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Widely known for the bestselling novel, True to the Game, author Teri Woods is a well established author and publisher. While working as a legal attorney for a Philadelphia based law firm and serving as a full time mother, author Teri Woods was able to complete her debut novel. Over a period of more than six months, author Teri Woods submitted her draft to more than twenty different publishers. Unfortunately, most of the publishers rejected her first draft. When some of the major publishing houses chose to reject her draft, author Teri Woods did not at any one point give up her dreams of becoming a published author. In the year 1998, Teri Woods decided to self-publish her draft and immediately began distributing her novel, on a hand to hand basis. With the encouragement and support of friends and family members, Teri Woods realised the selling power of her narratives.Teri Woods credits the success of her novels to perseverance and hard work.

While distributing her books, Teri Woods spent countless hours on the couches of her friends and her family members. In just three years, author Teri Woods became a self made millionaire just by selling her debut novel. By self-publishing True to the Game, author Teri Woods was able to not only reinvigorate the urban fiction market but alson managed to create a growing trend in the publishing industry. As the proprietor of Teri Woods Publishing Industry, author Teri Woods managed to self-publish numerous books including Dutch II, Dutch I, True to the Game, B-More Careful and many other books. Woods’s publishing company has sold more than 1 million copies and has generated more than 15 million dollars. Author Teri Woods signed a 5 book deal in the year 2007, with Grand Central.

True to the Game

Urban Fiction lovers will definitely fall in love with this melodramatic first entry, True to the Game by author Teri Woods. True to the Game, clearly depicts the drug culture during the 1990’s. In True to the Game, author Teri Woods introduces the readers to Gena, a young girl who has been born and raised the projects. Along the way, Gena meets with one of the biggest drug dealers and her life begins to take an unexpected turn. At first, it is all fun and games considering the fact that Gena has the chance to go out shopping and get whatever she wants and also the power that came with marrying such a powerful man. However, things begin to change drastically, when Quadir, decides that it is high time he should give up his old life and embrace a new life away from the drugs and the violence involved. Moreover, Quadir now wants to settle down and marry Gena without being constantly on the lookout. The adventure that Gena and Quadir get to experience while trying to get out the game, will definitely keep the readers glued to their seats.

Apart from being highly educated, Quadir also comes from a well to do family. Despite having most of things that most kids or families could dream of, Quadir still chooses to take a much darker path. He eventually becomes a drug dealing kingpin. When Quadir met Gena for the first time, his life changed completely just like Gena’s life changed when he me Quadir. It is after meeting Gena, that Quadir came to the realisation that certain things would have to change, so that life would be much better for them. Even though Quadir wants to get out of business, he still understands that it is not going to be an easy task. Moreover, what makes things much worse is that Gena is already completely lost in the drug dealing world, where money and power are the order of the day. From the look of things, Gena is not ready to give her new way of life.

Readers will also be carried away by Gena’s constant drama. Gena is among the few people who lived most of their lives in the projects, but do not act like it. Once she began dating Quadir, then her life changed completely as it began to get a little bit interesting and fascinating as well.However, despite having everything that she has always wished for;money and power, Gena is still aware of the fact danger will eventually come back to haunt them. They were playing a dangerous game of cat and mouse with the local authorities. Upon seeing that Gena was now leading a flashy lifestyle, her old friends and family members cannot help but wonder where Gena was all of a sudden getting all of her wealth. There are also those who envied her. Though many at times she had a little bit of misunderstanding with her family, she still loved them so much. Gena was always financially supportive towards her family, especially when they needed something fixed or money to buy a few things.

True to the Game-II

True to the Game II continues to explore Philadelphia’s underworld, which apparently is filled with dirty cops, crime and drug dealers. In this second installment, author Teri Woods takes a different approach by allowing the readers to view the story from a different perspective; from the eyes of the law enforcers. A highly unpredictable book, True to the Game is filled several instances when the readers will find themselves rooting for some of the villains. Woods has done an exceptional job of creating characters that the readers can easily relate with. Moreover, Woods has also bypassed some of the stereotypes and explored the realities. Just like the first installment, True to the Game II unearths so many secrets which were hidden for such a long time. The readers will in turn feel as if they are walking right through a maze. When one of the characters in True to the Game-II is facing a difficult time, readers will squirm for the character.There are instances when the readers will want to beat the main character over the head, when she misses certain obvious clues with respect to her new boyfriend.

After the death of Quadir in a drug related encounter, Gena is forced to relocate out of their old home. Moreover, she also has no other choice but to give up the jewellery, exclusive cars and the designer clothes. According to Quadir’s will, Gena was to be left with nothing. Everything that they ever owned, was to go to Quadir’s mother. After the will was read, Gena felt completely lost as she did not know what to do next. Apart from not attending college, Gena did not have any kind of job. However, as Gena later comes on to realise, Quadir had left millions of dollars stashed far away for Gena. As the hunt down for drug dealers continue, Gena is more than safe considering there was nothing that linked her directly to the business. Moreover, Quadir did not formally include her in his will, there by absolved her from the crime. Just like the first book, True to the Game II is a highly entertaining, drug-gangster fiction. Considering True to the Game II ends in a cliffhanger, readers will definitely look forward for the third and final installment.

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