author Lisa Wingate will not only win over your imagination but will also pull you, the reader into a world that will enliven your senses, leave you rooting for some of the characters and touch your heart as well. Good Hope Road, the second book is about an exceedingly young woman, Jenilee Lane who is stuck in the set-ups of a father who is controlling and the limitations of a small town. Apart from Jenilee Jane we are also introduced to Eudora Gibson an old woman, who somewhat believes that she has everything figured out in the small town of Poetry. When a tornado finally rips through the small town of poetry, the two worlds that this characters live in are torn apart, and they in turn are left to question everything that they thought they knew.

Eudora Gibson did not expect courageous from one, Jenilee Lane. Lane is a girl that she had hardly took notice of. This time around, Jenilee has surprised Eudora by stepping forward with the sort of bravery that makes Eudora Gibson face the bitterness of her past. Brought together by tragedy, Eudora and Jenilee eventually get to learn lessons about human spirit resilience and also about the ties that eventually make a community exceedingly strong. The two will also travel to a place that they had never thought existed before.

With that said, Good Hope Road is a well-written story about Grace and Redemption. It is the story about how God can use one of the most unexpected friendships to bring out new possibilities in a universe or world that not only feels small but also unable to change. Together, Eudora and Jenilee, together with some of the other masterfully crafted characters, eventually find the truth about friendship, hope and community as well. Drenched in the Light is the fourth book in the Tending Roses book series. In this book Julia is at crossroads with her life. After she collapsed during a ballet rehearsal because of an eating disorder. Julia had just left the hospital and returned home to her exceedingly overbearing parents who are exceedingly worried that she is going to relapse.

As she was recovering, Julia is forced to leave the world of dancing and begin a professional career as a guidance and counselor in the same private school that she attended when she was young. One day, a child is sent to her class with an essay, thereby initiating a series of events, which eventually make her regain confidence in her new life.

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